Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome to the Twitter nation: Indonesia

Did you know Indonesia is the most Twitter-addicted nation on the planet by online research firm comScore? (Sara Sidner CNN/Jakarta)

First, have a sit and enjoy the sandy beaches, palm trees and the hospitality of the people. Second, stand up and look round, see how excited people there spending the time doing business on line everywhere, not only at the Internet cafe, but also through their laptop and mobile phone.Third, ask them, "Do you know Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy? He is from Indonesia."

If nobody would like to answer the latter question, just keep following my tweet and you'll get used to being tickled.

There's the only one among Indonesians here to learn to tickle your fancy by writing silly things about Hollywood celebrities. Funny or not, that doesn't matter.

What seems to matter is if you want to borrow Robocop's helmet from me (see our special guest at the window) Is he a shy guy? Maybe!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rapper T.I. admits to drug problem

Is it sensational?

A drug habit after extensive dental surgery, that's what he has developed. The surgery was not done in Egypt where crazy bloggers could probably make up a story about celebrity and pyramid and Pharaoh, and they tickle among one another.

During his prison stint last year T.I. had tried to contemplate and reflect on all sins in the past. But this gossip is absurd, because no news saying this so far.

It's bad, while bloggers say no to drug and say yes to tickle every one's fancy, the rapper said he continued taking the medication, even after he had healed from his surgeries the way others might have a drink or smoke a blunt.

T.I., who is currently serving time for violating his probation on an earlier federal weapons conviction, didn't say that if he were recovered from the addiction he would go pilgrimage to Mecca.

Besides, nobody saw him around with a camel before.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Emma Watson: I'm addicted to knowledge (and to tickling your fancy?)

Emma Watson has passion for learning!

Watson, the Harry Potter's star whose movie made it cool to be a studious teacher's pet, doesn't say that she will study about the existence of supra natural power which might take control of Mt. Merapi in Indonesia.

Watson, a sophomore at Brown University in Rhode Island, is never reported to have learned how to recite the Koran well. That's a silly coverage about celebrities tickling viewers on the Internet.

Don't ask her, why she chose to continue her education after graduating from high school but never wishes to run a restaurant on her own? A crazy blogger, a friend of mine once asked me about it.

"I love learning. I'm just addicted to knowledge. It just like, makes me happy. It keeps me motivated," she said in a interview while promoting her latest film, the first installment of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." (Associated Press)

When I offer her, "how about blogging? Are you addicted to it?" She can't hear it--You know, telepathy is error here.

Maybe she would say, "I'll tell you how to tickle everybody's fancy. I'm a native speaker, aren't I?"

Thank you in advance, dear ...

Why Zac Efron doesn't get serious in Charlie St. Cloud?

Charlie St. Cloud exits high school with limitless potential and promise, but that doesn't appeal to Zac Efron! Is that true?

He’s not the captain of the sailing team? How come he thinks that he is a reborn American idol? He sings and dances and runs anytime paparazzi see him and jumps over the bridge, and together with volunteers he feels he is not to miss the flight to carry him to Indonesia to help Mt. Merapi volcano's erruption survivors.

He assumes he’s not just been accepted to Stanford.  The future is dark and won't be in rosy color. How comes things go wrong?

High School Musical veteran Zac Efron suddenly feels that he doesn't like singing, dancing and thinking about helping the miserable people out there might be a good idea.

What's wrong? Anybody please help.

Seemingly it's not Zac's fault being in this condition. But to put blame on blogger, it's like to force him to get serious in Charlie St. Cloud while he wants to get serious to tickle everybody's fancy.

So confusing?

Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe show age!

Harry Potter needs a tickling story.

Not a very funny one. He's had more than enough of adventures regarding supernatural, witches, black magic or something, so that he gets bored and needs some entertainment on his own way. Now he only needs some simple things to tickle his fancy.

He just needs to see Daniel Radcliffe, who plays him, who just turned 21. He would like to ask, "Mr. Radcliffe, is that correct as written on the internet, that you are more assertive than you used to be, more authoritative, though not necessarily more confident?"

