Friday, February 28, 2014

Tim Wilson Died Without Laughter. Really?

tim wilson
After 30 years of his entertaining career, Tim Wilson died without laughter. You guys enjoying standup comedy must know who this guy is. He is the one who is very good at country-style comedy. Wilson died Wednesday night of a heart attack. He was 52 years old.

He was the best known for his appearances on the syndicated, Indianapolis-based “Bob and Tom” morning radio show. Having been an entertainer for about 30 years, he released more than a dozen comedy albums Chris Dipetta, confirmed the comedian’s death on Twitter, Indiana television station WTHR reported.

Now, why did Tim Wilson die without laughter? This question is meant especially for any standup comedians all around the world if you think you're witty. But if you think this is just wasting your time, you may skip this article, but remember:
    1. When you die you cannot resurrect and create a script to amuse people telling about your hereafter journey. You cannot tell about how a country-style comedy appeals to specific audience. You cannot admit to having been a standup comedian for around 30 years. It's not the right time to outdo Tim Wilson. Let him rest in peace.
    2. If you believe in ghosts, ghosts won't believe in you. If you steal their story for your tonight standup comedy performance, they might appear there not on stage annoying you, but as part of the audience who boo you.
    3. What is funny to you, maybe it's funny only for your audience. It's not funny if you ask them to pretend to die when you perform. Why? Because you forget your script!
      Tim Wilson was a great comedian, never ever stand up on the street to parody him. That's not the right way to die when you're broken hearted.

      Thursday, February 20, 2014

      SEO Tricks

      Are you going to create your own website, but you don't know how to optimize it well? In this case the given post is the thing you need. My tips suit both to beginners and experts. I will try to help you in SEO optimization, avoiding rude mistakes, which users often make. Let’s consider the most important moments in this field.

      1.Real visitors. As you know, Google tracks user’s activity more and more attentively. In order to convince it that your site is appropriate and actual one, you need to attract as many readers as it is possible. That is why pay a special attention to this important detail.

      2. Meta description and title tags are the integral parts of the process. The title shouldn’t be big, not more than 60 characters. There is no any sense to make it volume, because in search the part of it won’t be shown. As for meta description, use not more than 160 characters for the same reason. The short and pithy one is the best variant.

      3. Both title and description must be attractive for readers. It is known, that very often they choose the most interesting title among the first three results and don’t wish to look further. So your task is not only to appeal the attention, but to get into the first ranks as well. Don’t forget to use keywords in title and description, but don’t put in more than two of them. Don’t use similarities, because the Google spider will notice it at once. It is prohibited. Believe me: your success doesn’t depend on the quantity of keywords, as many SEO guys think.

      4. Follow the title structure. The brand name follows only after page title, not vice versa. Such order has a good effect.

      5. Add alt tags to the images, using primary keyword in one tag and secondary ones in the other tags. Alt tags must be appropriate and descriptive to the images. They have to explain the picture. It is worth doing, because very often users move to your website through these images, and if even one word is no actual, it can bring you to failure. 4-5 words are enough for one tag.

      6. Headings need include the main words, which reflect the whole content. The primary keyword is put in the first heading, the secondary one is in the other heading.

      7. The usage of keywords should be about 3-8%. The constant repetition of them won’t help you, but it can only aggravate the situation. It can become annoying for readers. Follow the balance.

      8. Interlinking is a good method to deserve spider’s belief. It helps readers to travel through your website easily, to see all your web pages at once. It links all pages.

      9. Create a sitemap for the same purpose, as the interlinking is for. It lets people to observe all your pages according to the pages’ URLs. Also it shows your updates and value of each page. Not all spiders believe it, but anyway put in the sitemap only true information. You will gain a good reputation.

      10. External links are necessary as well. They serve as links to other websites. It increases the quality of your site. But these other sites should be with a similar topic, authority and good reputation. Don’t link to your own websites. It is usually punished by spiders.

      11. Pay attention to the SEO URLs. Put the primary keyword in it. Users like it. And if you have a chance, use it in your domain name as well. You will become much more competitive at once.

      12. Make a quality content. Check spelling, grammar before edition. Insert pictures, interesting facts, some additional functions. Use not less than 500 characters for one page.

