Saturday, September 28, 2013

Whiteboard Animation, Business Promotion : Hire A Freelancer

Hire a freelancer to promote your product! Start your campaign online and wait for your profit to run into your pocket. Try a whiteboard animation. It's fun, simple, unique, effective and cheaper.

Whiteboard Animation Hire FreelancerIt's what most people use today instead of using conventional presentation like PowerPoint and so on. If you hate thinking long about a boring presentation, static charts or diagram or bullets, you may try this media to get as much as costumers you want. This is my third video of the kind with narration. You can have your own, add a voice over or sync music with yours as you wish. You can hire me as a freelancer for your own whiteboard animation video here. Or you might discuss with me here.

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Working with me is fun: tell me the detail of your storyboard. Have me revised something you might not like from the frames and I'll give unlimited revisions. I am a freelancer with a lot of talent for you to hire. Explore and search this blog to check it out.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hire An Indonesian Voice Talent Here!

indonesian voice over
Nothing is so tickling when it comes to hire an Indonesian voice talent. But first, having business to be promoted orally? And southeast Asia is your target? Here is about how you can gain potential market in Indonesia. This is a country where the Internet users are one of the largest in the world.

Okay, no matter what media you use to promote your business, be it a video explainer or a whiteboard animation, it needs a voice over in order that your message be understood by Indonesians. You need a talent to read your script or storyboard.

Welcome people, you can hire me here to narrate your script, jingle or storyboard. Sure, not only can you hire me as an animator or artist, you can also count on me as an Indonesian voice talent. Mr. Nurman provides a lot of talent you might be interested in related to your project.

Humbly, I'll say I am just learning to tickle your fancy. But as an SEO expert as well, I think, it's more than that to spread one Indonesian voice over talent among so many of the like all over the world through my own blog. You like my typical voice, you can start hiring me immediately.

Salam sukses!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Whiteboard Animation: Do You Believe In God?

Whiteboard animation by Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancyDo you believe in God? This whiteboard animation was created for fun. You don't have to think hard to know the whereabouts of God, to see or feel Him. It's not about, "hey you must find the way to believe in Him." It's only an invitation to think and reflect. No big deal.

The illustration in this video is a sort of trivial for you who might have high mobility in life and adore science and logic much. But to try to search something beyond compare and the Most Powerful is a worth try. It's a  doodle only, an animation in whiteboard called do you believe in God? More of it you can have it your own, say like if you want to promote product, ideas, advertisement you can you see this media. Surely you have come to the right place to hire an animator.

This is one of the most effective media for online business, presentation or sales. The whiteboard animation is fun and easy to understand rather than any conventional media. Skip this do you believe in God and think about your own idea to be animated. It needs being tickled or no, I'll do my best for you.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Tickling Story?

tickling story
It's not about you guys having been distracted on the Internet and then this is called a tickling story. You get puzzled and in the end you just spend a lot of time playing Hang Man there. It's not funny at all.

It's about a flock of gold fish which cannot talk but can sing. How come? That's simple. You draw and move them with Flash Macromedia and then do the voice over. Is it a good idea? No, that's not a tickling story. It's something which will irk any hillbillies around the world who know nothing about the Internet. It's a skill the expert, the webmaster, bloggers or artists can do, not all people can.

So, welcome to the global era. Now listen to the rhythm of the fish when they're creating a tickling story on their own. It's not: Once upon a time a man was fishing in the river but no fish would come to approach the bait. It's blah blah blah .... Meaning wait and see. Then ... blah blah blah blah blah blah ... Meaning, See, I'm making fun of you.

What happens next? A mermaid will show up? A barbie? Not really. just wondering how to end such a terrible writing like this, something that comes up as spontaneous and without any certain point. Surely it's not enough to be called a tickling story. But just want to make sure if I can grab the attention of the world by presenting fish here to drive traffic to this blog. Well just wait and see.

Or I wonder if you like to read some tickling stories of celebrities here..

Tickling Moment?

Whatever you say, this picture doesn't say: I know what you did last summer. But it might say so, depending on how you perceive it. If you think the man face covered is mean, he can be a killer as well. You ask for that! No, far away from that; it's not a series of a thriller. It's a tickling moment that everybody can have anytime they want. And the man hiding his face, is he sadistic? No way, he does that that's because he can't stand the air conditioner there in an office room.

Beware, you can get absorbed. It's a tickling moment that you can get into a deep sleep and soon you forget where you are. It's a lovely music you share with a friend. You might forget you're having an appointment with your client, or about to see your boss. Surely, you are trapped in this ridiculous situation.

Ridiculous? It's something more than a tickling moment. It's when you get fed up with your routine and feel like doing something silly, right?

Well, not recommended to do this at home, sharing earphones at your idle time. It's not funny, especially when you're broke. To kill time? Well, this is a weird tickling moment bored employees would like to do at work.

A glance, that's horrible!

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