"The movie, number seven in a series of eight," Daniel ignores Harry. He instead says something about a recent Harry Porter's movie.

"I know, it's not you saying that," Harry replies. "It's the internet."

"Really? How well you know about Internet? Daniel asks."

"It's simple. Just close my eyes and I'll be there in a jippy."

"Your English is not fluent. That didn't answer my question"

"It didn't?"

"Are you Harry Porter or what?"

Harry Porter feels ashamed and right away gets back into a lamp and soon asks himself, "Are you Harry Porter or what?

Why Rapper DMX arrested in Arizona?

Troubled rapper DMX is back behind bars in Arizona for violating his probation, CNN reports.

Mr. Earl Simmons, the real name of DMX, had never written a blog about criminalism before he was arrested Thursday and had never worked together with a tickling blogger to write about tickling or ticklish celebrities.

You know, drugs reign supreme here. The rapper was allegedly using drugs, including cocaine and OxyContin. "Why doesn't he fast? That's the solution." Whoops, this must be an Islamic cleric saying this.

If you are familiar with Simmons' song like "Party Up" and "Get At Me Dog" you might not want to listen to it being screwed up by dangdut orchestra. He is also an actor, and has appeared in numerous movies including "Belly," not in a silly movie, entitled, "Your Belly is super Ugly."

Why in recent years Simmons has had numerous run-ins with the law? This might drive curiosity among his fans. Before, he was arrested on five separate occasions after August 2007. That included a May 2008 arrest on drug and animal cruelty charges--that time he was not having a predawn meal and that was not Ramadan month, I guess.

Being placed on "lockdown status" and forced to eat only bread and water for jailhouse infractions, can we say he is really a troublesome?

I don't know when he will be released and be able to join me here to tickle people's fancy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Celebrities never learn to tickle your fancy

That's the reason why I need to write them a letter about it.

Since they never learn intensively, tickling celebrities while they are around is childish and never recommended. A letter to them is okay, instead, as they are also part of human who need humor as well.

But before I begin with 'dear celebrity' I have to know first to whom this letter may concern.

Celebrities tickling each other won't lead me to imagine Zack Efron and Robert Pattinson vying for stardom. That's absolutely not funny. Britney Spears or Kristen Steward to put down in the letter as ticklish maybe a good idea. But are they?

Do celebrities need to learn to tickle your fancy? Why should they? In fact, they are not learning to, but doing so.

Well, now, I get confused as to writing them a letter. What if I write, 'Dear celebrities, would you teach me how to write a tickling letter?'

Vaginal Problems - No tickling story for men!

It's not a tickling writing about celebrities as I usually write here. It's about women and their problems. How do you care about your health, ladies, you'd better find out below.

It seems that vaginal tightening surgery is the cosmetic surgery du jour lately with articles and news stories popping up everywhere. What you may not realize is that even though technically considered a cosmetic procedure, it is still surgery and far more invasive than many ads lead you to believe. As a matter of fact, there are several reasons to avoid laser vaginal tightening surgery.

Why It’s Not the Best Way to Go?

However, cosmetic procedure is not best for the one wearing masks the whole of his life. Well, where does this sentense goes? Better not ask Robocop about it, and don't ask me, either. Good night!

Why Adam Lambert likes singing?

Tickler of the day? Why Adam Lambert finds singing enjoyful?

Is the question similar to why Britney Spears never asks that? Does it sound funny as she is not a girl, not yet a woman? What's it all about? Adam Lambert won't say, "I'm not a boy, not yet a man," as to why he likes singing. And why Robert Pattinson never urges his fans to ask, "why you look funny when singing, Adam."

Adam Lambert is not a funny, a tickling or a ticklish celebrity. So, he won't come up with a witty remark as a reply, "Mr. Pattinson, why you like to have a ride with Kristen Steward before dawn? That time vampires won't show up their funny bone."

Then, why Adam Lambert's fans like singing together with him? If the reason is because Adam Lambert pays them, there will be more following silly question, Why Adam Lambert doesn't sing Indonesian songs?

Disjointed and out of context?

Then Why?

Because if Adam Lambert fights, he'll be easily defeated by Jet Li. So, why Adam Lambert likes singing? Because he knows the answer as to why Jet Li has to fight.

