Thursday, June 18, 2015

Diamond Is Better Than Pearl? You Bet!

I really get upset, therefore I create this post. I cannot tickle your fancy today, because I am in a bad mood. "Which is better, diamond or pearl?" That's what she asked me about jewelry that I gave her, Gold didn't work well to please somebody--your honey, how come?

Now, I just want to travel to New Zealand--someone just offered me a package tour there and I must forget this girl. Wow! Is that too much? You know, I get bored and scared travelling to Bali and did you know some haunted sites there? Do you a site like Muaya Beach? Nobody will ask you a stupid question, "which is better, diamond or pearl?" or does Bali has such beautiful gems? as what she said in sorrow, That's too bad! Muaya Beach is famous for its beautiful white sand, gentle waves and… doll vampires (Jenglot) washed up on the shores. You know, Jenglot are dangerous beasts that resemble a tiny human being – only that they drink blood and can control the actions of their victims, including murder.
which is better, diamond or pearl?
Well, anyway, how to refrain from this anger? I cannot enjoy reading my own tickle your fancy articles here. All those celebrity stories are out of date. And a question of which is better, diamond or pearl is not in their list when it comes to propose a girl. But maybe so. Well, just cannot think clear about it.

Perhaps I won't be able to sleep well tonight. Long time ago I had a lot of things in mind and kept thinking about her all the time. That's one of the problems of insomnia. The first stage when someone thinks that he cannot have good sleep, he really can't sleep. So how about some hypnosis to help you to cope with it? It'started from a stupid thing, an argument about which is better, diamond or pearl? I just cannot refrain from distress. I think perhaps I should fast as my Muslim fellows do in Ramadan month. But, I'm hungry now, cannot do it even for one day.

Okay, I wrote on this blog: There are many things that you can do to prevent yourself from being bored, at home, online, anywhere. One is visit this tickle your fancy blog over and over again and get entertained here for free. One for example of one tickling article, you never believe tickling news talking about hatred between Obama and Clint Eastwood. You see every where the media write: President Obama is still a fan of Clint Eastwood. and blah .. blah ... blah ... Well, this is out of date, anyway.And you know, I am not supposed to repeat such a same silly story just to keep away from a question of: which is better, diamond or pearl? She really hurt me.

But, time flies so fast, why should I do? It's getting dark on this beach and that mermaid has long gone out of my mind.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Can't Sleep, Help Yourself, Hypnosis or Something?

Well, perhaps you are in my condition, getting up more and more times and now may need hypnosis to help you how to sleep well.

Only now I am getting better; long time ago I had a lot things in mind and kept thinking about them all the time. That's one of the problems of insomnia. The first stage when someone thinks that he cannot have good sleep, he really can't sleep. So how about some hypnosis to help you to cope with it?

hypnosis to help you sleepPeople with great ambition, pursuing something so crazily so that they eventually become obsessed with it and they cannot find the best way to rest. They are worried much about what's going to happen in life later. Will the future be great to lead? It never occurs to them that they might need hypnotherapy or hypnosis to help them sleep. You create pleasure in life but you cannot have it while lying in bed, you must take everything easy. Don't think too hard for such ambition.

Regarding this for some religious people chant some prayers before sleep. other do spiritual things; Yoga, mediation, fasting but many fail to fall asleep. Surely, you need help!

You need--be it hypnosis or something--to do the following.

1. Visualization
Learning from the theory of law of attraction we attract what we think. If you think this tickle your fancy blog is not interesting it will be so, one for example. If you're not sure you're going to succeed in something, you will have that "invitation". If you think in the next few hours you really can't sleep, you can't sleep. Therefore you need a visualization, a pretense that you can sleep easily, not necessarily at the time you're in bed, but a few minutes before you go to bed

2. Stop thinking
The main reason you cannot have good sleep is that you think of something and you can't get it out of your mind. So free your mind from such things bothering you. Off course, it's not an easy matter, especially for an insomniac. Relax baby ...

3. Stay tune on this tickle your fancy blog (kidding!)
If you cannot cope with this insomnia problem, you may stay tune here. Find some interesting or funny articles to cope with stress or to prevent you from being bored. Well, the latter is optional

Above all, it's good to see you get enlightened and hopefully you'll have a good sleep after reading 99 spoofed posts here. LOL!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Package Tours To New Zealand Or Insurance? It's Cheap Baby ...

