Friday, April 10, 2015

No Formal Education? Success Doesn't Belong To Certain People!

Anybody who want to make their dream come true needs to work hard and technically need to prepare all things with sufficient knowledge of business. So is formal education necessary in order to be successful?

Yes, sure it is. But those who are not lucky that they drop out of school or have no money to go on cannot say without formal education one cannot get success in life. No way, it is not necessary to feel sorry for your "bad luck" for it can even become your trigger to make achievement in life.

I would share my story. I am one of the men who learn anything by themselves, including English. Few years ago I didn't know what SEO was, how to make a whiteboard animation video, how to boost business online. But things can come to being as long as we try hard to make it true.

Of English, when I was a teenager I hardly ever went out for fun and never wished to have a romance before I make a success my life. Most of the time I spent in a room with a pile of books, dreaming of working in an English speaking environment and now--dream comes true.

When you fuss about is formal education necessary for success? and you have no financial support in order to make your dream come true, just keep in mind:

    formal education is not really necessary
  • There's something we call strong will to fight against impossibility
  • There are opportunities available easier now online and offline that you can focus on and try hard to get one
  • There's something called Law of Attraction, what you think that what you get. If you are sure of your struggle and believe in your own power you can get what you want faster than anyone else.
Off course no pain no gain, you still need to have a formal education at least for basic knowledge and you need also to compete to others to be one the world can count on. Otherwise you should take second option by taking informal learning and focus on it. 

The question of whether it is necessary to be self-made for success is not only a question, it is a trigger. You can be a self-made person, a successful autodidact!

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