Friday, November 30, 2012

Superman Gets Stressed, My Frst Flash Animation

Superman gets stressed
Weird Superman, he gets stressed! This is the first time I uploaded a unique animated video on YouTube. From blog walking activities, I just found out that I could convert the file into a better one, so that you guys can see it in HD quality. But I'm so lazy to do so as it takes quite a long time to upload it back to YouTube.

Is it just to kill my time to create this weird tickling animation? I did it in a day, spending the whole day of my leave, and I hope this Superman gets stressed video is going to be a good start for more sophisticated video such as explainers using flash or after effect in order to make good money. You, guys engaged in animated designs may get inspired. This work is not an extraordinary one, humbly I admit, anyway.

Superman is such an inspiration and there's much more to put to Internet to make money making animation. And this weird one, that he gets stressed it's not the point. You can get a lesson more than this even in a less-than-one minute video. It's not about right or wrong is my country: Indonesia.

That's all for today. I am looking forward to your comment, some critics and so on. Weird it's okay, but please don't get stressed like this Superman.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tickling link

What do you think of a link which connects you to anybody ready to tickle you? That's silly. Instead the contents led or initiated by the link should be tickling to attract visitors, right?

If you have products to sell probably you need some reviews to convince your costumers, don't you think? Use "the magic link" or  buy blog posts which will fancy them so that they can get into a real situatiion which is profitable.

If you need banner, that will help too. But again, we focus on the link and we need to be smart with the link. Otherwise, you will only waste your time tickled by your own fancy.

Well, that's all for today, ladies and gentlemen, keep tickling!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cameras to tickle your fancy

There's a hidden camera to catch corrupters, the camera which cannot be silent. It talks and talks and talks. Don't you believe me? It says, "say no to corruption!" Again and again.

There's also a spy camera to keep up with your activities in case you intend to misappropriate the fund of the company where you work at. The spy camera can sing. You think I'm kidding you? This is how the song goes, "You are not alone. I am here with you ..."

I believe none of the optional cameras above you are eager to take to make you a famous person. Instead you get rid of them or sell them in case you're broke What you need is a video camera, a conventional or the more sophisticated one. Okay, now give me all your hidden cameras, naughty boy! Or my mom will shoot you! Lol.

A camera is a useful tool which can make you famous if you wish. Today access to popularity is easy, right? Just broadcast yourself on you tube and soon you follow Justin Bieber's step to success. Isn't that too easy? Only if you are sure and have a strong will.

Well, videotaping everything is fun. Just buy a blackberry, I-phone, digital camera and so on, and you can go everywhere taking pictures of everything you like. Okay, wait, while you're taking a photograph, I'll check out if my hidden camera has already caught another corrupters here in my country, Indonesia.

What?! You set a camera in my bathroom? I'm 99 years old!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tickling weblog

Really want to get entertained? What are you trying to get from a tickling blog anyway? Pictures? Articles? Banners? Stories? Or sensual things like about a man tickling woman tied up in bed and tend to lead many to sexual fantasies? Everything is permissive. But if you care for your children's safety you need to find a tickling blog for all age. This blog should contain no nudity nor porn, except for the image of toddlers, that's how it makes tickling, right?

When browsing for the trends most searched on the Internet, you may not find some tickling blogs there to distract you from your desired seach. However, the trends themselves are inspiring for bloggers to "pack" them into some tickling things nice to read about.

Maybe it is not as what you expect that quite often you find a tickling blog which is so weird as you try to get the point seriously but later you get nothing but only distractions. But what is a tickling bog about anyway? What are you looking a serious tickling blog for? Why should you?

Tickle your fancy on the internet, find any tickling blogs you'd like to read. Be it about a man who has never seen a skyscraper the whole his life or about Cinderella longing to have a blackberry. See the way how humor is applied there, also find some tickling celebrities stories as the part of the objects most talked about if necessary. Enjoy any kinds of jokes by article writings or rewritings as what is considered tickling stories or something.

Celebrities, yes. Why celebrities? Of most of celebrities and public figures written as part of parody on a tickling blog, they are the most interesting ones to attract attention for gossips, don't you think?

Okay, say, a tickling story about Katy Perry doesn't appeal to you, and you want to read from tickling blog anything out of nonsense. But create your own tickling blog, I think that'll be good if you have talent.

No talent? Just say, with or without talent I can tickle your fancy if I wish. Tickling blog is here, anyway.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where to find some tickling images and stories

Looking for some tickling banners and stories? Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy is the definitive source for tickling images, tickling stories, tickling news, and tickling art, including ad banners and headers.

This blog is dedicated to anybody who like humor and know the meaning of tickle your fancy. Also to busy people who are doing something to beautify their website or blog, hopefully they will hire me for any kinds of projects related to tickling things.

Mr. Nurman's tickling stories are universally taken from the facts happening in real life which are enriched with ingredients and seasonings to make the 'soup' more tasty and yummy, this blog is also for anybody who get the point of wit. The 'baits' are celebrities and public figures.Don't have I the heart?

The tickling images are created more and more to support the dramatized scenarios, so that they make what are so called a unque story. And the ad banners posted here are of my trial to get rich in an easy way. That's only if you would like to hire me for a long term project and pay me US $1000 per banner. Lol.

Nobody can find such tickling writings like Obama's untold odd story or Harrison Ford pilgrimage to Mecca's silly story but here. This blog is not for anybody questioning why we need to tickle Mike Tyson or why Brad Pitt has to fight against Bread Pete and that at the end Brad needs to ead bread.

This blog is where you can find Clark Kent forgets his main duty to save people's life. If this sounds tickling I am flattered but if you regard this as silly, there is nothing to lose to learn to understand the meaning of tickle your fancy as a homework. Lol.

See more ad banner samples
Get some tickling banners and stories here. If you decide to have ones, again, you can hire me. Just browse on the Internet and type Mr. Nurman on Google search engine, and you can find: again ....

Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy is the trustful source for tickling images, tickling stories, tickling news, and tickling art, including ad banners and headers and is waiting for more and more projects. 

Still remember, right? This blog is not dedicated to anybody who can't smile at your happiness or get confused of the meaning of tickle your fancy. Not to busy people who envy others doing something to beautify their website or blog, either.

But ... this tickling blog maybe for sale someday.God knows!

What is a tickle your fancy blog?

Whether you consider this is a tickle your fancy blog or a silly one, there's nothing here to show people fighting against one another using their finger. What is a tickle your fancy blog anyway? Let's talk about this from a liberal point of view.

My blog title might show that this is a tickle your fancy blog. Yes, here is the place where you can even kid me, the writer of this blog if you wish. But of all the contents that I've written here, there's nothing to come up as witty comments as a follow-up. I must compete with any other bloggers out there to provide stories to tickle your fancy, if I really want to acknowledge this as a tickling your fancy blog.

For all tickling blog writers say to newcomers, "please don't make a tickle your fancy blog if you lack the requisite skills for the job." Sounds ridiculous?

To those having a good sense of humor, a tickle your fancy blog must be the one to amuse them. That is a simple definition. To politicians, as long as it doesn't expose their "blessed" conspiracies, this blog is save. The latter is biased or ... whatever you say. While to graphic designers, the blog needs to look beautiful with some unique and tickling banners, header or widgets.

Well, what is a tickle your fancy blog? The answer is easy: after you've found the meaning of tickle your fancy from the dictionary you put the word blog behind and you think.

Don't want to think? Just let yourself tickled.

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