I get bored and scared travelling to Bali and did you know some haunted sites there? One is a renowned tourist attraction, Muaya Beach. Muaya Beach is famous for its beautiful white sand, gentle waves and… doll vampires (Jenglot) washed up on the shores. I just want someone to offer me a package tour to New Zealand. It must be amazing. No Jenglot there. You know, Jenglot are dangerous beasts that resemble a tiny human being – only that they drink blood and can control the actions of their victims, including murder.

package tours to new zealand, insurance, cheapI really hate hearing the sound of a kill which is blunt and muted, Have you seen a buffalo’s throat opens with a flap of skin exposing his heavy red muscles and white sinews of bone? If the executioner is experienced, a single strike will open vital arteries, turning the animal’s neck into a cascade of blood, and drawing cheers from the guests.Wow! That's why I am longing for one of the package tours to New Zealand because I won't see some scary thing like when you go to Tana Toraja Indonesia to see all things written above. What a quiet weird burial ceremony and sacrifice!

You want some cheap travels, you go to your neighborhood and please never think this is something to tickle your fancy. You collect your neighbors, you convince them that you would take them to a very beautiful place and arrange a cheap package tour. Never ask me to join you all guys, as for me I am longing to go to New Zealand. I don't know why. Perhaps, some cows are longing to see me too there. OK, anyway, make sure that you all guys have enough budget for this recreation and before you go, make sure your home is safe and secured.

Well, don't let you down, guys. Because I cannot help you find a great deal on your travel insurance. I can't say, "It's cheap. It’ll only take a few minutes and all you need to do is just answer a few simple questions. When you’re done, you can compare holiday insurance quotes from some of your country leading insurers."

I won't help you find a travel insurance that’s just right for you by answering a few quick questions. Again, I won't say, "Within minutes you’ll be comparing quotes from some of  your country leading insurance providers and you can enjoy your holiday knowing you’ve got all the cover you need."

Why do you need travel insurance? We're talking about cheap package tours to New Zealand. Or instead you like to go to Bali to some scary places for pleasure? Or to Tana Toraja to attend that weird burial ceremony?

Well, do you know cheaper package tours, not only to New Zealand, the place where I want to go, but also all over the world? But first should I take an Insurance for this? It's cheap baby, even if you don't have big money now but you have the Internet access to take you to any beautiful places all around the world, don't you think?

Friday, June 12, 2015

How To Stop From Being Bored? Tickle Your Fancy Here

There are many things that you can do to prevent yourself from being bored, at home, online, anywhere. One is visit this tickle your fancy blog over and over again and get entertained here for free. One for example of one tickling article, you never believe tickling news talking about hatred between Obama and Clint Eastwood. You see every where the media write: President Obama is still a fan of Clint Eastwood. Well, this is out of date, anyway.

how to stop yourself from being bored at home, online, anywhereObama is underlined in this tickling post

But that's not the point. You can have some refreshment and soon "get back to your senses." Let's continue with this out of date article: The president, in an interview with USA Today, suggested he was not offended by the actor's performance during the closing night of the Republican National Convention -- in which Eastwood engaged in a one-man repartee with an empty chair meant to represent Obama.

So in order to be free from boredom, you must stop thinking about something out of date as useless. Be it at home, online, anywhere, you must be free from bad mood. 

Here is another out of date. The President of the United States, Barack Obama who used to live in Jakarta and now has already sent his troops to Afghanistan, has never been told that Peter Parker who came to the capital of Indonesia last week is covering the Bank Century case which now has become byword of the country.

Peter was standing on garbage clogging the Manggarai sluice gate in South Jakarta this December 1st, driving curiosity among passersby.

“Hey, what’re you doing there? It’s the city authorities’ concern not yours,” somebody cried out at him. "Stop doing stupid things! Are you getting bored with life?"

“This has occurred for decades!” the man kept shouting.

Peter didn’t respond. To his surprise, the man talking to him pointed a stick at him. And as Peter stared at him, he became restless and offended. Quickly he let out a mobile phone of his pocket and started to call Obama.

“Mr. President, you’re not going to believe this,” he whispered. “An Afghanistan rebel is here, scavenging up there!”

How about that? Doesn't sound like something to tickle your fancy? How about creating one here, give me a suggestion of how to prevent yourself from being in a bad mood at home, online, anywhere. Well, when you get bored with politics, at least this is a bit amusing, don't you think?

Well, Next: Is Obama Muslim? Stop guessing! It's really out of date, getting late to wake up! It's a boring topic. But check out these 2 Funny Reasons which might tell yes, he is, or no, he isn't, or maybe. Yes, he has Hussein after his name. But wait, that's only when people misunderstand it. What is a name? What is so funny with Paula Abdul having surname abdul. She's not a Muslim. The surname Abdul doesn't have clear meaning. It needs Noun after it. If it's Abdullah, it means servant of god, and that declares a name of Muslim.