Readers, I'm learning to tickle your fancy, anyway, for I am myself bit confused. I need to communicate with you over this. Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Brad Pitt wants to make the Chilean miners movie?

I don't know for sure.

Why is he not interested in making a film about volcano eruption in Indonesia? I think, he should know well about Mbah Marijan, the spiritual guardian of Mt. Merapi who died in the recent calamity in Central Java, Indonesia. This is actually inspiring.

Seemingly, Brad Pitt was touched by the story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground for more than two months before being rescued.

The actor never wants to climb onto Mt. Merapi to become a volunteer. He must be busy by now.

Mr. Pitt, if someday you pay a visit here, hope--the volcano has already calmed down, don't forget to tell me about your Chilean Miners movie and we exchange pleasantries together, okay?

Maybe I'll write about miners who like to tickle each other. And you should listen to me. Next, I may tell you about more and more tickling celebrities on my blog. Is this a good idea?

Hey ... Come back here ...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Britney Spears converts to Islam?

Britney is now veiled over. She is learning how to recite the Koran and trying not to skip her daily five-time prayer. She doesn't eat pork and says no to alcohol.

She still sings but prefers to do it in the bedroom. Of nightlife she just says, 'it's history."

Britney is also learning how to fast, the real one -- not only to refrain from food and drink but also from anger and sexual desire. Last year she fasted a few days and it's okay for her as done only half day each.

As to going pilgrimage to Mecca, she may not do it in the near future. She is not well prepared mentally. But Britney is longing for this sacred ceremony.

Why has she decided to convert to Islam? First, she got along well quite long with the Muslim community around her neighborhood before and found them as humble, helpful and peaceful people. Second, after a long contemplation, she agrees with the concept of the beyond compare God, the one and only.

By, the way, what's Islam really like? Find the answer from a convert
So, how about her fans? Will this effect them?

"Fans? What're you talking about?" Britney Lestari, a successful entrepreneur here in Jakarta, gets confused.

Is it like a song, "Too many Britneys will kill you?"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Robocop VS mosquito

Anyone wonder why Robocop is here to tickle your fancy? I don't know for sure myself. I just let him have fun with me, besides, I am sorry if he just wanders out there accompanied by stray dogs. I know how miserable life is if you feel alone, distressed and canned.

If you read Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, RoboCop is a 1987 American science fiction-action film directed by Paul Verhoeven. Set in a crime-ridden Detroit, Michigan in the near future, RoboCop centers on a police officer who is brutally murdered and subsequently re-created as a super-human cyborg known as "RoboCop". The film features Peter Weller, Dan O'Herlihy, Kurtwood Smith, Nancy Allen, Miguel Ferrer, and Ronny Cox.

He used to be a tough guy, but now, he prefers to amuse people with me here. It is better than supporting terrorists out there, I guess. And this good boy never links terrorism with Islam. He is not naive and neither is he a bigot.

Incubationer LTDUnfortunately, just this morning he came to me, complaining, "Mr. Nurman, why didn't you buy a mosquito coil last night? I couldn't sleep well!"

Poor boy!

Madonna can't sleep!

Madonna can't sleep?

Why can't she? She has many things in mind annoying her? But it's okay. Now she might sleep tight.

You know, when Madonna can't sleep she can't close her eyes, off course. She might think everything is okay. She might assume a blogger is beside her telling her about funny things in life, like 'how can't you sleep' or 'you don't have to sleep for a hundred years.'

Then this blogger takes her to the land of fantasy where people don't have to sleep at all because without sleep people will feel like sleep. When this sleeping people are awake actually they are asleep..

Got a problem with sleeping? Forget it, let's get back to sleep .....

She's not an actor with plastic surgery

If you were an actor would you have cosmetic surgery? Would you follow Cher and Melanie Griffith? A recent article in New York magazine entitled "Lines, Please," with the subtitle "If you can't move your face, can you still act with it?"attracts a blogger's attention.

But she says, "no Mr. Nurman, it's not good idea. But, I don't know, may be I'll give it a try someday."

