Friday, January 27, 2012

Kate Moss

Kate Moss won't join twitter? Why? Because she is one of the most famous women in the world? See the name: Moss, it's close to famoss (famous). Lol. Off course, that's not true. No tickling thing there to tell the story about.

"No. I couldn't swim while I want to swim, because people kept twitting me and asking me to teach them English." Is this her statement?

No, here is the truth:

"No. I couldn't think of anything worse than people knowing what I'm doing all the time. I just don't understand it. I don't get it at all. Why would anybody want to know? I try to be the opposite, so people don't know anything that I'm doing. I don't want people to know anything!" she laughed in an interview with British newspaper The Times.

The 38-year-old star wishes she was anonymous from time to time. And to help her make it true, we need to support her, give her the media, maybe a special room for reflection or meditation and .... What?! This silly!

And we hope she was to be reborn to put down here as another tickling story. Lol.

"Why would anybody want to know? I try to be the opposite, so people don't know anything that I'm doing," remember, she said this--it's privacy; it's not Casper's statement.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tickle story?

It's weird. Can you tickle a story? Instead, a story will tickle you. But if you would give it a try, just do it.

Okay, first tickle the story of Obama: “We're looking forward to hearing from [President Obama] about what's ahead in the coming year. Our teams and new volunteers are opening up their offices and their homes to experience this moment in history together ..." There is nothing tickling here and written above is not a story. Hmm...

Or tickle the story of Katy Perry: You knew Katy Perry's Concert in Indonesia recently? Why didn't the promoters tell me about it? First, don't tickle Katy Perry's funny bone. She has nothing to do with it. "Are you sure that this singer and songwriter will perform at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor on January 19, 2012 as part of the California Dreams Tour and .... It doesn't laugh. The story cannot be tickled!

So, how to tickle a story? There's nothing that we can do. Just let the words tickle themselves. Each time they tickle each other, the comma will tickle the full stop, the full stop will tickle the paragraph and the paragraph will tickle the passage.

If this won't make a tickling story don't see me on the first page of google.

Watch my video who might tickle your fancy:

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tickle Indonesian leader, do you dare?

Is it a tickling story? Tickling article? Or whatever ... you may drop by to tickle or to be tickled..

Wanted: Indonesian leader!

Indonesia ahead needs a leader who is able to listen to people and understand the meaning of mandatory. If he is a Muslim not only must he believe there is hell and heaven before he steps forward for power, but he needs a cleric to make sure of it. He is supposed to frequently read or recite the Quran himself, especially when it comes to the ayah of hell torture for the mandatory traitor.

So, if you think you are the right person, please review the requirements below before you make decision

  • No image-building oriented
  • Not governed by the system, he controls it instead
  • No rhetorical statements over corruption but he himself is the corruption buster
  • No demand for standard facilities
  • No outsider’s interest and share
  • No discrimination of law, must be willing to be punished if he breaks his promise

And the last ...

  • No wonder that you WITHDRAW!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's Concert in Indonesia?

Why didn't the promoters tell me about it? First, don't tickle Katy Perry's funny bone. She has nothing to do with it. "Are you sure that this singer and songwriter will perform at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor on January 19, 2012 as part of the California Dreams Tour and then will visit me to share her tickling stories?"

Don't yell, "Come on ..."

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), better known by her stage name of Katy Perry, is not an amateur singer who sings melancholic song of dangdut--this kind of genre popular in Indonesia. Born in Santa Barbara, California, and raised by Christian pastor parents, Perry grew up listening to only gospel music and sang in her local church as a child. About this, she never told me in private due to continental long distance's problem.

She might have been in Jakarta by the time I'm writing this. Again, why didn't the promoters tell me about it? If they did, I would beg SOPA to stop their action to disturb our online activities, right? What is SOPA anyway? They are bad news for bloggers, artists and whoever having business on the Internet.

What do you think Mr. Promoter? Why do you think, Katy? What do you think Mr. Pirate? Whoops ....

Well, welcome to Indonesia, dear ...

SOPA, a tickling story?

We are not talking about SOPA as a protection against indecency. This is serious problem. No tickling nonsense. What is SOPA? The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a law (bill) of the United States proposed in 2011 to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods.

Here we are stressing on proposals which include barring advertising networks, not the ones referring to marital. But if you want to get married soon, better propose your spouse in a good manner, because who knows soon you'll get a maximum penalty of five years in prison initiated by SOPA.