Well, if the out of date stories above are not enough when it comes for you to find the answer of how to prevent yourself from being bored, just take it easy. Be it at home, online, anywhere, life is so miserable? Don't worry, you haven't explored all the contents of this tickle your fancy blog. I'll give you 34563 minutes to search and stick to this blog and afterwards you may compose your own article entitled:

How To Stop From Being Bored at home, online, anywhere? Help me, still can't find a solution! WHAT?!!!

3 Robert Pattinson Spoofs To Stop You From Being Bored OnLine

Well, how to prevent yourself from being bored online? These 3 celebrities spoofs written a few years ago are updated to help you "come to your senses."

1. Robert Pattinson and His Bicycle

It is reported that British actor Robert Pattinson has just bought a bicycle worth 1000 US bucks. It is not reported that he will visit Indonesia, riding offroad onto the hillside of Mt. Merapi to visit the grave of Mbah Marijan, the guardian of the recently-erupted volcano who died in the calamity because he refused to be evacuated. No report online that you can find, either that this is the way to stop him from being bored becoming a "dark" actor for many years. Pattinson won't think it is funny to give Britney Spears or Justin Bieber a ride and then tries to keep up with the greater Jakarta commuter train on the highway. He never lets his bike be borrowed by George Michael as subtitute of car. We know once Georgle Michael forgot he was on the street.

However, in case Julia Roberts invites him to watch Eat Pray Love together, he might accept the offer. Maybe, he thinks it's okay if Oprah Winfrey borrows his bike for Sesame Street's orangutan. But one thing for sure, England will always welcome him to explore everywhere he likes. You must not be bored there and you must able to stop your boredom because it's not virtual, it's not online. It's the country where you speak your own language: English.  He might pass by Salman Rushdie on the way stop by and ask about Rushdie's memoir or may also come across the late Christopher Hitchens who's surprisingly converted to Islam (a miracle?). Riding bicycle is surely fun and inspiring.

So, when will he meet the vampires? I think a filmmaker knows better than me.

2. Robert Pattinson and His Bicycle and Kristen Steward

As soon as Robert Pattinson got his new bike Kristen Steward went to wash her hair. Robert didn't know what Kristen was doing and Kristen didn't know what Robert was doing either. After shower Kristen went to the park but Robert didn't know what she was doing there. And Robert, while enjoying riding his bike, never came to Kristen's mind. Both didn't know either what I was doing here. Well please stop being bored when you're stuck online and feel like wanting to throw up. Wow, that's too much? Just read on ..

The couple recently shown public never told me that they used to be together starring a horrow movie. Online? No way? Maybe the title is Twilight or something. Neither did they tell me they were eager to be vampire to amuse me so that I got inspired to write about a tickling vampire. Stop it! When I wish I could get back to the time when bicycle was my means of transport to work, I hope today I can ride along the countryside with it despite my busy days--this is the best way to get rid of boredom, you must stop from being bored, man .... Pattinson and Kristen might want to join, I guess. But the news about Kristen having a ride with Robert Pattison hasn't been confirmed to me.

Twitter, facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon might agree, the possibility is 50:50?  The one to disagree? Ask the vampires.

3. Robert Pattinson Interview, No Bicycle, No Kristen Steward

First we would like to know about your fansite Mr. Pattinson, what's the name? Does this belong to Edward Cullen ...?

Were you on shooting location, Friday night? But what did you do ..., oh wait, I know what you did last summer.

But, please make sure, you have done your homework, so that mommy won't yell at you. I am wondering why you should do your homework? You're a man, you can take care of yourself.

Just speak after mommy, It's too late,Mr. Pattinson, it's the time for you to go to bed but you're still in front of the computer, are you going to post another tickling story?

It is not funny if you say you are Robert Pattinson and ... YOU WHAT?!

I know you're not him. Put off your mask, Mr. so and so, I know what you did last summer.

Blogging! Haha!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Looking For Free Virtual Office?

Hello America, here you are with Live Receptionist Answering Calls, no more cost! What else? Corporate Mailing Address? Company Phone Number? Company Fax Number? You are free to have this virtual office, not something to tickle your fancy, but something to grow up your business and you feel secure about it, no matter where you are, no matter what you do.

