Sunday, December 26, 2010

David Schwimmer’s violent film “Trust” loses ratings appeal, why?

Because, he didn’t fast first before making a movie, at least one or two days—kidding!

Seemingly “Trust” handed a restrictive “R” rating for “disturbing material involving the rape of a teen, language, sexual content and some violence”, has irritated Robocop. When he was on duty years ago he never caught a criminal raping teens using sexual content in the neighborhood.

It was important for the film be seen by teenagers, especially as cautionary tale, according to executive producer Avi Lerner. Unfortunately when this statement was stated, religious leaders were not there to support the producer as well as to ask him to join a religious dialog about such things.

That Schwimmer said that he would not modify the film in order to receive a lesser rating, this is absolutely his right to do so. He is not a young boy anymore and you don’t have to tell him what to do.
‘Fell on deaf ear’ for English learners—the beginners, is the new expression to learn. I may not recommend them to ask the meaning of this to David Schwimmer.

Good night, everyone

Nicole Kidman working on Rabbit Hole with mothers?

Mothers are flattered, but no specific mothers here to underline—sorry. Kidman’s role as a mother dealing with the death of her child surely leads her to a Golden Globe nomination.

Rabbit Hole based on the Pulitzer prize-winning play by David Lindsay-Abaire is not a memoir given freely to mothers.

Kidman, who lives in Nashville with her country star husband Keith Urban and their daughter Sunday Rose, never invited any mothers during filming Rabbit Hole and asked them to support her for a campaign for a regent election in Pacitan, East Java Indonesia. She never offered them any roles either to only screw up all things.

“Gosh, that sounds like rich material,” Kidman says in an interview with CNN, but this comment is not about how she envies mother wearing batik every Friday in Indonesia as part of socializing the country’s heritage.

Talking about motherhood, Nicole says that she raised two kids when she was in her 20’s but that was a different thing; she was a kid and still so young mentally and emotionally – a totally different mom.

Distracted mothers who start to be nostalgic but have nothing to do with this may be allowed to get back to the kitchen.

Anyhow, I would like to say, thank you and good luck …

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Showgirl Kicked When She Was Pregnant

The argument erupted over an iPhone, reports.

So where were you guys around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 22? In Ramadan month this is not yet the right time for Muslims to have a pre-dawn meal for fasting.

Didn't you know that Debbie Flores-Narvaez, a dancer in the Las Vegas burlesque show Fantasy, was arguing with her boyfriend Jason "Blu" Griffith around that time on a Las Vegas street? Were they later on arguing about how to tickle your fancy by creating a silly blog? I don't think so.

Didn't you see when he grabbed her phone and tossed it 100 feet? I didn't make up this story. This is according to a police report.The police himself, of course, is not Robocop.

Next, when Flores-Narvaez bent over to pick it up, Griffith pushed her to the ground and, she claimed, kicked her and pulled her hair, a clump of which was found nearby and photographed by police as evidence.

That sounds serious. Even Jet Li, if he were around could no nothing about it. And Jacky Chan might stop joking around with his martial art skill.

At the time, Flores-Narvaez says, she was pregnant with Griffith's child.

Well, for pregnant women all over the world, stay home after mightnight, okay? Eating out this hour is totally not recommended, let alone with Dracula canned like Robocop!

George Clooney earned a living by stealing?

George Clooney didn't earn a living by making hot money! Anybody to assume so may deal with law. And the police officer in-charge that may face you is the guy over there, Mr. Robocop.

Earning a living through the '80s with bit parts on The Facts of Life and Roseanne, he never wishes to go pilgrimage to Mecca. Anybody says he is a Muslim must be dreaming. At 33, he never joined a sort of American Idol show to outdo Adam Lambert. If you happened to see that, you might be blind.

Clooney became a household name and bonafide sex symbol (twice dubbed by PEOPLE the Sexiest Man Alive).How about you; have you become a household name and bonafide sex symsol when you're broke?

Don't ask George Clooney; he doesn't care!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

American Idol Adam Lambert honored, to envy other!

it has been revealed that American Idol star Adam Lambert has been honored with his own E! True Hollywood story.

But it has not been been revealed that Indonesian Idol star, Delon has been honored with his own E and invited to the States and was due to sing a Javanese song before the disabled around Elm Street.

It has not been revealed that Jungle Idol star Tarzan Suwarno has been honored with his own E and offered a cast in Hollywood.

It has not been revealed, either, that Blogger Idol star Mr. John Anonymous has been honored with his own E and be allowed to amuse politicians and to support them to eradicate corruption.

But it has surely been revealed that this posting is only to tickle your fancy.