The blogger won't take the risk of extreme cases like Heidi Montag and Mickey Rourke, but is more concerned with the image if without changing face, the show won't be on.

"What show? You're a blogger, not an actor?" I ask.

This sparked a lively discussion among friends of mine, bloggers.

"You're a blogger, not an actor," they repeat what I said.

She says, "I'm a blogger and I'm an entertainer as well. Is it a good idea when people visit my blog they see me not as I am?"

We've got nothing to say and prefer to be disappeared.

"I'm waiting for Tom Cruise's phone call."

The blogger who has abandoned 25 blogs on her own runs and talks and smiles at herself on the street! Too much blogs will kill you!

'Dark Knight Rises', Batman without actress?

Batman will be without women in the The Dark Knight Rises? The gossip which will never attract peoples' attention!

Deadline.com reports that director Christopher Nolan is planning to cast two females in the next of the Batman flicks. Who are they? The first one, she is not an actress from Jogjakarta, Indonesia, another one she is not the one to shake hand with farmers in villages for regent candidacy.

As usual, one woman should be there to accompany superhero's alter ego Bruce Wayne, and the other, a villain. Not Catwoman, I guess. When will there be characters like Duckwoman or Swanwoman to fight against Batman? Is that silly?

Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal--that's it!--may be you'll see them when the film is due in theaters July 2012

But those to stand in line: Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley?

Don't worry, those who don't win the cast can join me here with Robocop to tickle everyone's fancy.

Travel to Indonesia, need guidance?

WELCOME to Indonesia, the country where Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy was born.

We Indonesians will always show our hospitality and our bright smile at you, tourists, this is quite typical, lasting from year to year. No, don't listen much to the distracted Western Media saying our country is the den of terrorism, that's too much.

Unfortunately this blog is not to provide complete references before or when you travel to Indonesia.

You've got difficulty to get the information as a guide to do the traveling here? Don't worry, Google is the trustful source and it is easy for you to get it on line, right?

At the moment, all you need is just tickle your fancy here with some crazy writings. But if you feel like leaving, it's okay.

By the way, if you are part of celebrities and happen to make a good a memory here, beware ... I'll corrupt your story just for fun, hahaha. Is it a sin?


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Easy ways to learn English with celebrities?

Easy Ways to Learn English?

If you want to learn English, please do not look for celebrities and ask them to teach you for free, that's silly. In today’s crazy era, there are actually more easy ways to learn the English language. It is not recommended that you stick too long here on this blog and keep wondering how.

"Speak English Fluently!" Every English teacher really likes to say this, no matter how awful his accent is if he is not a native speaker himself.

There are a variety of online resources that present easy ways to learn English. But here you don't have to learn English seriously. Here you meet celebrities and they speak English. If you want to contact them, don't ask me, because I myself, don't know how to keep in touch with them.

The Step by Step Approach based on theory, if you like to do so, just do it. I myself learned English guided by my special tutor: Mr. Robocop. If you don't believe me, that's good. It means you should right away get out of here and find the right site to fulfill your wish.

Got it, dude?

Keep learning. God Bless you!

Robert Pattinson fan?

Robert Pattinson fan

A fansite for actor Robert Pattinson best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the movie is ... robertpattinson.org/

So, you wanna get there? Cool ... Meet your favorite actor Robert Pattinson and meet also Kristen Steward who might be on shooting location, acting.

But first, please make sure, you have done your homework, so that mommy won't yell at you. And if it's the time for you to go to bed but you're still in front of the computer, you'd better check all doors and windows. If you feel grown up already and not need to tell what to do, that's fine. It is only a suggestion.

It is not funny if you say you are Robert Pattinson's fan, but you want to be a vampire as you get obsessed by him. That's not well-educated manner. Or what? In case you need to tickle your fancy to get rid of stress is it necessary to tickle Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson on the Internet? How?

There's a lot of fun on the internet as to enjoying ourselves and becoming a fan of a celebrity is not recommended.


No, if you still like to wet and shit the bed and might think Robocop is no more than a can.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cheap Hotels, Cheap Travel?