You can also have Voice Mail Converted to Email and 2 Voicemail Boxes to help your work fun fast and smooth. Sure, unlimited market out there and it doesn't necessarily take a space to trouble you for work due to a terrible traffic congestion. Remember you are in the USA, you are not in Jakarta to have this virtual office, there you are not free reach your workplace in or on time. Maybe London is less crowded than Jakarta, but here you are now in America to have Faxes Converted to Email, Premium Call Transferring (Call Forwarding) and so on.

free virtual office, no traffic jam!Some sites are running special promotion about this. By the way, you live in Kentucky? It's not the time to promote Kentucky fried chicken which now competes with similar products scattered by the street Market of Jakarta; it is free for you to find Your Kentucky Virtual Office nearby. With a recommendation of friends or relatives. Sure, I can do it too if you trust me that I am not only learning to tickle your fancy on this blog. Americans can't cry hard enough for this!

If previously you never expected the speed and efficiency to be so good, now wherever you are all over the USA you can have excellent service having something to free you mind, having your own virtual office without worrying about traffic jams especially and terrible weather. Receiving emails with recorded WAV files and pdf faxes is everything you need for fast and accurate communication, right?

Now you may decide if you there's nothing really free for the best quality, so consider your budget.
  • The one somewhere around $99 or close to hundred? It's reasonable for a monthly fee, what do you think? Live Receptionist Answering Calls, Corporate Mailing Address? Company Phone Number? Company Fax Number? All to support your business instantly
  • Another one somewhere around $50 per month? Cheaper! I think you still can have Voice Mail Converted to Email Faxes Converted to Email, Premium Call Transferring (Call Forwarding)
So as the one to learn to tickle everyone's fancy, I don't really have to lead you to certain sites available on the Internet. I'll give you a homework. If you can really find a free virtual office there in the USA, not necessarily somewhere around Kentucky, please let me know so that I can fly now to check it out.  Sorry, I cannot do it now. it's not because Jakarta's still hectic and traffic is terrible, I'm broke now.

Good luck.

Travel To India Cheap With Bollywood Celebrities or Guru?

A couple of days ago a friend of mine, an Indian, offered me some tickets to travel all over India with reasonable price. He would give me cheap tickets and promise me to take me to a shooting location somewhere. Wow, imagine those pretty actors?

Flights, hotels, cruise, vacation. Hooray! Finally it's a holiday! But it's all fully booked? Most people believe that last minute travel has to be more expensive. That may be the case with some travel agencies and airlines, but my Indian friend probably works at Travel Agency is dedicated to finding me last minute flight tickets for a reasonable price. Sometimes travel packages are designed specifically for that last minute vacation. It's cheap but without reducing comfort, that's according to him. Well, I don't know whether I believe it or no. But, it's the time for me to have fun, getting out of my routine and explore other country. The celebrities are waiting for me!

travel to india cheap ticketSure, how about these Bollywood celebrities to accompany you anywhere you go there around Taj Mahal? Will these gorgeous, handsome and pretty human beings be singing and dancing around the waterfall with me? You bet, the beauty of panorama will make you feel like in a movie, where anywhere as you can see a flock of background dancers to cheer you up. But, first, think about it is a really cheap travel or no? Or is it a dream. I'd better check it out.

I remember another Indian friend offered me cheap price from this site which is believed to be the best guru of travel and accommodation. At that time I was broke and my niece had already flown to Uga Bay. No fancy, no celebrities there with her. It is one of the finest Sri Lankan vacation options available: an elegant luxury beach resort hotel owned by Uga Escapes with an outstanding reputation for comfort, cuisine, genuine hospitality and tropical-paradise charm. It’s located, moreover, on what is arguably one of the best Sri Lankan beaches, Passekudah. This is one of the best-rated beach resorts in Sri Lanka by guests and industry experts alike and it’s easy to see why.

But Srinlanka is not my main destination. I might trust the guru of accommodation, flight or something, the one which knows much of how to please me. Whether I'll fly to Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore I'll have the best service. So, what you do you think, do you want to fly to India with Bollywoord celebrities? That's not impossible as along as you have a trustful agent to help you take your fancy and here in this blog, I recommend you to tell me when you'll leave. Please take me there with you, because now I'm broke. Lol.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Why America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World

America leads everything, very dominant and looks powerful, but it is not the greatest country in the world. 

Look at the people, do you think they are the strongest on earth and the most powerful? No way! If you think that the men can work out all the time and add more muscles and make a lot of achievement in life, and the women grab a long life emancipation status, these Americans are not the strongest, not the greatest in the world. What they look like and what they perform on many heroics movies are not what they really are. Now let's see. how many Americans can climb on the wall and crawl like Spider-man and swing from one building to another? How many can transform into such monster as Hulk? Well, that just to tickle your fancy.

