Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is Obama Muslim? 2 Tickling Reasons He Might Be

Is Obama Muslim?  Check out these 2 Funny Reasons which might tell yes, he is, or no, he isn't, or maybe. Yes, he has Hussein after his name. But wait, that's only when people misunderstand it. What is a name? What is so funny with Paula Abdul having surname abdul. She's not a Muslim. The surname Abdul doesn't have clear meaning. It needs Noun after it. If it's Abdullah, it means servant of god, and that declares a name of Muslim.

You may know this you may not: when one doesn't fast during Ramadan month, means one doesn't resemble obedient Muslims, who refrain, not only from food and drink, but also from sexual desire at this period. Is Obama Muslim? Does he fast? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Reason One: There's no report or news about him fasting or calling American people to fast together with him. But Obama might try to refrain from food and drink only until half day. Maybe that's the time when the recent communal shutdown irked him so much.

Now, just check some of these Islam-convert hoaxes: Justin Bieber? Up to now, there's no news report about him having a prayer rug at home.Paris Hilton? No veiled-over gown. Arnold Schwarzenegger? Never wishes to be a hajj. Julia Roberts? When she visited Bali, Indonesia, she had never learnt how to recite the Koran. Rick Springfield? He doesn't have sarong to perform a daily 5-time prayer. And Obama? Reason Two: Obama is never seen leading a prayer for these celebrities, but if those hoaxes never stop promoting him as a Muslim. He might challenge people to find out and he might ask himself why shouldn't I believe the hoax?

There's no compulsion in religion, so what's the fuss about? I think Robocop will never ever convert to Islam and change his name to Abdul Robocop Salam. When Barack Obama is presumed a Muslim on the internet we cannot blame Abdullah Google Search Engine Alim, thereby.

Welcome to this tickling blog. Fancy yourself here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why does Rihanna have to open about Brown beating?

Why does Rihanna have to open up about the fight that ended her romance with Chris Brown at the beginning of 2009? Of course, she has the right to do so. What's with questioning? In her most candid interview, she never said about cockfighting, did she? Cockfighting is illegal in Indonesia, but forget it anyway, because that's not we're talking about here.

It is not recommended for husband to be cruel to his wife, you know what, the R&B superstar was beaten black and blue by Brown after she allegedly questioned him about text messages he was getting from an ex-girlfriend.

Brown was found guilty of assaulting his then-partner and is still serving community service for his actions--no, don't say, "Poor you!" That's childish!

Rihanna opens her heart for a revealing new interview in the December issue of Marie Claire magazine and maybe she will share with Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy's blog someday. But I'm not quite sure about it.

She tells the publication, "It's scary; you meet Dracula, he sucks your blood and he tickles your funny bone."

I don't think that kind of publication is worth reading. Unless you have a sense of humor!

Make-up Artist Nina Greville never learns to tickle your fancy

Nina Greville never intends to tickle your fancy by sharing her creativity on this blog, even though she provides Make-up Artists, Face & Body Painters, Temporary Tattoo artists in Orange County, Los Angeles & Oceanside.

Nina Greville is a Hollywood Make-up Artist with many years of experience. Never comes to her gallery without a prior appointment because her schedule becomes so booked and then never force her to write funny or tickling stories about her experience on this blog. She may think twice, three times, hundred, even thousand times about it.

That she founded Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy and recruited other bloggers to write the same theme,is absolutely incorrect. She recruited other outstanding artists and founded her company Tickled Pink in 2003.

It soon became the premier make-up artist, face painting, body art, airbrush tattoo and glitter tattoo provider in Orange County and Los Angeles. Bloggers who need her service are pleased to have their body treated by her, but, again don't ask her to join blogging and writing silly things.

By the way, guys, send my best regards to her.

What? Do you want me to take you to her? Sorry, bro .... I'm broke now.

David Beckham is in need of chef?

Timbul, a 49-year-old chef from Indonesia who founded a non-profit body to feed the homeless and destitute, has been invited by David Beckham to join him in a soccer competition next summer somewhere in Africa.

Timbul is among 20 chefs, who were selected from out of 10,000 nominations by Beckham to support him and to lul him by tickling stories after Beckham has admitted to getting bored with his routine.

The schecule of when they will go to Africa will be announced at the end of the Year,' maybe around November 25 or thereabouts.

Among the top 20 Chefs is a Tiredman who provides free daily meals to 400,000 children; Tralala a, a former dancer in Egypt and Gilelu, working to prevent trafficking and sexual exploitation of Thai's girls.

Timbul founded his nonprofit YouMayBefooled in 2003. He has served more than 1.2 million meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - to Jakarta's people.

Unfortunately his obsessive dream of Beckham, his favorite soccer player, has distracted him from concentrating on his main job and Beckham, surely, anytime he comes across this silly writing might say, "come on ......"

Kristen Steward to have a ride with Robert Pattinson?

As soon as Robert Pattinson got his new bike Kristen Steward went to wash her hair. Robert didn't know what Kristen was doing and Kristen didn't know what Robert was doing either.

After shower Kristen went to the park but Robert didn't know what she was doing there. And Robert, while enjoying riding his bike, never came to Kristen's mind. Both didn't know either what I was doing here.