Cheap Hotels, Flights, Airline Tickets, Cheap Ticket, Cheap Travel Deals, all you can find at www.kayak.com

So dear celebrities, it is not your sin to count on anything cheap. It is not your fault destined to be rich. Anybody is free using cheap travel regardless his strata as long as he has enough budget for travelling.

It is not funny, dear celebrities, if you are caught by the media to be using cheap things around. Maybe a bit sensational. Cheap flights are okay too if you wish. So, what with the fuss? Something tickling in the eye of public is something common in the eye of blogger? Whoops, what a crazy idea!

However, the cheap flight that you have will be troublesome if you bring along with you your bodyguards and you pay them cheap. As far as I know, Robocop never wants to be a bodyguard and get underpaid.

Is it out of context? Forget it. So, dear celebrities, when will you take me to fly with you. As for me, I prefer free-of-charge flight.

Dear celebrities, it is not funny, is it?

Cheap travel for celebrities?

No way!

We are the Have
Why should we travel and ask for anything cheap?

We've got thick pocket, can buy hundred tickets, why should we save up to beautify our lips?

We've got much to invest, Our contracts are in line to respond, should we let our kid weep on the trip?

Our car is limousine, our jet plane is not for rent, why should through the traffic we creep?

Come on.

We were born to entertain you
We were destined to lull you
We are here and there to distract you

Come on.

We really need some fresh air
We may need you blogger to be there

So, how much?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio, a serial killer in real life?

Off course not! The Devil in the White City, a project he will produce based on the bestseller novel, is only for you to watch on the screen. The novel has sold 2.3 million copies and has been translated into 17 languages.

Whoever says Leonardo is a serial killer in real life, must be out of his mind. Anybody in bad mental condition must not comment on something absurd about someone else. Leonardo DiCaprio won't give a damn care about this person and all his silly things.

LeonardoDiCaprio is not a serial killer, that's for sure! DiCaprio would only play H.H. Holmes, a serial killer masquerading as a charming doctor in The Devil in the White City.

But, "is he not a serial killer? How about my grannies' death?" asks a mosquito.


Fan of his? Have his biography
But, even a tough Robocop can't get rid of mosquitos that easy and that he gets annoyed all night long it's very funny!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Avril Lavigne Wants a man like Robocop?

Avril Lavigne is looking for the right man for a soul mate? The 26-year-old singer regards herself as old fashion when it comes to romance?

Avril who has been dating reality TV star Brody Jenner since February, revealed she is not dating any men from Indonesia, especially who depends his life on blogging. So can the traditional guys who are prepared to open doors and buy flowers for her be you?

She explained, “I like a blogger if he is a classy man, a gentleman who opens the door. Not only he gives flowers but also tickles me all the time with his writings.”

Is the statement above true? Of course not, that's a blogger made-up statement--mine!

Avril admitted she doesn’t like wild nights out on the town. Yeah, I agree with her. Besides, if you're broke, what can you do out there, right?

She hasn't finished actually, and prefers to stay in rather than hang out with people who are into the “Hollywood scene”.

I look at Mr. Robocop at this blog window and he just, says, "I'd like to accompany her, Mr. Nurman, but who's going to accompany you to tickle people's fancy?

Obama's speech in University of Indonesia is questionable?

This morning on the way to work I saw a cordon of local police guarding Obama passing by the usually congested routes to the University of Indonesia in Depok. And soon when I arrived in the office, one of our local TV stations was preparing a live show for Barack Obama's speech.

Then on the podium Obama opened a speech by a small talk, "Pulang kampung, nih." (Well, I'm home now) followed by laughter--good start, good response from the audience! He continued by talking on various topics and when he jumbled it occasionally with bahasa Indonesia, again, a roar of amazement was heard.

Despite this, his speech drove many to question. "Is he real Obama?" "Why doesn't he speak bahasa?" "Is he selling a product?" Don't misunderstand me, that's what commercial breaks likely take effect on our life in Indonesia. Fake Obama turns out to be sold out everywhere!

Still his speech is questionable.

"Omong apa sih?"

"Kok pada ketawa."

"Pusing gua, kagak ngarti!"