Why America is Not the Greatest Country in the WorldThe fact is science is progressive here. Freedom is number one. Human rights are well respected. Many people from all over the world come to pursue a study here, but people forget Americans cannot climb the wall and swinging like Spider-man does which is as you know--fictitious. They are not fictitious, they are real, admitting to living in the greatest country and being the best on earth but they are not able to prove it. if you call yourself Uncle Jojo and you deal with this Uncle Sam and you can stay sober getting along with him in a month, you are better than him.

During the 1960s, drugs like marijuana, amphetamines, and psychedelics came on the scene, and a new generation embraced drugs. With the drug culture exploding, American government developed new laws and agencies to address the problem. In 1973, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration was created to enforce federal drug laws. In the 1970's, cocaine reappeared. Then, a decade later, crack appeared, spreading addiction and violence at epidemic levels. This is not a sign of the greatest country in the world. Why can't you stop drugs? Why do you still respect human rights if such addictive can continuously destroy the nation and laugh at Barbaric bylaw executed by most of Muslim countries?

The mind-blowing facts about porn or free sex in America is another reason that this is a suck nation. When a population can freely lead a life like animal which enables anybody to have sex with anyone anywhere, it is absolutely not the greatest country in the world. What about porn? The average age when a child first sees porn online is 11. 20% of men admit to watching porn online at work. 13% of women do. And more about morally wrong or not wrong this is just to accommodate anything related to human rights?

Well, if this is subjective and doesn't sound humorous then I fail to tickle your fancy. But that's not the point. If it is objective and not for the haters to discredit it, all of us can take a great lesson from here.

Natural Diamond Engagement Ring Recommended For You!

Are you going to get married soon? So a natural diamond engagement ring is highly recommended. But first what do you thing about marriage? Is this sacred, procedural or compulsory? Or you think it's just experiment, trial, or fancy things to do in life?

And about something to please your spouse, is luxury a must? If so, what is your taste of jewelry like? More than marriage itself? Out of sacred, procedural or compulsory? Do you really know the meaning of lavish, by the way? And fancy? if you get bored with usual things then consider natural engagement diamond ring. but if you have any options you can try something unique and lovable. Remember: lovable not laughable. I'm afraid you'll buy stone jewelry instead. the ones that become popular now in Indonesia. It's not funny to see a girl wearing a marble-sized jewelry in her finger. It is for you to know, there are many people selling them by the street market everywhere around Jakarta and in some other towns and cities spreading all over Indonesia. The booming of the stone, the trend which dramatically changes people life, wow! But, as always, once expensive stuff because it's rare and now is getting cheaper as you can find people selling it freely by the street.

natural diamond engagement ring free for you
Anybody thinking that marriage is only once in a lifetime of course won't let their spouse down. It is reasonable that you spend quite a lot of money to please your partner. Though the future is not for us to see you can get prepared from now on. Consider this before you take action: is she really going to be your wife? Or how about this natural engagement diamond ring presented to her will be hers not yours not both of you and her. Just take it for deserve happiness and so does she, and the symbol of love you will present, it must be unique mustn't it?

So, congratulation that you'll get the engagement, and first please make sure of yourself that

  1. You're really gentleman, never think it's just experiment, trial, or fancy things to do in life. You're really going to get married, make a family and have a happy ending story in life. 
  2. You're not a womanizer; just to cheat her and run away soon with more than just a diamond ring that you get from her. That's not a natural thing to do as a gentleman.
  3. When you're broke now, never ever try to lend money from a money lender, that's a stupid thing to do. You'll get trapped in big interests the money you cannot afford to pay back. 
  4. You're mentally and spiritually health. It is not funny when you are in a sacred ceremony where there are people witnessing the moment you act like Spider-man climbing and crawling on the wall and singing a sad song about love betrayal. 
Well, anyway, the latter just to tickle your fancy. Please stop from being bored thinking about marriage sucks. It is not natural if you instead give this diamond engagement ring to me and recommend me to find another wife. That's not funny at all. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malaysia Investment, How About That?

A friend of mine, an Indian, asks me for a plan of business investment, and I say no. Why? Because I'm broke! I cannot go to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Egypt or Korea or Kenya--no body supports Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy to start a business campaign there.

It's just about how to prevent yourself from being bored that I provide this blog that you can feel home sweet home. And you may find what you're looking for to improve your business besides getting entertained as well. You don't have to grumble all the time because your TV befriends you. Here you are save and when it comes to business, I can suggest that you are ready psychically and mentally. If you have a lot of money now and think about expanding, how about India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malaysia Investment? How About That? Or Indonesia with Jokowi as the President, once regarded as a new hope but he seems to go nowhere trapped by the system. Indonesia is a large country and if you like to invest there, it is also recommended. Only the problem is uncertainty law uphold to change investors's mind.