The couple recently shown public never told me that they used to be together starring a horrow movie. Maybe the title is Twilight or something. Neither did they tell me they were eager to be vampire to amuse me so that I got inspired to write about a tickling vampire.

When I wish I could get back to the time when bicycle was my means of transport to work, I hope today I can ride along the countryside with it despite my busy days. Pattinson and Kristen might want to join, I guess. But the news about Kristen having a ride with Robert Pattison hasn't been confirmed to me.

Twitter, facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon might agree the possibility is 50:50?

The one to disagree? Ask the vampires.

Robert Pattinson with his new bike to meet vampires?

It is reported that British actor Robert Pattinson has just bought a bicycle worth 1000 US bucks. It is not reported that he will visit Indonesia, riding offroad onto the hillside of Mt. Merapi to visit the grave of Mbah Marijan, the guardian of the recently-erupted volcano who died in the calamity because he refused to be evacuated.

Pattinson won't think it is funny to give Britney Spears or Justin Bieber a ride and then tries to keep up with the greater Jakarta commuter train on the highway. He never lets his bike be borrowed by George Michael as subtitute of car. We know once Georgle Michael forgot he was on the street.

However, in case Julia Roberts invites him to watch Eat Pray Love together, he might accept the offer. Maybe, he thinks it's okay if Oprah Winfrey borrows his bike for Sesame Street's orangutan. But one thing for sure, England will always welcome him to explore everywhere he likes. He might pass by Salman Rushdie on the way stop by and ask about Rushdie's memoir or may also come across Christopher Hitchens who's surprisingly converted to Islam (a miracle?). Riding bicycle is surely fun and inspiring.

So, when will he meet the vampires? I think a filmmaker knows better than me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny celebrities, funny quotations?

Justin Bieber: What's your name?

Lady Gaga: Where're you from?

Britney Spears: What's your address?

Paris Hilton: Where do you go to school?

Sandra Bullock: Do you speak English?

Vanessa Minnilo: How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Lindsay Lohan: How do you go to school?

Mila Jovovich, Juliette Lewis, Bruno Mars, George Clooney, Clint Eastwood, Nicolas Cage and Oprah Winfrey: You got it?

Funny celebrities? No way! Funny quotations? Which one?

What seem to be funny here?

Don't you think it's funny? These celebrities are teaching a linguist basic English. Before they thought he was a fisherman or a dummy!

James Cameron, Arnorld Schwarzenegger, Avatar 2

Filmmaker James Cameron meets California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to discuss about the sequal of Avatar. Is that true?

No, it's about climate change issue, bailout or something. They don't talk about astrology, either, as both were born under the same zodiac sign, that is Leo.

Cameron is not offering Schwarzenegger a role in Avatar 2, but, perhaps, if Arnold can manage the time, why not? We are not sure about it, are we?

It's like going back to a honeymoon during which they worked together in several movie projects which had made box office.

But the honeymoon won't last for long as suddenly an alient breaks into the door and starts to set a fire at them. However, they only grin on knowing this and so do you. Therefore, I suggest you skip this paragraph and say ...


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Milla Jovovich questions the Hollywood Awards Gala?

Dressed in stunning orange long gown, Milla Jovovich looks slim and gorgeous at the 14th annual Hollywood Awards Gala in Detroit.

However, there's something made her wonder that night. When I tried to find out what it was through TV there was no sign of absurdity. Everything seemed to be just perfect.

It looked like she was questioning something with a language which I didn't understand at all. Her eyes blinked and she was nervous.

I asked her, "what's going on dear?"

"How could it be?" she responded.


"The people here, they're supposed to be at the train station."

"What are you talking about?"

"They are the train commuters."

I was puzzled but when I started to ask again, I found that, in fact, Milla Jovovich hadn't said anywords at all. How could TV speak with you? Now, those people seemed to question back, "Too much blogging will kill you?"

Michael J. Fox not happy with his past, present?

Michael J. Fox is not happy with his life if it were not just the way it is.

Living nearby a public cemetery together with wife and father in-law was not his goal in life. It never happens.

If only he could turn back the time he would not have taken the commuter train from Bogor to my workplace downtown Jakarta, sitting on the top of it.

And since up to now floodings won't get away from most parts of Jakarta area, he thanks God he was not born in a slum area which was prone to flood.

Ask him about happiness. He won't say, "I'm not an actor, I'm not a star and I don't even have my own car." Whoops, this lyric belongs to Michael learns to rock. I'm not sure if learning to tickle other's fancy is part of happiness, to him. But to me, this will tickle his fancy as to learning how to live in a slum area.

What? No comment?

Alison Sweeney and husband have fun with their kids at the train station?

Alison Sweeney and family have fun at the traiin station? Is it sensational? Surely it is, to tickle your fancy.

To have fun at the train station is surely not good idea. Alicia prefers Camp Ronald McDonald to have fun together with her kids, especially.

And now since she left McDonald, kids still like to climb on top of the train at any train station in greater Jakarta. Of course, the kids are not hers but the fun is perhaps the same.

When you go on a recreation what you're looking for is surely more fresh space out of tied-up routine. The kids and other hundred youth commuters there might find top of the train as a VIP compartment on where they feel free to pee or cry out a kind of frenzy and happiness regardless their own safety.