Jim Carrey to wake up for reality

Despite his fame now, Carrey’s life wasn’t always a barrel of laughs. Peripatetic, poverty, that was how he led his early life as he was born into such a household.

He was the Cable Guy, the Mask and Bruce Almighty and he is! As the Cable Guy he keeps searching for the right connection to see the alien somewhere in the sky by checking out the modem option icon cable to connect to the Internet.

As the Mask he needs to modify the mask he found by the river, so that it looks less terrified for people to use for all purposes. It’s okay if the mask covers all the face, but it is not funny if that kind of thing used by politician as means of disguise.

As Bruce Almighty, he really needs to escape from the angels who want to take his life as they get angry with him copying the real Almighty.

And as person he may agree that Robocop is not a good model to lead a normal life.
Is he Robocop? Is Robocop a blogger? Is Jim Carrey always tickled by Robocop? Is ...?

Help ...!

I don’t know before waking up, will he say, “Liar, liar!”?

Saul Rubinek of Warehouse 13 fame, a very intriguing man?

How about this: Saul Rubinek of Warehouse 13 fame, a talented actor, puzzled by blogger?

He can tell you why people keep tuning in to watch Warehouse 13, but he cannot tell you why people keep doing stupid things at warehouse, especially if this is done in India. It’s impossible to tell because this has nothing to do with his acting career.

As you may know, a warehouse is the synonym of store, storehouse, stockroom or depot and he may not think that this word fits airport. He never wants to stay the night in a warehouse; irritated by mice and rats but Warehouse 13 is an exception. It’s such a nice place to earn money.

Of the show, he tells Rachelle of Right Celebrity, that it‘s a 9.00 show, it’s appropriate for kids ten years old and up, and the violence is kept at a minimum. It’s the kind of show that because of the humor the adventure fantasy that seems to work for the whole family so that nobody feels either talked down to or talked up to.

Of the violence which is kept at a minimum he never recommends the kids to muse about it or to find solution as to getting rid of it. And that nobody feels either talked down to or talked up to, is not something sensational every silly blogger would like to put this theme as a title of a blog post.
Saul Rubinek should not be puzzled by a blogger, but the spirit of intriguing is really contagious. What do you think about it, sir, if write about Robocop in your warehouse?

No, far away from that, literally, I am not an appropriate English-speaking actor.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt renewed their wedding vows

As promised, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt renewed their wedding vows in a pre-sunset ceremony Sunday, Entertainment Tonight reports. ...

As wished, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt regained their love spirit in a pre-sunset ceremony Sunday, Entertainment Anonymous reports. ...

As planned, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt redialed their Internet connection in a pre-sunset ceremony Sunday, Crazy blogger reports. ...

As stated above, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt renewed their wedding vows in a pre-sunset ceremony Sunday, Entertainment Tonight reports. ... and the distractions, gloriously blessed by Robocop, are only to tickle your fancy.

Adios, bye!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Emma Watson, Deathly Hallows and blogger!

The second part of Deathly Hallows which take place 19 years in the future will have Emma Watson again to star in.

But, bloggers find something different in her lately which might not match the cast. What that is, they just want to keep it a secret.

According to The Sun, make-up artists made the young stars look elderly rather than middle-aged as they went overboard with aging special effects.

But Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint - who all never want to moonlight as blogger, won't say that if a blogger wins the cast this will be the funniest and the most ridiculous rumor on earth.

Bosses haven't been laughing, though.

Bosses? How many bosses you have, guys? Three, four, thousands? Do they know about magic? Well, what're we talking about here?

Guys, can't wait for the movie to be released? Don't forget to tell Robocop that he needs entertainment too.

Heidi Klum, Jim Carrey and the Mask

Model Heidi Klum faces tremendous pressure to be not herself. However, she won't do such a stupid thing to get out of real life. She recalls: "I don't know nothing about this posting."

And Jim Carrey finds something amusing by not being himself. As we all know, they never star in a movie called the Mask together.

Say, if Heidi wants to have a mask, she never calls Jim Carrey to modify one for her. She never recommends him to distribute the masks to the survivor of Mt. Merapi's volcano eruption in Central Java Indonesia.

Both Heidi Klum and Jim Carrey never plan to run a business selling masks and launch an outlet in Bali, either..


And both might also question as to why a blogger creates this silly posting to distract viewers.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

James Bond never wants to carry a gun now!

James Bond never wants to carry a gun. He has already known that this is too much--people won't see that as part of a heroic manner. Got a license to kill doesn't mean one can show off any weapons one has, to threat someone else.