      13. If you don’t wish your web pages become dead-end at last, redirect all from this page to the homepage or some categories.

      14. Update constantly your information, add, change it to leave it always actual.

      15. Be active internet user, read more information about such kind of business and success will find you!

      About the author: 

      Melisa Marzett is a professional writer, who has a rich writing experience in various areas. She has traveled the world a lot, and now she has a great store of impressions, emotions, and new knowledge to share with you. Her articles are extremely interesting; she has the skills of attracting the reader. In order to contact with her, you may visit her personal account Google+ or her company

      Tuesday, February 18, 2014

      10 Unique Articles To Help You Fall Asleep

      Need help to fall asleep right away? How about reading some tickling unique articles? Would this be a great way of taking you to a nice dream?

      What to do if you cannot sleep? First, never think about that situation. Relaxed and make sure you're going to have a good dream. There are many articles related to this on the Internet, and this unique one is, perhaps, worth recommended. If you need a help from an expert, the expert now is nothing more than the one to tickle your fancy.

      unique articles to tickle your fancySo insomnia is terrifying and it is the nightmare to you, instead. Regarding this, must you yell: "Help!"? Don't worry, if you're not suffering from it, you still can do a lot of things so that you can have a good sleep. Something unique here, if you happen to be a writer you can even get inspired to create an article like this for your site. Or copy my style to create a tickle your fancy blog. Lol.

      Don't say you're stuck, and you can't see the end of it. What to do if you cannot sleep should not become a worrying question everyone should ask before they go to bed and they keep in mind that they will be an insomniac soon.

      One of the weirdest things to do to get a quick sleep is counting the sheep. It makes you brain tired and ... No, forget that Mr. Bean's joke. If you offer this article to Rowan Atkinson, well, he might say, "come on, that's what you call unique? It's not my heyday anymore!"

      By the way, have you heard of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? It's ironic that an illness which makes you so tired can also cause you to stay awake. But we are not going to talk further about this which has a lot to do with your body clock being out-of sync with your body's natural rhythms and hormone levels, due to our natural need at this time for recovery and, therefore, more sleep than necessary.

      Better read these 10 funny or unique readings to help you fall asleep. These articles are only available at this tickle your fancy blog and its networks.

      1. Can Britney sleep after firing this stupid security?

      2. Can Tiger Woods play golf without golf stick?

      3. Can David Beckham play soccer in a swimming pool?

      4. Is hanging the nicest way of suicide?

      5. Before getting divorce visit Bali first? 

      6. Is Alabama a nice state to visit?

      7. Is there any unique article about spiritual?

      8. What James Bond should know about bond?

      9. Why we should love spam?

      10. Can you sleep with pretty monsters around you?

      Well, that's all about 10 unique articles to help you fall asleep. If you are still awake after reading all, get back here and get addicted to having yourself tickled here.What?!!!!

      Saturday, February 15, 2014

      Effective Ways for Eliminating Home-Invading Termites

      how to eliminate termit
      An invasion of termites, insects that can often live undetected in your home, feeding on detritus such as wood, flooring and wallpaper, can cause untold damage to the building's structure. Homes are subject to attack from subterranean termites who live underground as well as live in wood and compost piles that have been set up near the foundation of your home. Drywood termites are another variety of termites that live their whole lives in wood. Termites can remain active at any time of the year, but they are most likely to be noticed when they form new colonies in the spring. Proper termite control is essential as soon as a homeowner discovers that his house has become infested with these silent destroyers.

      There are numerous ways a homeowner may discover the unpleasant fact that they need termite pest removal. If wood surfaces throughout the home sound hollow when tapped on, termites may have been feasting on the wood for months or years from the inside. Discarded wings from termite swarms are another good indication that professional termite control is necessary. Seeing tubes of mud form on exterior walls or noticing that paint on wooden surfaces has become cracked or distorted are additional signs that termites may be sharing your home. Homeowners may also detect wood-colored droppings near wood surfaces, another sure sign that termites have been eating their way through your home undetected up to this point.