Alison, ma'am, it is not recommended that you and these kids duck down all the time when the train jolts in case you need to stand for a while. The electricity up there - Wow - horrible! Is it ...


Whoops! She's already been asleep, leaving me million miles away alone here on the train.

What's transport like in your country? 2014, it is predicted we're going to have gridlock in Jakarta.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lee DeWyze In New York City To Shake Your Body!

Lee DeWyze Funny Story
Is it a funny story? American idol star Lee DeWyze to entertain you in New York city. He will shake your body and take you to the sky. However, when you feel like flying at the first beat, remember there's no Superman to find you there and take you home as you get lost in the sky. Silly joke, huh?

When you think it is weird to find the fact that Justin Bieber was ever copied by a middle-aged bald-headed man, Lee DeWyze won't tickle your fancy by letting a sissy imitate him. This is not a funny story everybody wants to hear from a cool American idol star

Surely Lee will make you feel like crawling on the wall in New York city. The rhythm will be so cool and the music will be fantastic. But again, do consider, in case you have reached the top of Empire State building never ever cry for help--there's no Iron Man to tickle your funny bone and narrate a funny story about you wanting to be a star like him! Well there the silly joke goes again!

If you have already watched Eat Pray Love, there Julia Roberts to amaze you with the dazzling scenery of Bali. Lee DeWyze might bring you there with more than the traditional melody. Nothing funny about it. However, when you feel like climbing onto the top of electrical commuter train, surely you have never been to New York. And excuse me, I don't have the ticket with me.

More alternative story about celebrities visit this spoof blog

Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny celebrities

Below is list of funny celebrities according to Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy

Justin and Bieber
Britney and Spears
Lady and Gaga
Paris and Hilton

You know the reason

Next funny celebrities are

Mel Neeson and Liam Gibson
Julia Stone and Emma Roberts
Nicolas Mars and Bruno Cage
Denise Winfrey and Oprah Richards

You like scrabble you get the point

And the not funny celebrities are

Adam Lambert to support online gay campaign
Sandra Bullock in spite of starring in Speed, cannot speed up in a traffic jam
George Michael tries to remember he used to drive.

After all, you're free to judge.

Adam Lambert should not support online gay campaign

Adam Lambert should convert to Islam and start to fight against homosexuality. Whoops, who says that? Is it a sort of souvenir of his recent concert in Malaysia?

How about, Adam Lambert should not support online gay campaign despite president Obama has added his voice to support this on account of bullying case. Who has the right to stop Adam from doing something he likes so? Who says that by tickling his funny bone, Adam Lambert is a gay? It is not funny if we say Adam Lambert might go camping together with Ricky Martin someday.

What sounds funny maybe if the whole gays online are eager to tickle a blogger's fancy.

Hope, it's not me!

Aishwarya and Abhisek Bachchan to invite George Clooney?

No, it's a wrong title above. It should be George Clooney to invite the Bollywood famous duo to spend weekend in Italy with him.

However, due to busy schedules, the duo might be able to make it someday in December. They appreciate the invitation. Let alone, as George Clooney seemed to be hypnotized by the uniqueness of India, the attention is an honor.

A lazy blogger once contacted George Clooney if George would like to invite him also to go on a lazy weekend's holiday there in Italy with them. Despite the blogger promised to tell him funny stories about Britney Spears or Justin Bieber, George admitted never receiving the phone call - there's no news about it in the newspaper, either.

"How about on the blog?"

Unfortunately, as I have finished writing this post, George Clooney hasn't phoned me yet.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sandra Bullock, movie making machinery or silly writing?

Is it in good humor that David Lee Roth once took a particularly painful breakup as a sign to get back to work? How about that? Don't let Sandra Bullock wonder.

Sandra Bullock has decided to do the same after a whirlwind ten month period in which she had been ... what? Is it right, that she had just arrived home from Bali? You know, Bali is such a beautiful island on where Julia Roberts has to eat, pray and learn about how to understand love there. By the way, have already watched the movie?

Sitting around and dust off her golden statuette, is not a good idea, maybe. Sandra Bullock has instead decided to seize a golden opportunity and never intends to read the silly thing this blog is talking about celebrities.

Can't wait for Salman Rushdie's memoir?

You cannot publish British author Salman Rushdie's memoirs. Random House has acquired global rights for it.

The memoirs are due to appear in 2012. Can't wait for that? First, Imagine the author's time hiding after Iran's then supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a death edict against him in 1989 for writing The Satanic Verses, deemed blasphemous to Islam.

The fatwa forced the writer into hiding but he never learned to amuse people by writing funny story about Britney Spears, for example, in his free time.

Rushdie never told Reuters in a recent interview that he was around one quarter of the way through what is so called a successful tickling blogger. It is far from what he said as goal in life.

Rushdie, 63, never said, either, in the interview that there was an "information with vacuum cleaner" about years in hiding which he wanted to shake his body, and he finally felt it was time to learn how to tickle Barack Obama's fancy.

The author has just published the children's story Luka and the Fire of Life but never wants to give them to you, bloggers, for free. One thing for sure, if he wants to publish a book entitled, Don't try to tickle my fancy, it is absolutely his right to do so, right?

Does Nicolas Cage have to pay Nevada bank?

Nicolas Cage has been ordered to pay over $2 million to the Nevada State Bank.

