Monday, May 19, 2014

Is Dangdut A Piece Of Music To Tickle Your Fancy?

Music to tickle your fancy is ready to entertain you. Hopefully you are going to like it. It might be not as you think, the rhythm that you can easily find around the world. If you like it, perhaps most people will say you start to become old fashioned.

What music you like anyway? If you were born in Germany you might like classic. You come from Jamaica probably you like Reggae and if Indonesia is your mother tongue, dangdut probably appeals to you. And if I say the latter, the one to tickle your fancy better than anything else, you might disagree with me. It's subjective and we are not talking things locally, are we?

To talk further about dangdut we might refer it to Indian or Arabic ttaditional music. None, perhaps to tickle your fancy. As the world develops and gives options, there are a lot of  music genre people can enjoy. When it comes to conservative taste, surely it will be left behind. However, dangdut might present as a bridge between traditional and modern, between old-fashioned and progressive and between like and dislike.

Is dangdut a pice of unique music to to tickle your fancy? What is dangdut anyway? Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian popular music that is partly derived from Hindustani,Malay, and Arabic musics. Dangdut is a very popular genre in Indonesia because of its melodious instrumentation and vocals. Indonesians dance in the Ghoomar style to Dangdut music. Dangdut features atabla and gendang beat. (Wikipedia)

dangdut, tickle your fancy music
As a dangdut singer Evie Tamala sings no more to tickle your fancy
Okay now, here are the reasons to regard dangdut as a piece of music to tickle your fancy. It can be mixed or collaborate with all of music around the world. It can spoof Bon Jovi or Metalicca's songs, it can make disco, hiphop, or rock sound more lively. The flute, saxophone or trumpet all are nice to listen to when mixed together with dangdut.

More unique about it is that most Indonesians to where dangdut belongs, despite consider this as old fashioned or second class music--if asked whether you like it or no, many will hypocrately say no. The thing to tickle your fancy is that they cannot resist singing or dancing at a gathering event, wedding ceremony and so on.

The self-acclaimed king of Dangdut Rhoma Irama has got doctoral degree for his music dedication and innovation. Some international people have also received dangdut as entertaining music. Different context to tickle everyone's fancy is that coming along with music usually are beautiful singers dressed in miniskirt and they lead men to wild fantasy. In Indonesia many artists become the mistress of the officials and subject to gossip to people.

Well, that's all for today, ladies and gentlemen, let's shake your body with any music you like. If you like to try dangdut please don't wear miniskirt while you plan to grow your beard. That's not the proper way to tickle everyone's fancy. Lol.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Learn Indonesian Language Free With Less or Zero Structure!

Learn Indonesian language in a fun way and free! It is a sort of the way you learn English through communicative approach method, the one that I applied when I learned English as an autodidact. You need to focus on real situation and therefore you can create your own target as well.  I have just created a new blog about it and you can check it out here. It is free for you to get tutorial from me. And for intensive learning you can hire me as your tutor instead later on.

How well do you know about bahasa Indonesia besides the people of the country? Good news is we don't have complicated Tenses. What's written is pronounced mostly similar to spoken. When you learn English using traditional method, I would like to say that's not effective unless for correspondence or business letter. Learning Indonesia should be fun, therefore we skip formula here--it should be free from mathematical theory. Rather create a script on your own, narration or storyboard if you have a sense of art.

learn indonesian language freeBased on my experience as an English teacher I think learning Indonesia would be okay if you also include more drilling practices and pronounce as many as tongue twister you know. For example, in English you're familiar with Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper ... In Indonesia you should try, kuku kaki kakek kakekku kok kaku kaku. For free Indonesian tongue twisters you might browse on the Internet.

By the way, have you ever visited Jakarta, Indonesia? Or perhaps Bali is more famous than Indonesia itself? If you have business to do here, I would like to say selamat datang - welcome. Or if you happen to be here now in the greater Jakarta (including its satellite cities: Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bogor) you can learn bahasa Indonesia with me. Free consultation through +628809861615. You grab your phone and we learn on the line. I bet with the right method of learning, you'll make progress soon.

Okay, now as a first step as what I always suggest my student in order to master English fast, you should keep this password in mind, "saya bisa berbahasa Indonesia dengan lancar suatu hari nanti." meaning I believe I can speak bahasa Indonesia well someday. Drill this sentense and just make sure of yourself that after all that you have done to learn Indonesian language free of structure, you really can speak it well.

Now, excume me, Mr. President Barack Obama would like to order sate, now. Berapa tusuk pak Presiden?

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