Still you cannot stop from being bored? Nothing so cool here to read after browsing from one blog to another. But you're looking for something to boost your business, aren't you? Already prepared the budget for that? Some parts of the world would be your base camp. Malaysia investment as well as Indonesia offers the same climate, tropical countries located in South East Asia. India, Pakistan perhaps similar to Indonesia-Malaysian context--the people, language of slight different but the same rooth, including Bangladesh and Srilanka, Kenya dan Zimbabwe and some other capitals in Africa continent.

Or other continents? Europe, America and Australia. Unlike India, Pakistan, Bangladesh as developing countries, investors find investment in developed countries gives no much challenge. Some investors don't think about benefit only, they also consider about long-term stability--not sure if you can have it in Indonesia, but Malaysia as its neighboring country, perhaps is saver. Kenya, Zimbabwe and any capitals in Africa, not quite sure of it--nobody ever will support me to get there for a survery! LOL!

For further talk my Indian friend instead asks me about how prevent himself from being bored, because everyday he watches movies; they are all the time-by-time stereotype and boring. He cannot enjoy singing and dancing anymore. He hates seeing actors crying and all those dramatized scenes. He might want to expand his business due to this boredem and investment out of country maybe that's the best option for him to do, and I say no, why? Because not only he is broke as me now, but also he cannot go to other countries, even go to the closer one like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Let alone Zimbabwe, Egypt or Korea or Kenya. You know why? A movie producer contacted him recently and begged him to play a movie without singing, dancing and crying. He is puzzled! Well guys, that's all about a weird business story to tickle your fancy today. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quit Smoking Now or I'll Give You More!

If you ask anybody about how to quit smoking now and in your hand there's a bar of cigarette, I think no matter how well a piece of advice is, you will go on.

If you try to do anything to forget all things about this dependency and never ever try to touch a pack cigarette, you just go one step ahead to set yourself free from cigarette bars. How to quit smoking now it's just a joke. A nonsense. We're talking about addiction, something to govern you time by time and glued to you, perhaps till the end of time. Unless you want to fight against it. Not only fighting but you need to be a 'martyr' to save your own life.

how to quit smoking nowIt means you need to refrain from a thing that you like very much and it is hard to manage all things just in a short time. It is not about whether you succeed in a first trial, but it's about how to continue quit smoking now or never. A gradual effort, a never give-up hope and a self suggestion that you can really make it. Because you hope that your life should not be governed by the smoke, and on the other hand you are also aware it is not an easy thing to do. Despite there's an option: live longer or shorter? To some this is not frightening.

I personally ever saw an old woman aging 100 or something smoked comfortably. She's my wife's relative and she liked coming over to our our house over and over again asking my wife's name. and there's nothing she worried about. If there's a poster of ad about cigarette product and there's' a hazard warning note on it, not only she doesn't care about it, but also she cannot read it at all without glasses.

How that I successfully quit smoking, you may follow my way if you like, but  afterwards if you would refer back to the first paragraph of this article which is not talking about something to tickle your fancy, then I will give more packs of cigarettes! What?!!!!

My true experience contradicts with this old woman's I told you above who might not be able to sing Britney Spears' song: "I'm not a girl not yet a woman," anymore because she's dead already. I started to smoke when I was 14 and quit 3 years afterwards when I was hospitalized because I suffered a typhoid. Why I gave up? First, I was skinny and had a thin chest, and second, I couldn't focus on my study. I was at boarding school far away from parents and they were separated, so that I wouldn't take an idea of killing me softly.

Up to now, I never even touch one bar of cigarette no matter how much money would I get if someone would like to bet on it. So if you feel like getting "inspired" by this you can decide now or should I give you more packs of cigarettes? Don't worry, there's No Smoking Sign somewhere around this blog. Well, just cannot stop learning to tickle everyone's fancy, anyway!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Care for the Elderly, Will You?

No matter what you do, no matter who you are and no matter how much money you earn now, I'd like to say, care for the elderly, will you? They loved and love and will love your parents and your parents loved and love and will love you, support you, educate you so that now you can get everything in life and you must remember they never hope such thing in return.

care for the elderly
I can only say, "good luck!"
No matter you are now trying to climb the mountain in Bali and the mountain can also be climbed without a guide and you set the time starting about 10 p.m. for a dawn arrival at the peak and sometimes with an overnight camp about three quarters of the way up, up there you need to remember that you should care for the elderly. They cannot follow you to get there to the top of the mountain, but they support you in order to achieve something, to outdo anybody getting engage in tight competition of life improvement. You must pray for them as they always pray for you. You must know that soon you cannot climb a mountain because you're getting old and weak.