The 46-year-old actor reportedly owes $2,511,605.74 because of what? Never try to find out if you have no talent to be a detective. It is not a good idea too, if you like to sneak to his house at night to check it out.

Or, instead, wanna visit him somewhere? But Cage's Las Vegas home was foreclosed - where it is repossessed and sold on to recuperate monies lost in a defaulted loan - late last year, and resold in January at a loss of $3.5million.

He owes a lot of money, he has to pay it in full!

The actor's financial problems first came to light late last year, but none of the bloggers had to do with it.

If you think your blog(s) can reach at least 1 million visitors a day, you may help him out. But it is a good idea? Lol

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mel Gibson VS Liam Neeson, Hangover 2 or two hangover?

Mel Gibson in, Liam Neeson out? Liam Neeson out or Mel Gibson in? Is that the same? Or both of them in and out? We're talking about hangover here, a word I found in the dictionary which doesn't have a close meaning to sober.

Comedy, cameo, humor, ticklish, funny? Hangover 2, the film will be produced without Mel Gibson starring in it. Upset, irritated, down, we don't know what Mel Gibson feels now. And Mr Tattoo will-be Leam Neeson won't start a battle with Mel Gibson, I believe. It is absolutely not his sin to win the cast.

Hangover or sober or abstinence, both actors won't sell bevarages or exchange tattoos and claim themselves as funny celebrities. That's ridiculous! Such a traumatic scene maybe fictitious, but nothing possible that it might happen in real life.

Next, Mel Gibson and Liam Neeson, instead of tickling each other, they fly high to the sky and fight! And before everything turns worse, we have to question ourselves, what kind of funny hangover will be there to tickle our fancy?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Celebrity, funny?

What is a celebrity and who? Can a celebrity turn you on? Or he or she lets you down, instead? This question is probably asked by someone suffering an amnesia. Amnesia can happen to anyone, anywhere. A celebrity without head is funny. Another one bringing tickling Obama's picture everywhere is funny. However, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is what so called funny, especially funny celebrity.

Justin Bieber is no doubt a celebrity. He sings well. Lady Gaga is too, together they both made a historical record on, getting nearing one billion pageviews! But the news is not funny. If I write Justin meets funny Bieber twice a week or Bieber falls in love with funny Justin, this is surely funny.

Should celebrity be funny? It depends, as you can answer yourself. Oprah Winfrey doesn't have to be funny when it comes to interviewing an upset celebrity in a serious TV program, does she? It is ridiculous when Juliette Lewis got an accident recently, Paris Hilton sent a funny SMS to her, telling about tickling Osama or Mike Tyson. Celebrities must be able to refrain from useless humor. What do you think? This statement may probably be stated also by the one suffering an amnesia -- maybe the celebrity himself.

Celebrities, funny? What's a big deal? They should be, for the world will always be dull without humor. In other words, be witty is not a sin. Just take it. Our joke on the internet is blessing to the world, despite we are not celebrities, not by any means, agreed?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jean-Claude Van Damme, it's not about his heart attack rumor

Jean-Claude Van Damme is just fine. His fans don't need to worry about him. However, Mr. Van Damme is worried if he cannot tickle his fans' fancy. He's too busy on shooting location to finish his latest film, Weapon in Louisiana and doesn't have enough time to see his fans.

"Why does he need to tickle his fans' fancy?" asked Van Damme's secret admirer to another secret admirer.

"I don't know. Ask him."

By the time the conversation was going on, Van Damme was practicing his stunt scene nearby. And when he finished, he started to tickle his funny bone reading a tickling comic book.

"Does he like comic book?" again, his secret admirer asked the other one. "I don't know and I don't know either if that's what he usually does in his break time. Ask him."

The conversation stopped, Van Damme was passing by. Those secret admirers rushed to crawl on the wall and soon enter their den. It's weird. Who were they?

It is not important to tell here who they are. Do you believe, few minutes afterwards Van Damme burst into laughter? It's absolutely none of our business, is it?

Gwyneth Paltrow to be a dangdut singer?

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow who's fond of singing and to start her first debut as singer might say, "Of course not!" What is dangdut? she may ask.

Country music, that's what she likes to sing and never ever invites Elvy Sukaesih, the queen of dangdut, to be a back-up vocalist on stage. When Elvy Sukaesih was comfirmed about it, she said, "Why not?" but, "back-up vocalist? Are you kidding me?"

Gwyneth Paltrow to sing dangdut song may sound ridiculous. But the kind of music which often sentimentally tickles everyone to dance is a worth try. The collaboration of country music and dangdut may bring a harmonious rhythm of tickling music.

Would you like to try it with me, Ms. Paltrow?

(She says, blah blah blah ...)
"What? Come on. How could you think I am one of those paparazzi?
"blah blah blah (off the record)
"Okay. But, sorry, I can't make it. I'll be busy blogging next week, next month and next year ..."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bon Jovi to refuse prize at MTV Europe awards?

That Bon Jovi will receive prize at next month's MTV Europe awards is something proudable. He and the gang have shown to the world such a dedication, a long journey to success.

However, Bon Jovi will refuse the prize on certain coditions, like the prize is only to mock him or to hummiliate the band. Is this a serious matter?

