Thursday, July 28, 2011

Michael learns to rock, to blog, to tickle your fancy?

Michael Learns to Rock (also known as MLTR) are a Danish pop-soft rock band that performs songs in English.

Nobody should misunderstand it as the one performing songs in Indonesia regularly.

Formed in 1988, the band has sold over 11 million records worldwide, mainly in Asia, and in addition, another 6 million or more paid downloads for their single "Take Me To Your Heart" which was awarded "Most downloaded single of the year 2006".

Only a fool says it is  the most download single of the year 2011. But "Michael learns to blog to tickle your fancy" was found desperate in the jungle city of Jakarta, Indonesia. People keep wondering why.up to now.

I'm afraid in the incoming month of Ramadan "he" will join the beggars thronging the street and sing a song, I'm not an actor I'm not a star and I dont' even have my own car ...

What? Right or wrong is my country? What is that supposed to mean, politicians?

Hm .... It's weird ...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Justin Bieber speaks Indonesian?

Remember Justin Bieber's concert in Indonesia, April 23 2011?

He sang in English. he danced like an Englishman and the way he thought referred to English-speaking community. But suddenly he spoke bahasa.

"Saya bisa berbahasa Indonesia" (I can speak Indonesian language)
"Ya, saya bisa berbahasa Indonesia."
"Siapa bilang saya tidak bisa berbahasa Indonesia?"
"Saya sungguh-sungguh bisa berbahasa Indonesia."
"Kalau saya tidak bisa berbahasa Indonesia, saya tidak akan mau berbahasa Indonesia."

(No need to google-translate them--the following phrases above are just the emphasizes)

Any question?

Ada pertanyaan?

Kenapa tiba-tiba Anda bisa berbicara bahasa Indonesia, Justin?

Why all of a sudden you are able to speak Indonesian language, Justin?

He might say, "I don't know, ask the crazy blogger."

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