Anyway, no matter how much you may hate to negotiate yourself into a deal—or even out of one at work—negotiating is a very legitimate business skill to acquire. And negotiating with your heart whether to put this senior citizen out of home must be done very carefully. Care for the elderly, say it again and again in your heart even if you don't have anybody home to "babysit" them and you need a worker to do it for you. In these minutes of reflection, you don't have to study much about thorough negotiation, the study says you need to focus on "conversational engagement, prosodic emphasis—which basically means you should copy the emotional state of the speaker—and vocal mirroring" to help the negotiations end well on your side. That's too complicated!

Okay, I know you're busy and it is so stressful at work. So how can you strike a balance and stay competitive without burning out your employees? Do you need to be clear about your expectations? You may be motivated to push your own hours because the returns are going into your pocket, but the quickest way to foster a miserable team is to push them as hard as you push yourself, and how about that, will you still care about the elderly when you are in such a situation? How should they get puzzled with your problem which is none of their business?

Thinking about politics? You don't have to affiliate yourself with an established party regarding this nursing home problem or place those senior citizens out of home. Whether you are in America, Saudi Arabia, Australia, or some other country, you will be reminded that you should and must care for the elderly, but they don't have to listen to it from your mouth. They don't have to see you become stressful, and then there are groups of people who are supposed to act as a examiner to examine you in a mental asylum. No way, life is not too hard to lead, especially when you know how to tickle everyone's fancy. Well, welcome home!

The Plumbing and Heating Jobs Not for the Dreamers

Hi everyone, I just want to make sure of something. It's very important, especially for the jobless. The plumbing and heating jobs that you're looking might be available in New York, Alabama, Manhattan, Seattle, Canada, Australia, and any other parts of the world, but the posts are not for the dreamers.

The Plumbing and Heating Jobs Not for the Dreamers
More muscles will do?
You know what that means? If you think you are in love with Britney and you like to copy her choreography you should withdraw. Such positions work for every Mr. Muscled man in the world; it's tough and makes you sweat all the time. The plumbing and heating jobs are not the one to tickle your fancy that you can be an entertainer and shake everybody on a dance floor. You are in New York you can smile, Alabama and Seattle become hopeful, other countries like Canada, England or big continent Asia, Africa, Australia and so on can grab this opportunity.

The dreamers won't care about technical things, about responsibility concerning other people's lives. If you image yourself as superhero and that you can help other with your strength. The Plumbing and Heating Jobs have nothing to do with fancy, fantasy or hallucination, Have you seen Spider-man in New York? Captain America in Alabama? Hulk in Manhattan and Seattle? Or Clark Kent in Canada importing Kangaroo from Australia? That's a silly thing to have in mind. We must think logical. We must care about our future. The more we "enjoy" being jobless, the worse our life condition will be. So take action!

What is your biggest dream in life? You want to be an actor or entrepreneur? Or you want to have an office without attending it? A virtual office? in all continents, Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Europe this is the trend. You can have one in New York, Alabama, Manhattan, Seattle, Toronto, London, Jakarta, everywhere in the world. But if you just like to get the information of Plumbing and Heating Jobs hopefully this post can be helpful.

Yeah, I can only say that you must grab the opportunity out there and can win the competition. it's not about something so difficult to get, but it is not easy either. Stamina and power are really needed in order to win one of the position from these Plumbing and Heating Jobs available all over the world. Thank to this post, you wont' start to be a dreamer taking part in a singer audition in Canada, standing in line in New York or in Manhattan, Alabama, Seattle and all over the USA.

Welcome Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, America, you don't have to learn to tickle everyone's fancy. Just let me do it. Get the position out there and make sure of yourself you can win it. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

My Experience Looking for Virtual Office in San Fransisco

Are you looking for a virtual office either in San Fransisco, Manhattan, New York, or Seattle? Cool, that means you are dynamic, you're the start to win the game. The game is about how to win a space which is not necessarily to upset you due to the dense population. If commuting is tiring and stressful now you just have much fun working anywhere you like, don't you think?

Are you also looking for comfort and cozy environment? Excellent, as part of struggle, not only are you a dynamic person, but you have planned carefully how to win the game. The game is not only about how to win a space, but more than that how to get virtual office either in San Fransisco, Manhattan, New York, or Seattle. No dense population or traffic jams to bother you. Commuting is not tiring and stressful is bit reduced, because now you just have much fun working anywhere you like and surf from the Internet.