Or else, the prize is a sort of propaganda which influnces a political policy of a country. Is this statement too much? What do you think? One thing for sure, Madrid should be flattered by the glamorous event. Nothing tickling things here to tickle audience's fancy.

And Bon Jovi, surely, won't receive the prize if it is only a cup or a plate to bring home and there'll be a blogger to tickle him before the audience.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elton John tickles awful songwriters?

Elton John never wants to sing together with any awful songwriters. Rather, he likes to tickle them by any tickling songs? But will they feel tickled? They instead challenge him to tickle Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga on YouTube. And the crazy thing is to tickle Julia Roberts who is obsessed by Eat Love Pray, her recent film. Lol.

Surely, Elton John never wants to tickle awful people. Oprah Winfrey kows it. While Oprah always feels irritated by an orangutan's remark that it wants to replace her as a dubber, she has never ever seen Elton John tickled to tickle human beings. However, Oprah never asks him either as to why he never wants to tickle awful songwriter. Does by tickling them they will get the inspiration? That's odd! Unlike the problem of back links every professional blogger wants. The only way of figuring it out is by asking Elton John himself about it. I don't know whether he feels tickled to answer this silly question. Well, excuse me, Sir ...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nelson Mandela, conversation with himself, not with you

Nelson Mandela's Conversation with Myself, foreword by president Barack Obama is not a tickling book.

Sure if you are a gossip, you cannot find here the pages where Justin Bieber is tickling Lady Gaga on YouTube as their pageviews reach one billion, or Julia Roberts forgets eat, pray, love as the title of her recent film due to imsonia.

Mandela who turned 92 July 18, having spent 27 years in prison is a humble person and there has never been heard any sensational dark-side life news about him like the confession of Rick Springfield in his autobiography, Late, late at Night.

It is likely that after all ups and downs of his holy struggle, Mandela is now troubled by people seeing him as a living saint. Don't ask this to a silly blogger. He may add, is Oprah Winfrey troubled by orangutans seeing her as an excellent dubber?

The once Nobel peace prize winner ofted to forgive his captors. This is a very precious lesson we can learn from him. I wonder if we spent years in prison, the conversation with ourselves may be not as tickling as a story book children.

No tickling world, Nelson Mandela is a strong man!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rick Springfield, late, late at night, no sex?

Rick Springfield has admitted his darkest side of life in an autobiography and that's the best thing the then Grammy Award-winning singer to do, to be honest to himself, family and fans.

Late, late at night now as the title of his autobiography, there may be no sex for him. But in what effective way one can be totally recovered?

"How about fasting in Ramadan month, Mr. Springfield?" a camel said to him in a language which only she understood. Rick Springfield was contemplating in a country side that night.
Springfield may answered, "I'm not a Muslim." if only could respond.

Are God-obedient Muslims really able to refrain from sex, alhocol and any other things as what are regarded as bad conducts? Rick Springfield might want to ask about it further to the camel. But there was no camel around. It was late, late at night and Springfield who might be creating a song about repent, seemed to smell the scent a seducing perfume around and a soft-spoken voice of a girl?

"Not again," he said. Before everything turned to be, "it's too late," how come, the camel soon came around from the darkness. When Rick Springfield thought she was bringing along a beautiful angel along with her on her humps, there, he heard an invisible voice, "you really need to fast."

Up to now, it's never ever been recorded in history that Rick Springfield converts to Islam because of a female camel.

HBO questioning Tea Leoni style comedy

Tea Leoni is getting ready to follow a blogger's footsteps, that is to tickle your fancy: Maybe, you have known, the actress is in talks to star in a new fashion-based series for HBO. But you don't know, how well she amuses you. Neither do I, to tell you the truth. reports that the cable network has designs on "Spring/Fall," a glitzy "Sex and the City"-esque comedy that follows the adventures of style-savvy Manhattanites. Why Deadline com doesn't report me anything? is that weird? Okay, it's not funny.

"The Naked Truth" belonging to Leoni - the '90s sitcom TV gig - is producing the project and would play one half of a fashion partnership between two women with bloggers? Sure, again, this is an odd statement.

Yeah, HBO should question Tea Leoni about this absurdity, or question me? No, I'm busy blogging.

Chile mine: What executives cannot learn!

Who is studying the reports from the Chilean mine on the role shift supervisor Luis Urzua played hide and seek. Wait a second, what's wrong with the latter sentence?

“I’m quite obsessed with the feel-good stories of the miners, and I am especially interested in the competent and compassionate leadership of Luis Urzua,” who says this? There is nothing tickling things about this words.

Urzua was the final miner to reach the surface.  And he will never ever get back for camping, let alone with the whole family, that's silly.

Sure, he won't. How about you? But before I continue learning to tickle your fancy here, I would like to say, this silly post is what executives cannot learn, hahaha ....

Really not recommended for the executives to spend the time here, reading this!

Angelina Jolie, Indonesia and corrupter

Angelina Jolie advises critics not to jump the gun and sell it as everybody knows it is a dangerous stuff. What does it mean?

Forget about this distraction, she's talking about a love story currently shooting in Hungary. You bet, if asked when she will visit Indonesia and learn how to create batik, Not only her, but even her spouse Brad Pitt might say, "what are you talking about?"

Have you known the latest film of Angelina Jolie, the film's love story concerned a Serbian rapist and his Muslim captive? If you say that day she hesitated to talk further about the film, rather she enjoyed sewing this is really a weird gossip!

