Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tickling Superman?

Maybe this crazy Superman or stressful one is looking for sensation. Just like us, he wants to cope with stress, too. And he has his own way that you have never imagined before. Find out ... just to tickle your fancy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tickling English

Are you a linguist? Test your skill here. Find what’s wrong with the following statements

Computations means simple aeronautics
Synonyms are words that have the same blessing
Negatives are negations of affirmative repayment
Comparatives are comparisons of two or more hustle
Conditionals are statements of compulsions and imagined results
Causals are statements of mouse of explosion
Chronological events are events that take time relationship to each mother
Place means the location where the conversation corrupted
Implied means suggested, but not cursed

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indonesia, wake up!

Tell those lazy people to be there with their big megaphone to utter their well thought and words into one and with zest to tickle everybody’s fancy. Don't just yell, "Say no to corruption!"

If you happen to hear this notification you’d better close your ear. And focus on the word ‘there’ as written above.  Don’t force yourself to join in a rally to protest government’s policies on various issues if you’re soft spoken, calm and forward looking. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might not follow it, because they live far, far away from this place. Besides, they have nothing to do with this.

These lazy people are busy with Twitter and Facebook. They may enjoy watching infotainment shows performing dangdut singers or rap singers in their break time. Don’t tell them about loan sharks, or bread or debt or zombies rising up to have plastic surgery.

Harry Potter’s magic may not appeal to them. Rick Perry is whom they know nothing about and comedy is not wroth written as part of shows. Who are those lazy people and where are they?

But, wait … “Who says I’m lazy,” says one of them in his deep sleep in the parliament.

Wake up Indonesia!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brad Pitt and bread and butter

Life is full of fantasy.

Take a look, once he stepped onstage for the unannounced appearance people were amazed.  Then when he ate his bread, people screamed. That’s Brad Pitt eating his bread on stage.

Next, He dug a shallow pit and left one fan there. People started to wonder what this is all about. Better wake up and forget about the entire tickling scene’s fantasy.

Acting is Brad Pitt’s bread and butter at the moment. How about you?

“Well, I myself like acting but when it comes to hiatus, I’d prefer to sleep here.”

The statement above is not uttered by an actor, off course. He might be someone who has a sense of humor. He can be a superhero, a fortuneteller, a blogger, an actor, an illustrator, a politician and even a loan shark.

Yes, life is full of fantasy, but, unfortunately it’s starting to be lack of social interaction now. If I write here the man saying the comment above was amazed and then he screamed as if Brad Pitt left him in a shallow pit, what would anybody care?

Everybody has become a smart phone addict, leaving you there alone in a shallow pit.

Rick Perry, a glimpse of

Rick Perry, US President candidate, have known this?

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry won't tickle your fancy here. He is not a comedian, nor a comedy writer for you to hire. If you think you know him, which one of the following fitting him as the one shot to spotlight recently.

  • He would get the US military involved in Mexico's war with Mike Tyson's style.
  • He is likely to upset the Mexican government by saying that all the politicians there having had a plastic surgery
  • He uttered a remark which appeared to be a new misstatement on how to post a tickling article about celebrities
  • He said, "The way we were able to stop corruption in Colombia was with fortuneteller's help.
If none of the above written are true telling about him, I'll like to sing Michael Jackson's song: You're not alone (to be tickled here)

Sorry Mr. President to-be, it's a joke, no offense, please ...

Turn 30 with Britney Spears?

Visitors of a tickling blog won’t say happy birthday to pop star Britney Spears because she is not in pigtails and knee socks anymore? What a tickling entry! This one might be catchy for those who plan to hire a comedy writer for their own writing project.

While the visitors here can’t deny that a former child performer, Spears shot to international fame with 1999 debut album, “Baby One More Time, you may want to sing that song while having problem with your baby’s diaper.

Britney Spears will turn 30. Britney Spears: I can't wait to turn 30. Britney Spears Excited About Turning 30. Britney Spears Says She's Excited to Turn 30. News spread rapidly on the Internet.

“I have a good group of people around me,” Britney said to the Associated Press regarding her comforting feeling to welcome her first thirties. She doesn’t have anything to prove that she is free from debt and having something to do with a loan shark.

“Loan shark communities were not in London with her to promote her UK gigs, which include tour in October at London’s 02 Arena,” her fan said to me.

“So where are those bastards who have stolen all of your belongings?” I asked him. Better skip this because we are not talking about Johnny Debt who never wants to borrow money from Johnny Depp. We are focusing on someone turning 30 and she happens to be one of the famous celebrities on earth.

And for all guys on earth turning 30 this year, please remember to sing a happy a birthday’s song even if you are in terrible debt. Instead of worrying about 2012’s predicted calamity, better listen to a different lyric of Michael Jackson’s song: You’re not alone!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Loan shark for hire

Loan shark for hire; it’s a comedy project. He or she is to write about a person or body that offers unsecured loans at illegally high interest rates to individuals, often enforcing repayment by blackmail or threats of violence.

Or he or she may also write about a person who lends money at excessively high rates of interest; usurer.

After the  project mentioned above  has been done. He or she may continue to write about a person or entity that charges borrowers interest above an established legal rate.Do you think this kind of person is a corrrupter?

Okay, writing is not enough. He or she may narrate this: Usury and money lending, usually at relatively high rates of interest. They typically offer short term loans to people who are not able to obtain credit through conventional means such as banks, credit unions, or other consumer finance companies. Nothing such as plastic surgery to be included here.

You bet, if all loan sharks all over the world turn down these projects, that’s fine. They won’t be included in the next big project with bigger money: Shark hunting!

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