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Best Apps For Your IPhone: The Top 10

By Suraj Singh Bhui

Apple gives iPhone users some of the best applications ever! iPhone users can avail of applications for everything from file-managers to smart calendars to some great games. You can choose from hoards of amazing applications, most of which are free!

This list contains what we think are the best apps in India for your iPhone.

1. PhotoSynth

The panorama application as fun as it is easy to use. It is especially fun watching the panoramas take shape while you capture them. This application from Microsoft for your iPhone will surely gives you the best deal for the price.

2. Facebook

Explore and experience the best social networking in the world on your iPhone shine in all its glory. The latest Facebook app comes new inbox features and a sense of focus that makes the iPhone in many ways superior to using the app on a desktop browser.

3. LinkedIn Pulse

Linkedin plus is one of the best applications for the best mobile phones. It is customized to give you a great news reading experiences, and let you share stories to your favourite social networks and explore compelling professional content.

4. National Rail Inquiries

For a frequent traveler, the National Rail inquiries app is a lifesaver. After the discontinuation of the original, free third-party National Railapp, the National Rail brought out its own free application. The application lets you check live train times, get notifications of delays and also helps you plan your journeys.

5. Skype

If you thought Facetime was big, Skype is magnanimous. Skype on the iPhone is user friendly as the interface is very simple and usable. It enables anyone with a Skype account to make free calls to other Skype users. Users can also make cheap calls to anyone, anywhere in the world.

6. Movies by Flixter

This application is especially a delight for movie buffs. The app provides a cinema listing of the latest releases. When you select a movie, it detects where you are located at that point and tell you the most suitable theater and the most suitable time to watch that movie.

7. Thomson Reuters News Pro

Keeping up-to-date has never been so easy before. Reuters News Pro will give you the latest and the best on your iPhone. Furthermore, the preferences options enable you to access news, pictures, videos and stock market coverage.

8. Run Keeper

Run Keeper is your Nike+ but better and for free! With iPhones GPS capabilities, you can keep a tab on your jogging and cycling routes; see details of your pace and check the calories burned. You can also go ahead and share all you did, online.

9. Drop box

Dropbox makes transferring content between your computer and your device, child`s play. All you need to do is choose a file; sync in a folder and onto your drop box. This will enable you to access it anytime, anywhere.

10. Tone Pad

You can now start your own band in the comfort of your home. Tone Pad features a whole lot of sound samples and banks, letting you create songs! With this application, you are offered virtual pianos and guitars and other instruments all in one app.

It is hard to choose the best applications from the zillions of options available in the market. However, we have chosen these on the basis of their utility, looks and user friendliness.

Through the years, iPhone have come to know for their support and compatibility for the most useful, exciting apps. From these we have chosen what we believe are the best in fields of travel, news, photography, social networking, productivity and more.

Suraj is a tech geek, always on the move to know something more about gadgets that re-innovate the world, gadget and gizmos crazy.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Personal Injury - Get the Money You Deserve

personal injury
Contributed by Sally Smith

If you believe you have a legitimate personal injury case, you may need to consult the services of a lawyer. We will give you advice on how to negotiate with your insurance company, advise you on how much your case may be, and ultimately teach you how you can determine legal liability.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you have experienced the following, you may need to consult a law firm:

• An accident that significantly affects your functional day to day capabilities over a year or even permanently.

• An event that results in an altered appearance over a year or permanently.

• A severe injury that leads to a large sum of medical bills.

• Suffering an illness or injury due to medical malpractice. This includes: incompetent, unprofessional, or careless treatment by a medical professional.

• An insurance company refusing to pay.

If you are currently experiencing some of the following situations, you may want to consult the guidance of a law firm.

How Do I Negotiate with My Insurance Company?

You may be in a situation where you have sent your demand letter to the insurance company. After this process, you will enter a series of phone calls with an insurance adjuster. During this time, there will be a conversation about different points of the claims. After this episode is completed, you will probably be offered a lower number then what you asked for in your demand letter, therefore you will have to demand a higher amount.

It is recommended that you do not jump at the very first offer. You may want to deduct a slight amount off your initial demand just to show that you are reasonable. You should have an amount after approximately 2 or 3 insurance calls. After you and the insurance adjustor have come to an agreement – it’s time to put the settlement into writing.