"Let me know about your license to kill, Mr. Bond," Robocop suddenly appeared and asked him before he went to Venice that day to see a secret admirer, But James Bond didn't say a word.

"If I may know, what kind of weapon you have now?" James Bond asked Robocop instead.

"Mosquito coil."

"Are you kidding me?"

"How tough are you, Mr. Bond? Beware of malaria!"

"Sorry, no time for a bull shit. I've got to go now."

"She's not there?"

"Excuse me?"

"Your secret admirer!"

"How did you know that?"

"Wanna try my wit? I sent you the SMS!"

Robocop burst into laughter, showing his shining yellow teeth. James felt like jumping over the bed.

Wait a sec, what does it mean, native speaker?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wanna have a boyfriend like Zack Efron?

First, make sure that he is not Zack Efron himself. Because if you are eager to attract his attention, but you live in Tokyo, you only fool yourself. Zack Efron speaks English so don’t drive him crazy by gesturing things in your own language in case you have a bad command of English.

One thing to remember, when Zack Efron looks like clearing his throat, that doesn’t mean he is interested in a smalk talk about terrible public transport in Jakarta, in case you are watching his poster somewhere in Indonesia.

However, to tell you the truth, it is easy to attrack a man like Zack Efron.

Just make sure you can do it. First, get out of there and look for a volunteer. Have a friend who can act? If so, ask him a favor, urge him to be Zack Efron and create your own scene and then tickle him. If he is not ticklish, you will never ever have Zack Efron in your life. How can it be? Because his acting is not so convincing.

Does the suggestion above sound strange? Put aside all doubts in you.

Keep tickling him, night and day. The more you try the more you are obsessed to tickle your fancy. You’ll get the benefit by this even though you can never have Zack Efron in real life. Soon you can answer the question above.

“I don’t have to do such a stupid thing. But to make people happy by tickling their fancy will lead me to happiness that money can’t buy.”

If you don’t believe me, you may put on Robocop’s helmet and start contemplating. Good luck!

James Franco, Anne Hathaway, Oscars and bloggers.

As actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway were named co-hosts by Oscar organizers last Monday, bloggers along with the Media were waiting for the February 27's event next year, when the awards to be given out.

When one blogger asked about who James Franco really was, another blogger wondered why him. While more and more bloggers asked about Anne Hathaway, Anne Hathaway didn’t have to feel tickled to speak to them in a press conference and to tell them who she really was.

Both actors didn’t think it’s necessary to deal with bloggers, especially with the silly ones who weren’t even be able to speak basic English.

How about having a lively chat with a tickling blogger? And talking about creating a tickling movie over tickling celebrities? And casting this silly blogger too? And giving Oscars to the blogger and tickling him as well before the audience?

And …

James Franco, Anne Hathaway to co-host Oscars,that’s the title should be.

And bloggers?

Full stop!

Is Murder Part of Human Right?

Long time ago in Tehran, Iran, in1997, a serial killer convicted of raping and killing nine girls and women was hanged from a construction crane after being publicly whipped by several of the victims' male relatives.

None of the world celebrities and public figures attended the execution, and besides,what’s that for?

"You know, the Tehran Vampire."

“The Tehran Vampire?”

“He confessed on television to the kidnap, rape and murder of nine girls and women aged 10 to 47, including a mother and her daughter.”

This conversation belongs to none of the world celebrities and public figures.

Today in Hollywood, a serial killer convicted of raping and killing nine or more girls and women is put into prison to have life imprisonment instead of death sentence.

Is that fair enough?

No matter how terrible the victims suffer from such a brutality, when it comes to entertainment that will be, “Oh, come on …, it’s part of show!”

In real context this might sound, “Oh, come on … it’s part of human right!” No tickling sin, we have taken it for granted.

Blame us? Not a good idea. Sharia law? Scary! Blame the blogger to have come up with this issue?

I’ve got an idea. We’d better put blame on a louse in Robocop’s hair!

Yvonne Ridley, a public figure and a Muslim, no tickling thing!

Ever wonder why Yvonne Ridley returned home a public figure? Returned home? Sounds serious!

Yes, she had been captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan while investigating for a story and almost two years after being freed from ten days of captivity, The multiple award-winning journalist and author accepted the faith of her captors and became a Muslim.

No tickling story abut this. She has her own decision as to religious conversion and so does everybody. We must respect it.

Ever wonder why Rvonne Yidley returned home but not a public figure?

She had been captured by the Crazyban in Egypt while investigating for a story too and almost two days after being freed from three days of captivity, the English teacher and blogger became traumatic.

No further information about this. She has her own decision as to coping with stress. We must respect it.

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

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