Jolie, who serves as a United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees goodwill ambassador, reportedly contacted the people in West Java, Indonesia, as she also wants to learn how to dance Jaipongan well, but I'm not sure where this source of information from.

She further said, "There are many things I want to do in life, but coming in Indonesia and learning how to dance, this is a ridiculous thing to do ."

Don't listen to this fake comment; she never said that.

"But I'd like to come to Indonesia if only one or two corrupters has already been hung!"

Shh ... who says that?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clint Eastwood, Hereafter and Telepathy

No tickling face should be there when it comes to hereafter discussion, you may ponder mortality with it. Clint Eastwood with his Hereafter forces us to muse about spiritual things.

But I'm not sure if Mr. Eastwood would like to contemplate with me by the seashore and we then talk about Tsunami in Aceh. His film could be an interesting topic to discuss about. I used to live in Aceh when I was only a toddler, but I didn't remember anything during my stay that age.

As Mr. Eastwood turned 80, he seems to know quite well how to prepare everything to welcome the hereafter. I don't know and I want to know from him myself. But there was no response as he didn't know me when I tried to send him the message through telepathy. I was wondering if my skill worked, so I tried to yell the same message through the hillside to get response in echo.

As I thought so, the response was, "You are lying ... ing ... ing!

Talking about lying, which one is the real tickling news below!

Clint Eastwood and Britney fast in Ramadan month?
Clint Eastwood and Justin Bieber plan to sing together someday
Clint Eastwood and Christopher Hitchens play hide and seek
Clint Eastwood and Oprah learn how to swim
Clint Eastwood wants Juliette Lewis to tickle him
Clint Eastwood and Denise Richards join in a soccer club
Clint Eastwood and Julia Roberts are fond of playing chess until late at night

English is not my mother tongue, I really appreciate any tickling comments and I will be learning to tickle your fancy with any tickling response, thanks

Julia Roberts loves to eat and pray

Eat, pray, love, which one should Julia Roberts do first before watching the film Eat Pray Love herself? I'm sure, she will pray before eating and love to eat after praying.

It's an honor for me that Bali has become one of the shooting locations of Eat Pray Love as I live in the country to where the province belong. However, when I prayed to God if I could eat together with Ms. Roberts in Bali last year, Julia might not recognize me and never would like to urge me to love how to pray in a proper manner before eating. She loves to pray before eating, I guess.

However, It took me by surprise that two days ago Julia invited me to have dinner with her. I wondered how she could change her mind? She said that warteg was probably a nice place to share the idea while having dinner.Of course, I found it silly. Everybody in Indonesia knows warteg is a typical food stall or restaurant for the middle class below. Gee, it took me by surprise again, only yesterday she sent me another SMS: Stop daydreaming, are you sure you you really want to treat me?

Ops, that's the fatty Julia, my neighbor!

Talking more about Julia Roberts, which one you find so weird below!

Julia Roberts and Britney fast in Ramadan month?
Julia Roberts  and Justin Bieber plan to sing together someday
Julia Roberts  and Christopher Hitchens play hide and seek
Julia Roberts  and Oprah learn how to swim
Julia Roberts  wants Juliette Lewis to tickle her every morning
Julia Roberts  and Denise Richards join in a soccer club
Julia Roberts  and her twin are fond of playing chess until late at night

Friday, October 15, 2010

Kim Hee-chul to tickle followers on Twitter?

Popular South Korean singer attracts teens' attention as he learns to tickle everybody's fancy? Girls, Kim Hee-chul is stealing your heart away with jokes besides singing!

Is that the hot celebrity news or a mere gossip? And especially on Twitter, he laughs a lot. He even laughs without any reason. How can it be? According to one of his followers, that's because he fails to tickle his fans' fancy, instead he himself is forced to tickle himself--confusing?

According to another follower, he fails to follow this girl offline, as the girl was in a hurry to have a movement to the rest room downtown. The other one says he can't stop laughing watching Indonesian's comedy show on TV. What's so funny, anyway? Korean-Indonesian, totally different language. How can it be understood?

Forget it. Welcome to the world of tickling, young man. Ready or no, you're going to be tickled in the blogesphere!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Britney Spears

Check out these questions:You know Britney? But, Britney Spears, Britney who?

Now focus. Who are we talking about here, Britney Spears or Britney Tampubolon? Britney Spears is no doubt a famous celebrity. She is a great singer as well as stage performer. Britney Tampubolon is the one may come from somewhere in North Sumatera, Indonesia. She may be a teacher, a salon owner or a fashion designer, etc. Both Britney Spears and Britney Tampubolon have never seen me and I haven't seen them, either.

But they came to my dream last night asking about a tickling thing. Britney Spears wondered if she could turn to Britney Tampubolon and be allowed to plow in the ricefield, and Britney Tampubolon was eager to be Britney Spears, for she had a dream of being famous and thereby she could travel around the world.

Before I could give any comments, a knock at the door suddenly distracted me. It took me by surprise then, standing in line before me, were girls named Britney. They wanted to see Britney Spears. Britney Winfred, Britney Stallone, Britney Hilton, Britney Lohan, Britney Bieber, Britney Bachchan, Britney Bin Laden and the like.