See? Really, really questionable to those having a bad command of English.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yolike News Bollywood Movies 2

Yolike latest news Bollywood Kareena Kapoor dislikes action scenes. News Gate, images, videos, full story, all she dislikes if only she were a blogger and her link was corrupted by a website named Yolike.

Kareena may say, "They have to say sorry for taking your link secretly, Mr Nurman and without giving you a back link."

And I would say, "It's okay, Kareena. At least I know how to exchange google page with corruptors all over the world."

She might nod.

"But by the way, why you disliked action scenes if I may know"

There's no reply.

"Maybe she's afraid, she'd be end up canned like me."

"Shut up, Robocop!"

Well, how can I say, a few minutes after this post published, this post appears there on their website. Robocop, let's laugh together.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, be careful with your bicycle!

Don't ask Robert Pattinson to be very careful when it comes to have a ride with Kristen Stewart by bicycle. With his rumored girlfriend at a hotel restaurant in Brazil on Friday, rumor has it that they are about to go to Jogjakarta Indonesia by bicycle to become volunteers because they are very sorry for the volcano eruption there.

No news about volunteering, to tell you the truth. Sitting at a table with a police officer, both Robert and Kristen didn't say that they would also want to see a tickling blogger there and discuss about what other things about them to be parodied on the Internet. It's a crazy idea, you know.

The "Water for Elephants" actor and the "Welcome to the Rileys" actress are currently not in Hongkong and not to film Blogger, You Drive Me Crazy. It is not part of "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn" to thrill you. The true information about what project they're up to, unfortunately not in Mr. Nurman's pocket--sorry guys.

Better believe me, all this is just to tickle your fancy. You may ask Mr.Robocop at the window over there.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Victoriati.com below are ...

Victoriati.com below are sponsored listings for goods and services related to the website which has put my blog's name without asking permission and giving any back links.

Thank you sir, glad to have my blog promoted. A tickling story about blogesphere is that this practice should not be considered a crime

Even though Mr. Robocop as a police officer cannot tolerate this, it is unwise to tell him about how victoriati.com, in fact has given me an idea of placing my blog on Google Search Engine. Is it inspiring, right? What do you think about it, Mr Robocop?

What? You're having a haircut?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Obama visit to Indonesia will include visiting blogger?

Obama has an emotional and strong relationship with the country in where he spent his childhood, Indonesia. Generally, Indonesians feel proud of him becoming the president of the USA. When he won the presidential election a couple years ago many people here also shared joy and happiness, supporting him.

Despite his visit plan will always be rejected by the hardliner here, Indonesia wishes he would not make cancellation again. Some people are looking forward to seeing him back to his "mother land".

Obama is scheduled to visit Istiqlal, one of the largest mosque in the world in Jakarta and also to visit the Heroes Cemetery.

Unfortunately, due to his busy schedule, he won't be able to manage the time to visit a blogger's house in Bogor, West Java, a few kilometers away from Jakarta. The blogger is writing something good about him and also about Hollywood gossip in a tickling way. He himself is not part of funny or tickling celebrities and never wishes an award from Obama.

No, it is not quite necessary. A little smile if you happen to come across this posting is okay, Mr. President. Selamat datang di Indonesia.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Justin Bieber VS Justin Bibir

It is not funny as to tickling Justin Bieber while singing on stage. It is not funny either to ask Robert Pattinson to amuse Jason Bieber pretending to be vampire, and to break into Justin's interview session.

But, to Justin Bibir everything is laughable as he claims as a man of humor. Who is Justin Bibir? Don't say he is a funny or tickling celebrity. Far from that!

Justin Bibir is a flirt young man with thick lips (bibir-Indonesian) coming from Central Java, who is easily tickled anytime he hears a practical joke despite it is not funny at all. Justin Bieber never meets Justin Bibir, but if only Justin Bieber wishes, that will never happen. However, when it comes to business, both have something in common. They never believe one month blogging can make you a millionaire.

Maybe only Justin Bibir will laugh over this.

Miss World to be a teacher to amuse you?

The newest soft-spoken 18-year-old Miss World from the United States, Alexandria Mills, wants to be a teacher, but ... "Since I am soft-spoken, can I?"