That is because you don't know the meaning of barring search engines from linking to the sites. You become a newborn criminal and with you there are million people will follow.

User-content websites such as YouTube would be greatly affected, and concern has been expressed that they may be shut down if the bill becomes law. This means you can no longer become a couch potato, an artist a writer, and a copier.

Read more: Opponents state the legislation would enable law enforcement to remove an entire internet domain due to something posted on a single blog, arguing that an entire online community could be punished for the actions of a tiny minority. In a 1998 law, copyright owners are required to request the site to remove the infringing material within a certain amount of time. SOPA would bypass this "safe harbor" provision by placing the responsibility for detecting and policing infringement onto the site itself. (Wikipedia)

Good news, right? Maybe you have the same opinion as mine. How to tickle SOPA with tickling stories available on the internet, including the ones from this blog so that they may remember that the world is inhibited by human beings not robots or aliens.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

One shot, Tom Cruise and a tickling story

Tom Cruise has been in Pittsburgh, PA filming One Shot, based off the book of the same name by Lee Child, and we are here in Indonesia not going there to watch the movie making.

I don't think this is going to be a tickling story as Tom plays Jack Reacher, an ex-army cop who is found connected to a pyscho-killer. No, he doesn't play Jack Ondel-Ondel a dummy blogger who abandoned his blogs due to boredom. Here he starts investigating the case, but unfortunately it doesn't include corruption cases in Indonesia.

Fans of the novel have been up in line to see Tom, not to urge him to write the Indonesian president to combat corruption, but to ask an autograph, perhaps.

He has the extra hours to add muscles at the gym for the role, and along with special effects, the producers are excited to see how this pans out!

Corruptors here might be excited too to see this film planned to be released in 2013. By, the way, Mr. President, thank you for all of the remission and light sentences.


Arnold Schwarzenegger not to tickle his own story

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, have separated, putting themselves to the world's spotlight.

No tickling story, with Shriver moving out of their Brentwood mansion, Arnold must not show his muscle to her anymore. Whoops .. Is it true? Bodybuilding is great, but apart from this matter, off course, this statement is not to take seriously, especially by those having lack sense of humor.

Read my true story?
Shriver has been residing apart from the actor-turned-politician for the last few weeks but is not writing a tickling story about her marital failure. The couple confirmed the separation without anybody offering them money to put down their story to a blog, and about when that was, you may browse it on the Internet.

Meanwhile asking Mr. Schwarzenegger to read this tickling article is not recommended. Any compulsion will bring you nothing except only giving you a black eye.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tickling stories?

Here is a list of tickling stories that you may find silly, ridiculous or weird. They are part of entertainment and you are free to laugh or not.
There are stlll more. But unfortunatelly, it's getting late now.

Once you finish reading them, wash your hand and go to bed. Don't do the same mistakes again,okay? Don't wet your bed, don't ask your mom to put you in her lap and make her breastfeed you, you are an adult now.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tickling writing? Make Money!

Create more and more tickling writings and make money? Why not? What about? About an seo expert who cannot tickle Google search engine quite well? About celebrities who are learning to tickle everyone's fancy? Or about life with its serious rhyme? If you like writing, it is not recommended to write about corruption while a corruptor is there being with you and is treating you well. Kidding!

Nobody can write anything serious when they are being tickled while typing on the computer, can't they? Anyhow, who will do such a stupid thing? Just make money creating tickling writing! In other words, create unique contents, amusing one, spoof and the like.  In order to be able to write something unique, you don't need to go to Oxford University. Just visit this blog and you may wonder, "Mr. Nurman, is this blog a real tickling blog?" Lol. Forget about my narcissistic sense.

Instead, I'll recommend you a link that you can join to make money writing, not only writing tickling things as I do, but anything up to your interest. No jokes no lies--saved by the bell--I benefited from here after deciding using back my expired domain:, I almost gave up after 4 years blogging leaving me much distress and uncertainty. Just try it.

Anyway, if you do like writing and get inspired from this blog, I can only say thank you.Stay tune I hope I can write some more tickling ideas of how to make money online. If you have a sense of humor and you are fond of writing, I am sure you're such a happy person generating money with what you're up to..

But wait, before leaving me here alone you might like to be tickled by my other collections of silly writings which I assume they won't make money. Lol

1. How well do you know about Justin Bieber.
2. Arnold Swcharzenegger not to tickle his own story
3. King of Plop Missing!

No more words to say, keep writing and tickling the world with me, guys ...

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