I really wanted to tell them something, but they seemed to be able to read my mind and said together the word I wanted to say,


Celebrities to jostle for the train!

It is a tickling or ticklish story, you judge it.

You may never know that Juila Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez were upset and in the sulks that day. They found it was silly that the train to take them to a film shooting location was delayed. The film entitled To Tickle Ticklish Camel directed by a ticking Indonesian director who told me not to put his name here, was about the tough girls who feel tickled anytime they hear the sound of the train. The film is due to release 2020 or thereabouts. The Hollywood celebrities were far away from home, here they were in Pasar Minggu train station, Jakarta.

Just a mile away from there, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga questioned as to why they had to join the dangdut singer to perform on the platform of Pasar Minggu train station, Jakarta. But the director only said, "you'll get used to it. "You know, as to Dangdut music, even Eminem doesn't have to feel tickled to listen to it, even though the songs are sung by a dangdut superstar like Rhoma Irama. How about Britney Spears in an amusing or tickling way, sing it? Will it be a tickling gossip?

In the meantime, Roger More and Pierce Brosnan who had once been considered tickling celebrities by the director recalled the day when they had been in Pasar Minggu train station and done an amusing thing. As the train had been overcrowded there, they had felt crazily tickled to climb onto the top of this electrical commuter economy train, joining some other daredevils up there only to get a space. Two James Bonds wouldn't have risked their life by tickling each other, right? It"s not recommended at all. Seemingly, this is the case, they never want to take the train in Indonesia anymore. But, to tell the truth, have they?

By the time this post is being written, those celebrities mentioned above have not contacted me yet to tickle themselves in a tickling story about them and the train. Tickling celebrities or ticklish ones are in the air to tickle your fancy if you really want to tickle your own fancy by reading this silly story.

You're free to judge!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

George Michael released from jail, never intends to tickle you

George Michael has regained his freedom but has no intention at all to tickle your fancy. He feels the fresh air out there now but never wants to go to Internet cafe to make a new post about him and his bad luck and put it on a blog. Even though websites and weblogs are talking about him, he hesitates to write about them in return. You know why? Of course, he has nothing to do with them!

The wayward singer was released from jail Monday after the domestic cocks crowed and spiders have just finished setting a new web somewhere. He walked and walked and walked to make sure he would be accostumed to this after losing his driver's license for five years.

Michael thanked those who appreciated his decision to not write about his own plight on the Internet. But as he might try to refrain from alcohol, instead, amazingly that day he heard the response coming from the surface of the street.

"Your welcome!"

What does it mean?

Funny Picture?

What is a funny picture? It is the one to make you laugh, to tickle your funny bone? Sure it is. Funny picture is created by a creative hand and it is not intended for a research or scientific study.

A tickling picture is funny. A funny picture is tickling. A funny and tickling picture is part of entertainment of the world. Unlike tickling celebrities like Jim Carrey, Eddy Murphy, Bill Cosby or Rowan Atkinson, funny picture doesn't have soul which enable it to interact with people and expresses any witty remarks and pal around. It is quiet, motionless, speechless but surely, it tells about anything amusing. it creates laughter if is "seriously" made, but, however, a slight smile is not bad.

The perceiption of funny picture varies. What you think as funny, to me, it maybe not. What makes me laugh to death, to you may be it is silly.

What do you think about funny or tickling pictures of celebrities? Is it funny if Justin Bieber's face resembles Oprah Winfrey's? Paris Hilton's is like Mike Tyson's or Bruno Mars' look like Lady Gaga's. Whatever it is, on the Internet you might easily find such like.

What is a funny picture to those having no sense of humor? Forget it. One thing for sure, funny picture is not funny in theory. Do you agree with that Robocop? Wow! What a nice hairdo?

Do you think it is funny imagining it?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stan Lee joins blogger to create new tickling blog?

A tickling blogger is helping to encourage Stan Lee to create a series of tickling comic about a tickling blog and a tickling blogger. "No, you're lying," Stan Lee says when he comes across the tickling blog writing about him.

He skips it, shuts the computer down and goes to bed. But things go banana later somewhere in his dream. He wants to skip it but he can't. Here, he is helping to encourage a blogger to create a series of tickling blog about a tickling comic and a comic maker. "No, you're lying." But the blogger doesn't shut the computer and neither does he go to bed. By the way, who says that word?

Is it that important?


What is a quotation?

According to Sandra Bull Dock, quotation is not the same as that of the scripts she had to remember when she starred in Speedy years ago and despite the film is not a tickling history, it doesn't give quotation of life. Don't ask her. She's busy.

Don't ask what a quotation is when Justin Bieber is singing and Eminem is rapping. Justin Bieber doesn't care about a tickling quotation about a tickling blog, if there is one on the Internet and neither does Eminem. Quotation to them is far away from what is so called stage performance.

Quotation is inspiring, the thing to urge man to muse about life. A tickling quotation is not for those confused by Mr. Bean "horrible" face rather than laugh at it. Tickling quotation over celebrities is something which is fun to read. But someone nearing death will never think of finding a quotation to save his life.

According to Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, quotation is phrase, a sentence or phrase that is taken out of a book, poem, or play a quotation from Shakespeare/the Bible. But according to Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy, quotation is nukilan. What is nukilan? Here, only Google translate can answer, but what language? Homework for you!