In the final agreement letter, you want to keep it extremely short, only mentioning the amount in which you settled, the date by which you expect to receive the settlement, and the overall damages that are being covered by the settlement.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Before you negotiate your claim, it is important to figure out how much your case is really worth. It really comes down to your total amount of “damages”. While monetary damages are included in the figure, there are other things such as physical, mental, and psychological damage as well.

You may receive compensation for income that you lost due to an injury. Other compensatory damages include: property loss as a result of someone else’s negligence, emotional distress because of the psychological impact of an injury, and much more.

At the end of the day, if you do believe you have a legitimate personal injury case, we do recommend that you seek the consultation of a law firm. Also, it is important to note that most states expect you to take action following an injury. This includes seeking medical attention or the help of a psychologist.

Social Media And You - How To Improve Your Communication

By Mary Miller

Within this article you will see how social media networks are detrimental to communication and how social media may be used to both approach a decent level of communication and how to further improve your communication with social media.

Be aware that social media does not improve your communication

Social media networks are great for increased communication, but are terrible for improving communication. For example, Facebook has broken up more marriages than the invention and use of the paternity test. Is it because Facebook brings out the worst in your spouse? No, it’s because communication on social media is so wildly open to interpretation that people can make innocent comments appear horrible in nature and intent.

You need to go above and beyond to improve your communication on social media

How you improve your social media communication is to first recognize that you need to improve your communication. It is to understand that even now there are people misinterpreting your posts and your comments. You do not have to feel so bad about it because social media is not the only place this happens. Any article writing professional will tell you that his or her work has fallen in to the hands of people who have warped it and become angry at it.

A picture says a thousand words - except a picture of some text

social media, how to improve your communication
They say a picture says a thousand words because of how we interpret it. During an essay review of a history paper, a student may say that a picture showing the invasion of the Nazi shows the local populace being quite happy about it. You could see the picture and notice the many people at the back of the crowd who are not so happy.
Both you and the essay student are correct, it is just that you are both interpreting the picture a little differently. In an ideal world you need to lower interpretation so that your message is the one that is most likely to shine through.

Lowering the amount of interpretation

The bad news is that you have to turn in to a sideshow lawyer and cover as many bases as you can with your text. Here are three sentences that all mean the same thing, and how they may be interpreted:

1 - We worked hard to get every parcel out on time.

2 - Our staff worked hard to ensure parcels were delivered on time.

3 - Our staff made sure every order was posted on time
The first two lines are similar, but social media commenters are going to say:

“Who're we?”

“Get every parcel out of what”

“Why do they have to work so hard just to do their job?”

“I didn't get my parcel on time”

With the third line it is less open to interpretation, and even if people say that they didn’t get their parcel on time, you can reply saying that it was “posted.”

Set up a counter response

Just like with line three on the example above, you have a counter response that is plausible, and that is that the item was “posted.” The other lines (especially line two) imply that the parcels were “delivered” which you cannot come back against if people claim it to be untrue. Think ahead about possible responses to other user comments and cover your bases.

Learn from experience

You are going to write things on social media that get other people angry and that you cannot defend and you will suffer a PR hit. You need to learn from experience so that you know the difference between saying something was “posted” and something was “delivered.”

Counter attack is not the right course

You need to learn from experience and write posts and comments that are less open to attack in the future. Do not go on the counter attack or lower yourself to the level of the people commenting. Do not apologize either, just handle it with tact and care and learn better for next time.

The article was contributed by Mary Miller. Mary is a student and article writing expert. She’s passionate about writing, education and traveling. She has recently started her online tutoring career and wants to share social media tips with other teachers.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Is Horse Riding Fun or Hard? Ask The Expert!

To some, horse riding is so much fun! Some other think it is hard. It is more than playing the piano. But don't say that to an obsessed pianist who dreams of rising to stardom. He will kick your ass! If you just got so fed up with it all of your hobbies, try to take to it.

is horse riding fun or hard
That's what friends are for
You get the chance to create a bond with an animal and there's so much fun involved. Get ready to have your own horse and ask it about man riding, is that fun? Sure it is not. It is hard! We're not talking about how to copy Tom and Jerry to amuse those coach potatoes.

Regarding this you may get acquainted with Tom Jackson Tom is one of the country’s most talented young event riders, having represented Great Britain at the European Championships on the Young Rider team, winning a Silver medal in 2013 and previously on the Junior team, securing a Gold medal in 2011. 