      One of the best ways to eliminate any termite invasion is to get professional pest removal help. A professional exterminator can identify all of the places where termites may have set up colonies on your property in addition to determining which types of termites need to be eradicated permanently. It's the job of the pest removal expert to examine all crawlspaces as well as the foundation of the house to determine all locations of the termite infestation. In addition, extermination experts know the proper ways to locate and eliminate subterranean termite nests on your property that include elaborate tunnels and mud tubes, all of which must be dealt with in order to properly and completely eradicate the termite colony.

      Eliminating termite colonies takes the kind of expertise and equipment that professional exterminators have. Years of training and experience enable professional exterminators to find even colonies that may have been hidden and thriving for months or years. A termite control expert, after determining the exact locations of the infestation and the type of termites involved, can outline a customized treatment program.

      Termite extermination may involve using special treatments on the affected wood, the use of baits or using liquids to repel the insects. If the infestation is severe enough, the family may have to temporarily relocate to other quarters while the entire house is fumigated using specific chemical agents.

      Homeowners should act quickly if they suspect they have discovered evidence of termite infestation. The sooner a professional exterminator gets to work inspecting the property and outlining a plan of attack, the less damage is done and the sooner preventative measures can be put into place to prevent another invasion.

      Contributed by Sally Smith

      Tuesday, February 11, 2014

      Important Hazards To Look For When Inspecting A Home

      inspecting a house

      A house can contain a number of hazards that might not be obvious at first. These hazards can affect the selling price of a home. Some problems can build slowly over time until they start to cause major issues that make the house unlivable. There are several hazards to look for when inspecting a home.


      It is important to always look for signs of pests in a property. Termites, roaches and mice can destroy structural elements of the home, lower air quality and cause damage that is costly to repair. Signs include small dark dropping that look like coffee grinds, dead pests or suspicious holes in walls, wood or window frames. Oily marks along baseboards could indicate mice or rats. Pest problems can often be easily solved by calling an exterminator immediately. Homes with a pest infestation should be inspected for cracks or damage that could allow insects and rodents into the house in the future.


      Mold is serious hazard in homes. The spores can make respiratory problems worse. Some molds release toxic spores that can cause chronic health issues. Mold can grow inside of walls and ductwork. Buyers should look for discolored areas on walls especially where there is heat and moisture. Areas behind appliances, under sinks and in basements should be inspected. Removing mold requires professional abatement and potentially replacement of drywall or other parts of the house.


      Asbestos is a substance that can cause cancer and other serious respiratory problems. It was used in the past as a fire retardant in homes and insulation. It is best to check attics, basements and around furnaces for thick grayish-white asbestos particles. Visual inspection will not reveal most asbestos. Professional asbestos testing should be performed on all homes build before 1981. Any signs of the harmful mineral will need to be removed immediately by an experienced asbestos disposal company. Asbestos can be removed completely making the house safe to occupy.


      Radon is a dangerous gas that cannot be detected without special equipment. Radon rises naturally from the soil but can accumulate inside of homes. Radon is radioactive. The particles can cause lung cancer when breathed in over the course of many months or years. The only way to tell if radon is a problem is to install a detector. Radon detectors can give a fast reading in just a few days. The only way to deal with radon is to install a mitigation system that exchanges the air in the house or prevents the gas from entering the home.

      Water Damage

      Water damage is something that can destroy a house slowly over the course of many years. It can be hard to detect. Buyers will want to look for discolored areas on ceilings, floors and walls. Drooping ceilings can indicate previous water damage that might have rotted away joists. Houses that feel exceptionally humid or that have a strong mildew smell could have hidden water damage in the walls or floors. Repairing water damage usually involves finding the source, stopping the moisture and replacing any rotted materials.

      Contributor: Sally Smith

      Sunday, February 2, 2014

      Easy Ways to Keep an Office Clean and Tidy

      Contributed by Sally Smith

      A clean, organized and tidy office is essential for success and efficiency. Unkempt or dirty offices will look unprofessional if clients or vendors visit. This can affect business. Disorganized offices can affect employee performance and morale. Business owners and managers do not always know the best ways to maintain a clean workplace especially in larger companies. There are several ways to help keep an office tidy at all times.

