Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Lost" Actor Matthew Fox Accused of Assaulting Woman In where?

Matthew Fox is accused of allegedly assaulting a 29-year-old woman in Cleveland, Ohio over the weekend, and this is not for children to know about it in the detail.

Without Robocop's interference, Cleveland Division of Police Public Information Officer, Melissa Dawson confirmed it was the Lost actor that was involved in the altercation, which occurred in the early morning hours of August 28, and was reported at 1:31 a.m.

She didn't say it was the Last actor that was involved in Robocop's project to save earth from Indonesian's corrupters.

Again, the detail about it not for toddlers to find out.

For short, according to the report, Fox then punched the victim, Heather Bormann “in the chest and stomach area.”

And Heather Boarmaan, didn't just keep quiet and ... Stop!

May the sounds of the punches between them be faded in the noise of kindergarten's kids. And let's listen ... My bonnie lies over the ocean ...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who is hotter, Johnny Depp or Matt Damon?

From Yahoo! Answer:  Who is hotter, Johnny Depp or Matt Damon?

1. Johnny Depp hands down.

Interesting thing is, Captain Jack Sparrow is considered to be an Ugly character but still Johnny Depp made women go mad for his role as Jack Sparrow.

2. Johnny Depp though Matt Damon has kept himself in good condition for a men his age. That's rare.

3. Omg who the hell cares?

4. (Could be more answers following above)

From Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy ...  Who is hotter, Johnny Depp or Matt Damon? Not sure, unless someboy will comment on this post.

"I think nothing different," a voice from this blog. "If only both would wear my 'clothes!'"

That's Robocop!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Anne Hathaway Responds to Catman or Catwoman Criticism?

No, the tittle should be, Anne Hathaway Responds to Catwoman Criticism,shouldn't it?

'Dark Knight Rises' actress realizes some may not like her look, but she never says if a man like Robocop is included.

While Robocop himself is not going to sell the first photo of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises" hit the Internet last Friday, Hathaway is not going to borrow Robocop helmet, either.

"I was not going to admit it," Hathaway began when probed with the question of her first reaction to the photo. "That I've already met some corrupters in Indonesia and asked them to stop committing sins."  Unfortunately the latter was not said by her. Some voice from the dark, may be ...

So, what are you not going to admit, dear? ... Ops, useless SMS message!

During the junket, the actress points her response to a noticeably uncomfortable MTV news reporter who was conducting the interview on press day for her upcoming film, "One Day."

But she doesn't  jump to the reporter and sucks his blood , that's not funny.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Newest Spider-man starred by Mr. who?

Spider-man will be back on screen. He will swing through and over the skyscrapers of the modern city. He will fight against criminals and crooks and when he is tired he will break his fasting even though it hasn't been sunset yet. Wait ..., Spider man is fasting in Ramadan month, come on ...

If Spider-man were a Muslim, it wouldn't be funny to see him praying in red and blue costume and using sarong in a mosque. Spider-man is a superhero who never wants his face to be seen around; therefore, for ablution before prayer, that's not recommended.

Forget it. So, who's behind the mask of the newest Spider-man on screen now? I tried to ask some kids around my neighborhood and their answered varied:

It could be Paijo, Supono or Tukijo!

Very funny, I'd better go to bed, for tomorrow I'll have to prepare my web..

Comedy writer for hire? Click here ...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tono wants to meet Britney Spears!

My friend Tono is longing to see Britney Spears. He would like to invite her to sing together with him and accompany him as well washing his clothes in the boarding house.

Unfortunately, they live million miles far apart over the continent. Tono lives in Jakarta and Britney Spears lives in .... Excuse me, where do you live dear?

One night Tono wanted me to contact Britney and I asked him in Bahasa Indonesia, "Kamu mau ngapain jumpa Britney, Ton?"

Tono replied in English, "Mr. Nurman, why should you speak bahasa? We should speak English here."

I said, "No, kita ini orang Indonesia, ngapain ngomong bahasa Inggris?"

Tono said, "Come on, Mr. Nurman, English is the international language, by the way, when will you take me there to meet Britney Spears?"

I didn't respond. I looked into his eyes. He turned pale.

Suddenly there's a knock at the door. "... Anybody home!"

"That must be Britney Spears," Tono exclaimed!

Tono was contented, but I was not.

You know what? As I rushed to the back door, I hummed to ease my mind in case those loan sharks might come back and threaten me, ".... where are you Britney? Kamu ada di mana, mbakyu? Tono is looking for you ....By the way, my I borrow your money?"

Ironically, these moneylenders who potentially harm people--and once nearly broke up my marriage life-- in most of rural areas of Indonesia, why should the government care about?

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

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