Whether you already own a horse or are new to eventing and want to become involved, Tom would love to welcome you to his team. Each horse gets individual training directly with Tom and first class care and attention in his small and friendly yard where the horses and owners are of the utmost importance.

Never hold too tight of reins this will make the horse want to rear up. Well, this is not my suggestion as I myself have no idea about horse riding. Whether it is fun or hard! The fun thing is that you can make friend with this tough animal and won't let your horse be in pain and will want you off of it and that saddle! Before saddling make sure you brush the dirt and everything else off of it. Well Tom knows better about it.

Oh remember, please don't do such stupid things when you really want to ride along the country. Like when you think it is as sacred as a cow in India or wish someday it would share story with you orally. By the way, are you seeking a new horse at 2* level or above to compete this coming season? Well, if you have already become the master, surely, that's what you would do, wouldn't you? Nothing seems to be hard at all.

Is horse riding fun or hard? If you cannot play the piano and cannot outdo Stevie Wonder, I think it is. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Publicity Ideas That Work For Local Restaurants

Posted By Guest Blogger Ramya Raju

As a restaurant owner or manager you can look beyond mass media advertising to boost your revenue and business. You have to remember that it’s as important to bring in new customers as it is to get more revenue from your existing ones. They have to become your repeat customers, bring their loved ones with them the next time they are over and drum up some word of mouth publicity for the food you serve and your restaurant in general.

If you are looking to strengthen the bond with your existing customers and bring in new ones then there are some restaurant marketing strategies that you can look into.

Publicity Moves

They will definitely help you attract eyeballs but you have to go beyond the regular events to get desired amount of publicity. In today’s times it’s important to think big and out of the box, while you come up with ideas that gel with your restaurant and get you a lot of exposure. The problem with local events is that they don’t even get a mention in local papers, forget National ones. That’s the reason, a well thought out publicity move is considered to be invaluable in restaurant marketing; you won’t have to worry about getting National coverage anymore.

Social Gatherings: Online and Offline

It’s a good idea to get different social media groups to have a social event at your venue. Social-only discounts will be considered a good gesture at times like these. You should also remember to get their Facebook names and Twitter handles so that you can thank them and build connect. You can also keep them in the know in case you are hosting a special event or a holiday function.

Email marketing has an edge over direct mail marketing because it’s faster, more efficient, cuts down your costs and helps you save paper too.

Public Relations

Having a strong Public and Media relations program is worth its weight in gold because it boosts your restaurant’s image. It’s also important that you keep creating newsworthy stories so that your restaurant gets talked about. Your hiring a new chef might be big news for you but you will have to think of other angles to make saleable stories that will attract attention.

You can take stock of marketing and advertising budget for your restaurant over the last three years and compare it against the money you have spent on public relations. It’s said that 15 to 30 per cent of your budget should go towards public relations. It can also be used in tandem with social Media Marketing to have a bigger impact.

Sampling of your food

At the end of the day it’s the food served at your restaurant that can be the deal breaker for your customers. Hence it’s a good idea to think of ways to get your food graded by potential customers. Remember every public event is an opportunity for you to offer samples of your product to your target customers. Make sure you have a couple of noteworthy items from the menu and dispatch them with your best team members to an event where it’s possible to reach out to your potential customers.

Bounce Backs

It’s an option that surprisingly many restaurant owners don’t make the most out of. It has served as a masterstroke for many because it can bring in more revenue than traditional advertising. To employ this strategy you have to give your customers incentives on popular services at the time of purchase. The incentives can then be used on other occasions when you might be struggling to add revenue. In case you are finding it hard to get customers for dinner, you can give bounce back certificates only for evening hours.

Similarly several offers can be tried and you can keep testing the results you are getting out of them. It will help you narrow down on offers that will bring in a larger clientele. From a direct discount to time or product specific, free item with purchase, you have several options you can explore.

Ramya Raju is a freelance writer/web designer from India. He writes on varied topics like travel, photography, English Courses, SEO, Web Design, Mobile, Marketing etc..He has an experience of about 8 years in content writing and has worked for top blogs and websites. He is generally an extrovert; He likes photography, anthropology and traveling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants to do travelogues.

