Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why Whiteboard Animation Is Effective To Promote Your Products Online

Is whiteboard animation effective and powerful to promote your products on line! If so, How come?

It's quite popular on the Internet today. There are many samples on YouTube that you can search for. And find below my sample for you to consider to hire me if you think it's worth watching and having. Talking about whether it is effective or no to promote your product online with this platform, you may have option, choose original art drawing (custom) or just so so.

Whiteboard animation: Parody in lifeWhiteboard animation or scribing is another type of video explainer which is effective enough to improve business or promote your products on the Internet. People don't easily get bored as presentations show something interesting and animated rather than the detailed description of charts and words.

Why is promoting products through whiteboard animation effective? Wondering how?
  • Efficient and cheaper
You are cutting promotional or advertising budget. Instead of hiring an actor to create a commercial break like those you watch on TV or such like, this kind of animation is simple, effective and efficient
  •  Interesting and inspiring
When it comes to product, many people seem to be hesitant to watch a long boring presentation with chart or graphic or detail theories, they need something short, funny or fabulous. And what else to express it if not cartoon or animation

  • Fun and viral
Since it is visual and animated, off course, it's gonna be fun. People of all age like video. Rather than thinking seriously of such business promotion with glossy screen, they feel entertained. They may get a sheet of paper and put an idea there. The doodle might lead to the first answer to how effective it is to promote your products through this media. If you upload the video on YouTube such a thing might be viral, depending on how you make up your video. 
  • Natural and straight to the point
What was the first lesson you got at school? Whatever it was, there are whiteboards at school. It's a natural way of explaining things. Your teacher will put the idea there and now as a seller you become a teacher to explain why your product is worth having on a white screen which only hands shown, sped up and it's really unique. You just need to elaborate problems your market might have, provide solutions as best as you can and come up with solution as well as becoming the solution maker. It's just straight to point. At the end you just put call to action.
  • Turn your site into a real business
If now you call it a business with the website you have but if there's nothing to convince buyers, they will stay there on your homepage for less than 5 seconds only. But if there's something funny like a cartoon figure embedded in video which tickles visitors to click you really start a really business. There might not be a deal automatically but there might be call to action possibilities in case someone crazily needs your product. 

Watch the video below for you to get inspiration


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jakarta flood -- cartooned

Jakarta flood cartooned.

This is a satire, a depiction of such a condition of a regular disaster responded with apathetic manner Jakarta's devastated by the floods and for such a thing many people just take it easy.

Another version of this video clip: Banjir Jakarta (Animasi lucu). I completed as soon as I had arrived home from the train station, which cancelled its regular trip and served only halfway, due to the terrible flood.Then I decided to add an English subtitle to a similar video clip so that you can understand what the man is talking about here.

January 17th 2013 was a terrible situation we had here in Jakarta, Floods were everywhere blocking access to any vital destinations, and by the time I am writing this post, the evacuations are still being carried on. I hope everything will turn to get normal soon.

Pray for Jakarta, everyone..

Jakarta terrible flood

Jakarta flood at the end of the year 2012.

The following videos were taken with my blackberry on the way home on 22nd of December 2012. That's the first time I saw such a disaster which forced me to wade across the knee-dept water to reach the nearest train station about half kilometer from the location. And, to my disappointment, my trip home was disappointingly troubled by the fall of a tree to block the tracks somewhere up there on the overhead railways.

That's not final, anyway. The disaster went on and came to its peak on January 17th 2013 which forced me to go back home as transportation access anywhere was blocked by huge floods. By the time I'm writing this post, the process of evacuation is being carried on. Please pray for Jakarta, anyone.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tickling Stories in Videos

The following might be a reference for anybody looking for tickling stories which can be enjoyed visually. They come from various themes. You can find Photoshop drawing, Microsoft Paint or naughty Stickman. Stick around for more videos to come.

1. Tickling story blah blah blah animation. See how words don't have to mean anything but wit can mean something.

2. Tickling story in Photoshop. Keep quiet

3. Tickling Banner or tickling Stickman?

4. Tickling story: Family in Microsoft Paint, a simple one from b/w to color

Happy tickling, happy watching

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tickling story without words

What is a tickling story without words like? Check it out this video clip; you might get inspired creating your own video and animate yourself there.It is so contagious: An animated tickling story which sounds blah blah blah.

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