      Provide Cleaning Supplies and Bins

      Keep an office clean?The reality is that small messes and disorganized areas will appear in an office every week. If there are no cleaning supplies available, then employees are less likely to maintain a tidy office. Employees should have access to general-purpose cleaners, paper towels and even tools for dusting. These supplies should be kept in a convenient area so workers can grab them quickly if a mess appears. Additionally, placing trash or recycling bins at every workstation or in every area will make cutting down on clutter and make throwing away unneeded papers easier.

      Institute Policies about Tidiness

      Business owners should let employees known that cleanliness is a priority in the office. The best way to do this is to institute office policies relating to tidiness. These can include basic rules like never eating at a desk and always using sealed drink containers. There could also be other policies about not storing items in walkways and not leaving stacks of papers in common areas. Just a few office policies and guidelines will encourage workers to keep the office tidy between visits from a commercial cleaning service.

      Supply Organizational Tools

      Cluttered and disorganized offices sometimes develop because there is simply nowhere to store papers and equipment. The way to solve this issue is to supply good organizational and filing tools. Filing cabinets should have more than enough space for all paperwork and records. There should be shelving or storage rooms for office equipment. Employees should have access to file folders, file trays and other tools. This will make it easier to keep the office organized so it appears cleaner and less cluttered.

      Give Employees Time to Clean Personal Spaces

      A practical way to keep an office clean and tidy throughout the year is to schedule time for employees to clean personal spaces. Providing just 15 minutes every one to two weeks will give employees time to wipe down all surfaces, throw away unneeded items and organize desks or workstations. Officially scheduling the time will make certain all employees actually do some regular cleaning. This same technique can be used to periodically assign employees to clean a common area like a lunchroom or copier room.

      Schedule Professional Cleaners

      The most effective way to keep an office clean and tidy is to schedule professional cleaners. Commercial cleaning services can come into the office after business hours and make sure every spill and overflowing trash bin is handled. The service will also keep surfaces clean, sanitary and looking professional. The cleaners should be scheduled for at least once a week. Larger offices with many employees might need cleaners every single day. Commercial services can take care of many of the cleaning details that employees cannot.

      Saturday, February 1, 2014

      5 Weird Ways To Prove You Are A Witty Blogger

      How to claim you are an exception on the blogosphere? The one full of wit? This is what you have: You've been blogging for many years and you are so confident about telling others that you are unique. Your blog contents are so amazing, you regard them as good quality ones, but, how come, you leave your comment box empty almost in all your post? How will anyone believe you?

      You are sure your wit is the special quality to outdo other bloggers. You are not scared of a tight competition: Alexa rank, Google Pagerank, massive backlinks, what else, you name it, all "submit" to you. You have power to claim yourself as witty and you believe the way you express it so convincing.

      But people need prove, you could not just be born witty, could you?

      So how to claim it?

      witty blogger
      Do I look like a witty blogger?
      There are many ways to show others you are a blogger of funnily smart contents. And here, I'll tell you about some crazy ideas how to do so.

      1. Write a so-so blog and claim it is great. In About Me page tell your audience you are a witty blogger, write it also at every post you write, at your tweet, Facebook link, dig, StumbleUpon, etc, and keep repeating it. If necessary put your great picture like when you raise your eyebrows listening to a stand-up comedy.

      2. Create a content about something which tells that you are irresistible, invite people, not to debate with, but to adore you. Thanks God if people would you like to comment there. If not, comment yourself and answer yourself.

      3. Corrupt other contents. Being witty is being quick with funny remarks. This can often come across as being smart. Do you think you're smart enough to amuse your readers? Spoof a serious article, for example, a writing about finance, rewrite it into something silly. Like, Nothing to worry about your financial condition as long as you can tell jokes to business people.

      4. Create a weird page on Facebook, conduct a contest about the most amusing blogger in the world. Use your wit, pay people to vote for you.

      5. Email friends, relatives and acquaintances, or if you think that's not enough, email some strangers. In your signature write, "I'm a witty blogger, don't you want to know about me?"

      If you don't think the weird ways above are worth trying, perhaps, you should try to be a witty daydreamer first and tell your own jokes to anybody who would like to listen to you.

      Well, just learning to tickle your fancy!

      Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

      Hi, long time no post. I hope you're fine there. Stay healthy, stay safe. You know, I keep renewing this domain and hardly ever write an...