Moving To Australia: What Indonesian Immigrants Need To Know

Posted by guest blogger Sally Smith

funny kangaroo

Indonesians emigrating to Australia will be quite glad to learn that there are many ways to make your transition smoother than you ever thought possible. Australia and Indonesia have had a long and successful trade relationship that is still going strong today. Due to this relationship, quite a few Indonesian families and individuals living in Australia have moved there successfully and permanently in recent years. If you are getting ready to make the move, it may seem a little overwhelming and you might not know just where to begin. It will be helpful for you to consult a professional migration consultant or migration lawyer who can help you take the necessary steps to become an Australian citizen or temporary visitor on visa.

Australia has provided much economic aid to Indonesia for a number of decades and getting a visa is a fairly standard process nowadays. You will first need to apply via the Australia Embassy or Department of Immigration, both of which can be accessed online from the comfort of your home. There are several different types of visas to choose from - if you are sponsored to move by a major company or place of business, a work visa may be the right one for you. If you are going to marry someone in Australia, a marriage visa could be the best option. There are also temporary holiday visas and special visas for Superyacht workers as well. Once you have applied either in person or online, you can be approved within a few weeks or months depending on type and the length of your move or stay.

Once you have a visa ready to go, you might be wondering what the best places to work and live are. Cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, and New South Wales are just a few of the most popular metropolitan destinations for immigrants and other new Australian residents. There are condos, apartments, small homes, and larger ones - as well as hostels and hotels for international travelers. Realtors can help you find something within your ideal budget. Some of the most popular Indonesian-held jobs in Australia are teaching, translating, online customer service and trading, and work at the Australian-Indonesian center. Because mining and drilling are such booming industries in Indonesia, you may find luck in these careers as well. If you have a college degree in Chemical or Electrical Engineering, there could be openings for you in this type of field. The best way to begin searching for jobs in online before you move. Try to develop a relationship with some potential employers by explaining to them that you will soon be transitioning to Australia and are interested in potentially working with them.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kid Friendly Restaurants in London

By Alice Jerusha

London, England is one of the most popular cities in the world when it comes to the sights, history, entertainment and especially the food! With such a large range of different cultures and tastes all combined into one area it's difficult to choose a favourite. If you are in search for a location the entire family can enjoy, here are a few well rated kid friendly restaurants in London.

-Planet Hollywood-

Located on Haymarket, come see all the fun décor straight from the sets of your favorite movies! Offering a wide variety of foods with American favorites such as hamburgers, chicken wings and even Italian and Asian cuisine. This restaurant also offers children's favorite dishes from their own kid menu. Past visitors express how the atmosphere is fun and enjoyable as well as how friendly and professional the staffs are. There is usually music playing in the background, so most often any commotion from little ones is unnoticed since there is an excitement and buzz throughout the entire restaurant.

Stop learning to tickle your fancy--just for a while,
friend of mine, Alice, invites your kids to London
Have fun!

Situated on Blandford Street this franchise welcomes you with the fun and playful décor of giraffes as soon as you come through the door. This is a good location to visit if you are like most families and looking for a place that fits your budget. This inexpensive menu offers meals throughout the day including Mexican, breakfast items, ribs, burgers, chicken, and desserts. Those that have visited this location express how much they enjoy the 'built for children' atmosphere along with the excellent quality of the food. Staffs are noted to be very friendly and are not bothered in the least by energetic children.

-Pizza Express-

This cozy pizzeria on Baker Street has a warm décor of natural colors that invites you to take a seat. Offering salads, pasta and your favorite assortment of toppings for a pizza, this inexpensive location is a real crowd pleaser. Four out of five guests say that they had a great experience and would return again.


With three destinations in the heart of London, these convenient fast food locations serve breakfast, hamburgers, chicken, French fries, fish or egg sandwiches, and milk-shakes at affordable prices. With a menu of food kids often ask for, families are sure to enjoy this restaurant.

-Rainforest Café-

Upon entering you feel as if you've gained passage into a different world. Stationed on Shaftesbury Avenue, this tropical restaurant introduces you to special encounters through sound effects by well-known rainforest animals. Guests enjoy waterfalls along with periodic thunder and lightning accompanied with rain showers. The menu caters to individual tastes, along with offering many dishes that are for vegetarian diners. Children from all ages enjoy the ambiance this hideaway has to offer.

Most restaurants offer reservations. If available, this is recommended so you can ensure efficient seating for your family. Various locations now offer this through their websites as well. If you are visiting out of the UK and wish to have your own transportation, it is advisable to obtain an online driving licence. Be sure to research the countries requirements before your stay.