Denise Richards writing tickling memoir?

Denise Richards is writing a tickling memoir supported by a tickling blogger who has a tickling blog?

The tickling blogger is presumed to have already written about other tickling celebrities on a steady tickling blog. Amusing themes like Tickling Cinderella, can she tickle Milke Tyson? Justin Bieber to tickle Lady Gaga or Tickling Britney Spears VS Jet Li, are the silly things to tickle your funny bone. To find out where they belong to on the list of tickling blogs should not be homework for you to do. Of course, in real life you can't tickle Justin Bieber and he might not want to tickle you. He doesn't even care when you ask him, have you read about tickling Cinderella on this tickling blog? Or about how about you yourself, Justin, agree with the title Justin Bieber to tickle your serious bone? Or this tickling rich man Donald Trump, Donald Trump to tickle Mike Tyson and My Tyson to tickle Paris Hilton? These tickling ideas won't capture his attention at all.

Indeed, tickling things when they sound ridiculous don't make a memoir. Denise Richards doesn't have to tickle you by her memoir to-be. One thing for sure, she's not a tickling blogger herself, or is she?

Ask her.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eminem and Dangdut Song

Is Eminem one of the hip-hop stars? Eminem uses all types of four-letter words and adult topics in his music, and never sings dangdut song, let alone with the Indonesian King of Dangdut, Rhoma Irama. Music is part of his life and Rhoma Irama.thinks that way too.

But, world, do you know who Rhoma Irama is? Pay a visit to Indonesia, but sorry--it's rampant, prone to corruption all over the regions today.

In a preview released Friday (October 8) from his upcoming interview with a blogger, Em describes his household as a swearing-free zone but it is free from Dangdut song!

"I'm a parent; I have daughters. It's okay, if they want to sing with me all the time, but not dangdut. I'm afraid they wont' forget where they belong to and dance anytime they want, even on the street," Em told tickling blogger, Mr. Trilili.

"I'm not saying there's no tolerant in the music, there's much different between Rap and Dangdut," Em explained. "But this is music, this is my art and this is what I do."

Em has tried to create any tickling songs but we don't know yet, when they will be released, and of course, no dangdut singers all over Indonesia know abut it.

"Desire still exists, but I don't think it's fun to sing something you don't like to sing, you know, bringing the new atmosphere to the world is fun with rap, not with dangdut" he told the Anythingyousay Times in June.

"There was so much fun in the world, including writing parody."

Hmm, who said the latter? Who said all?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Actress Juliette Lewis injured in Califiornia and all bloggers feel sorry!

All bloggers feel sorry about it: Actress Juliette Lewis has been injured in a hit-and-run crash in Burbank, police said. But what can they do to entertain her? Nothing! Only one tickling blogger decides to entertain her. But nobody know where he's from..

That Wednesday night when a driver ran a stoplight, smashed into Lewis' vehicle and kept going, unfortunately this tickling blogger was not there, but he seemed to have a sixth sense, meaning he knew about it, but he couldn't tell.

The car was found a short distance away, and the blogger was asleep soundly at home by the time the accident happened.

Lewis complained of pain in her head, back and neck and some bruising. Actually, the blogger wanted to visit her in the hospital, but he cancelled it--he was not sure his presence there would be helpful.

And ... do you hear that? "Get out of here!"

Is that the yell of Juliette Lewis?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Donald Trump thinks about becoming US president but Robocop disagrees

Donal Trump is starting to see the possibility of a US president staring at him, Reuters reports, but reconsidering it when looking in the mirror.

The mirror on the wall offers him something everyone wants to have in life besides wealth--happiness. And Trump starts to laugh out loud on hearing this.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Emma Stone swings from home to jungle?

Not good news for Jameson, of course! Emma Stone has been cast as the female lead in the upcoming Spider-Man prequel, in a role that will tickle your fancy, because she will swing from home to jungle. Sounds weird?

The actress, 21, was selected after reportedly making friend with Tarzan and Jane, but actually, the latter turn out to be mentally ill.

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber nearing 1 billion YouTube views, how about you?

If it is reported that Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber nearing 1 billion YouTube views, in parody we can put it: Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber nearing 130 TheyTube views. Or Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber nearing 45 HeTube views. Or Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber nearing 10 SheTube views.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Singer Bruno Mars facing cocaine charge in Vegas and nannies should know about it

Didn't you know, nannies, singer-song writer Bruno Mars is facing a felony cocaine charge? And you must know, too, it is not good news, especially if you are babysitting children whose dreams are being songwriter or singer.

See, the 24-year old Just the Way you Are crooner had 2.6 grams of cocaine when he was arrested Sept 19. Where were you at that time with the baby, were you aware of this? Or were you watching a series of soap opera on TV?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vanessa Minnillo says she wants other tickling writings after shower with boyfriend

It's about Vanessa Minnilo and boyfriend, Nick Lachey while shower together: Is talking one of the main reasons the couple have been able to maintain their longterm relationship? "You have to talk through everything," she says. But both cannot talk when, after shower together, someone from the attic suddenly appears in front of them without head.

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

Hi, long time no post. I hope you're fine there. Stay healthy, stay safe. You know, I keep renewing this domain and hardly ever write an...