Nobody heard the murmur in her bedroom and the naughty wind sent the sentence far away across the continent to a place somewhere in Central Java. It lingered around a single-story concrete house in outskirt of Semarang. A soft-spoken man and wife in there were having a conversation in their bedroom and the wife started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" asked the man.

"You," replied his wife.


"You're so soft-spoken."

The man burst into laughter.

"What's so funny?" now the wife asked.



"You're a soft-spoken teacher, how come you want to become Miss World?

Seemingly, the naughty wind wasn 't interested to send back the sentence to USA.

Matt Damon, no more Bourne Legacy?

Rumor has it that Matt Damon won't be cast anymore in the newest project of Bourne Legacy.

What do you think about it, Matt? It's okay with the movie bosses' decision? How about coming here to Mt. Merapi Indonesia and help the injured survival of volcano eruption? Yeah, for a while forget about acting and camera. Be a volunteer.

You may also want to replace Mbah Marijan, the guardian of the Volcano who died in the calamity recently. When it comes to logic, his position is absurd, but who knows you will get inspired here.

Another rumor has it that Matt Damon might read this post, share sympathy and give comment, at least say,"Pray for Indonesia."

If that never happens, your comment will be okay too, Robocop. Don't cry for it, okay boy?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Josh Hartnett to romance Bipasha Basu on blogs!

Bollywood hottie and Hollywood cuttie will be on screen making an International debut with the flick Singularity in India. Surely, as the news spread rapidly Bipasha Basu and Josh Hartnett catch the attention of bloggers.

One blogger writes about the news as it is, another just copies and pastes from the original or official source and makes a slight editing. The other corrupt other related blog or website for their own good, providing disjointed links everywhere on their blogs.

Despite this, what should Bipasha and Josh care? For the next few months they will keep romancing and maybe dancing, singing, cryng ... Wait, is it Hollywood or Bollywood we're talking about here?

And fasting and reciting the Koran? Well, that is much out of context, right? No, it's not them. However, for a tickling blog nothing is confusing when it comes to parody, like when Robocop will also want to date Bipasha. He just needs shaving.

Bloggers, let's shave together.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and beard

Hollywood hearththrob Zac Efron is puzzled by his beard. It grows long and long and covers his lips.He is so upset that he needs to shave up. But he can't find any scissors at home. There's no razor blade, ether, there.

Vanessa Hudgens who is around only smiles on knowing this. When Zack yells at her, she starts to react. She tries to find something in her purse but finds nothing to solve Zac's problem.

To Zac surprise, Vanessa Hudgens' hair turns out to grow long, too. It's getting longer and longer.

"What are we gonna do now?" Jack asks.

"I don't know," Vanessa replies.

Suddenly a melancholic tone of typical Asian flute is heard somewhere nearby. The couple known as lovers feel like being hypnotized and they start to dance. And, more than that, they sing an Indian song. The more they shake their body, the longer his beard and her hair grow. As soon as Vanessa's body has been totally covered by the wild hair, the music stops.

"What's going on?" Zack asks as he comes to his senses.

I think the only one who is able to answer his question is Bollywood filmmaker.

Happy shaving, Zac!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tony Blair converts to Islam?

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair converts to Islam? This is not hot news, because up to now there's no official announcement about it. But Lauren Booth, his sister in-law has just embraced this religion. And after the conversion, a cynical remark may say, who's next? Prince Charles?

However, Charles belongs to the kingdom, the symbol of nobility of England. If he were to go pilgrimage to Mecca someday, it is a sort of tickling fate. But who knows if the late Michael Jackson might have converted to Islam and as this would also affect his fans, he was secretly murdered? No tickling fate at all!

Is Rowan Atkinson next, to be the one having a prayer rug at home? He may ask Mr. Bean about it, don't you think?

For a sensitive matter, Lauren Booth doesn't have to get "all rights preserved" to be the first to write about Tony Blair's conversion to Islam. And Tony Blair doesn't have to take an ablution before performing a daily five-time prayer--whoops, I mean his daily prayer based on his current faith.

What do you think about it, Robocop?

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