Whether you are in search of an inexpensive and quick meal or if you are looking for a more elegant dining experience, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for while visiting London that best suits everyone in your family.

Author’s BIO:  Alice Jerusha writes on various topics ranging from health related articles to travel and automotive articles. Right now, she's working on articles related to online driving licence.

Tips for Increasing the Security of Any Blog

By Sally Smith

No tickle your fancy writing today, here are tips for increasing the security of your blog,
guest post by Sally Smith
Blogs are popular and accessible. They are used for everything today from personal expression to e-commerce. Unfortunately, blogs do present some security risks. Determined hackers could vandalize the site, steal information or even attempt identity theft. Several tips will help to increase the security of any blog online.

Install Updates Immediately

One of the single most effective ways to protect a blog is to install updates immediately as they become available. Updates are released because security gaps or technical problems were detected. The update will protect the blog from known types of attacks. Skipping software updates or ignoring them completely will leave the blog increasingly vulnerable as time goes on.

Go Through All Platform Settings

Blogging platforms sometimes have a very large number of settings dealing with development, appearance and end-users. Some of these features can compromise data security if they are activated. It is important to go through all platform settings to make sure the blog is secure. There are remote editing options that can give hackers access to the site. It is also a good idea to reduce the number of failed logins that are allowed so brute-force tactics to find a password will not work.

Be Careful When Choosing Themes

Themes are available for most blogging platforms today. Although themes are convenient, they can also create a major security hole in the website. A hacker could release a free theme that contains exploitable code. Bloggers need to closely examine themes before installation. It is usually best to stick with themes that have been officially released or approved by the developer.

Archive Sensitive Documents and Information

Sensitive documents and information on the network with the blog must be protected. Traditional platforms will give a hacker access to all files just by breaching the security of the larger network or account. An electronic archival and retrieval system protects individual documents. These systems increase data security by making it difficult or impossible to access protected documents even if a hacker penetrates the network.

Hide or Obfuscate Usernames If Possible

Defeating the security of a blog is much easier if a hacker knows the main login or account username. Bloggers should try to hide this name if possible. The name chosen should not be easy to guess. It should not be left as a default name like admin. Any automatically generated author information should be changed or removed so that hackers cannot easily find usernames. These actions will strength blog security.

Protect Blog Content

An electronic archival and retrieval system will protect documents and files on the network. Another part of data security that must be addressed is content theft. Bloggers must take the time to add copyright information and disclaimers to every page prohibiting visitors from stealing written content. There are even plugins available that will disable the copy and paste functionality on the website.

Perform Daily or Weekly Backups

Part of security involves planning for the worst. Bloggers should backup everything on a regular basis. Backups are useful if a malicious hacker gets into the site and then destroys or vandalizes the content. Backups make it possible to restore the blog quickly. It helps to choose a hosting provider that performs daily or weekly backups automatically.

Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Tickling Reasons Why Alabama Is Not An Interesting State To Visit

Don't you think Alabama, a state located in the southeastern region of the United States, bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, is an interesting state to visit?

If you don't agree with this you should be able to put it honestly, that the reason to say it is uninteresting is probably because you haven't come to your senses due to much drinking. Off course Alabama is fabulous. With Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west, you can go to any great places through some real journeys to nature .

alabama funny pictureIt is not recommended to visit if you think Alabama is nothing but only a stretch of remote area. If you blindly agree it is not the 30th-most extensive and the 23rd-most populous of the 50 United States, but instead it's only a volcano which would like to throw out to harm you, then wake up, get rid of your hallucination.

At 1,300 miles (2,100 km), Alabama has one of the longest navigable inland waterways in the nation.

What do you think about that? If you are looking for Piranhas in the waterways, that's a stupid idea. I believe, you are literal and your geography teacher should not be humiliated by you.

So why is Alabama not an interesting state to visit in America?


1. You are broke and you reside outside the USA. You can't even tell what the USA stand for

2. You are rich but suffering parkinson disease. Instead of thinking of having fun outdoors you are distressed troubled by your condition now.

3. You have been long in a rescue team and are longing for free invitation from Obama only to visit Alabama. Otherwise nothing is so interesting to spend money for a journey

4. You were born in Alabama but grew up in Manila. Your ancestors lived in Mumbai and your parents hate it if you start liking Alabama because they have debt history there.

5. You know Alabama, you were born and grew up there, but the whole of your life you hate the state. It's not interesting at all. You hate it much for tomorrow you'll face the firing squad. What did you do last summer, anyway?

Just learn to tickle your fancy!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Dream Come True

The following is not an article to tickle your fancy as I usually write here on this blog. Here are 5 realistic ways to make your dream come true. The tips are based on my own life experience and now I would like share with you here.

Everyone of us would like to make an achievement in life and we are aware it's not an overnight effort. It takes time and through hard work and perseverance to make our dream come true. All in all, before doing everything suggested here, let's start a prayer. This is a greater power than everything.

And the most important thing is that whatever you want to be, just keep in mind, it should be realistic and not beyond reach--you know better of your standard, though. If you want to be a President and that what you call as up to standard, just go ahead. Making a dream come true should not include make yourself a daydreamer, instead. So, keep the strong will.

Okay let's get started now. How to make your dream come true in a sensible way:

1. Fancy yourself as the one you are dreaming of

how to make your dream come true
As soon as you know where to go and what you want to be, make it happen in your illusion. I'm not teaching you how to daydream all day long. There's a space in the future that you can put here now by making it certain in the way you behave. This sort of thing called art, you should have a sense of art--a skill or special ability to be what you want to be before it comes into being. This will keep you in your path. Be consistent.

2. Have self-suggestion

Many great people applied this in life. I did it too, even though humbly I say, I am not one of those great people. What is self suggestion? The definition varies. Self suggestion is a system for self-improvement developed by Emile Coue which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. The other meaning, self suggestions are positive affirmations that influence your mind. They're powerful and they work. In simple words, you keep suggesting yourself that the day of success will be coming in your life.

3. Get rid of all hindrances

The barriers to making your dreams come true usually come from your surroundings who underestimate your effort. Get them out of your way and keep going on with your strong will. The biggest one, however, comes from your own self who turn out to get out of your path and be pessimistic instead. Conquer yourself first.

4. Keep improving your skill

Just like when you learn language, you need drilling practice, review and so on. Make it possible for you to apply it in the future for any purposes. Make experiment, trial, simulation and consider any possibilities which might happen later on.

5. Find the bridge to let you go 

Whatever you call it, be it channel, network or media, you must find your stage on where you can perform to show off your best performance in life. Thanks to the Internet, the way to make someone dream comes true is easier and more instant today.


It's just like a movie script you like to play with, you start all with a sketch, then a story board, rehearsal and so on--then as the director you yell on the go: cut! And you try again. Finally you'll see your movie there reflecting how to make your dream come true.

Have better ideas? Share here.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Blogger Helps You Tickle Your Fancy

Mr. Nurman helps you tickle your fancy. This blog should be renamed Mr. Nurman helps you find what you need online. Sure, what most people look for on the Internet, among other things, are some experts. They need anything to cope with problem, not to waste their time.

They might need something to get rid of their insomnia or some online loans to run their business and no nonsense. Here on this tickle your fancy blog, you might not find precisely what you're looking for. I am not an expert when it comes to curing your allergic problem or taking care of your puppies. I just like to provide ideas and draw some silly images along with it in a jippy or get one from my picassa album. A man of desire and love the words: if at first you don't succeed, try and try and try again. But now, one of the ideas that I'll promote to you is I will help you manage your product. This post surely is meant for advertisers or business people who need blogger help. You'll have your fancy tickled by me. Is that a silly idea? Not really.

blogger help youI need money, you need money, the concept of mutuality will improve each of our life. For short, let me kill my time to optimize your business, especially if you can respect a 4 year blogging effort with ups-and-downs mood and who is improving his 4 to 10 blogs out of 100, the latter created in the past one year (including those the abandoned and those with fewer posts) The concept here: A blogger will help you, not only to tickle your fancy, but also to help you cope with insomnia. Why is business so slow?

I can write, draw, make whiteboard animations, edit video, do the voice over and more--thanks God born talented. But that's all too much now to make stable income. I must skip the ideas of tickling your fancy through this blog for now and focus only on writing. The idea of blogger helps you is simple, you set your target, you match it with my network and give me an assignment.

If so far you just learn Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy as a standalone blog, now I give you access to some other PR 2 of mine here and hopefully as I stated above, not only those will tickle your fancy but also help you find some inspiration to improve your slow business. Visit blogger helps you here to learn more

Thank you for visiting.

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

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