It's amazing to know how someone wins a competition. How you need to win the strategy and save your time and money. My Experience looking for virtual office in San Fransisco, maybe not as tough as your effort to get one either in Manhattan, New York, or Seattle. I know you have to contact someone and bargain if possible or make survey first and if you're not satisfied you can totally cancel it.

My Experience looking for virtual office in San Fransisco, maybe not as stressful as someone to have forgotten his elderly member of the family stranded in Manhattan, New York, or Seattle, probably around the airport. I know you get curious to know what I have done to win the competition.

I have not done it! There's no competition to win. I don't even have to compete with people. I just stay at home and learn about the strategy how have a side job and if succeed it I will share it with you through this tickle your fancy blog.

Sometimes I make an illusion on the train on the way to work how it likes being abroad, having a business to do with international communities and make a lot of money winning some incredible projects. And the best thing is how I can do it by commuting, staying at home and enjoying what I do. Does this comfort zone illustration sound impossible, what do you think?

My Experience looking for virtual office in Manhattan, New York, Seattle and San Fransisco was interrupted by an alarm pushing me to wake up and to get real in life. It doesn't really care if I learn to tickle everyone's fancy day by day. The dream is so awful, and you don't have to get upset to know the fact of this nonsense. You should be the winner that while we are thinking of optimism and doing a hard work, we can get this power of believe! Hello world, nice to share with you all guys.

Want Some Cheap Office Equipment? You Can Have It Fast!

Is a big video a priority for virtual office equipment? If you want some cheap electronic, it's expensive! You don't have to go to London for this. Well, just learn to tickle your fancy! Modern video cards like the Matrox Millenium can handle 1600x1200 resolutions at high refresh rates, at a cost of only a few hundred dollars. The expense is in the 21" monitor to display those pixels at that high refresh rate. Such monitors range from $1200 to $2500. But once the CPU is fast enough (P166MMX is fine), the RAM big enough (32meg is enough), and the disk large enough (3G is sufficient for most people), any further dollars should go into such a monitor.

Consider a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) as a basic thing to have for you to get connected to unlimited market. A work phone line for voice, with 3-way calling and call waiting is great. An answering machine (or phone-company-provided voice mail) things to back up office equipment. You're lucky if you can get some cheap ones. A work phone line for data, with no special features. Welcome to Manhattan, London, Sydney or Seoul. You can work easily anywhere you are, thanks to the Internet and you can also have a virtual activities anywhere you are.

Perhaps, the first thing you need is a laptop. This is a very important screen of the world displayed in proper resolution. And, as you’ll be carrying it around constantly, thin and light is the order of the day. This is a cheap office equipment besides the right mobile. Sure, a smartphone is essential – it will be your office when you don’t have your laptop, and you may well spend as much time reading your email on it as you do on your computer. Which smartphone, though, is largely down to personal preference. Some people swear by their BlackBerry, while others wouldn’t be parted from their iPhone. You’re going to spend a lot of time with it, though, so choose wisely.

Okay, laptop is not perhaps, it is a must for mobile people. This cheap office equipment is available everywhere in the world. The one in London is similar to the one in France and elsewhere. Well, just to tickle your fancy anyway.

Wait. Is laptop included here as cheap? Well if you get used to working in a sophisticated business district, this question is silly. I'm not sure either if this one to tickle your fancy, than this is a dull joke. And such silly joke is not for anybody living mostly in London because London is such an important city to talk about soccer than corruption. Excuse me?

Well, the equipment is available to beautify your factory, and you can have it fast. But ... What? Is it still in your dream? I don't think you get contagious and want to learn to tickle everyone's fancy here. Your laptop is gonna broken! Lol.

Free Virtual Office in London, Jakarta?

Having a virtual office anywhere in big cities, including in London or Jakarta is what every businessman hopes when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. Strategic? Maybe not really necessary. Cheap or affordable, that's the point.

free virtual office london, jakartaIt is free for you to have one if you know the meaning of hard struggle, you know that Rome was not built in a day and you know no pain no gain. To have a virtual office in London with affordable price, cheap or in strategic location, you have to compete with so many people out there. The free one to get after you have won the competition. Cool ...

Please tell me what London is like. I just know it though TV when I was a kid and once got a guest post related to it here on this tickle your fancy blog. But I think virtual offices anywhere in the world would be the same. There are some with affordable price and some other expensive. Even the cheapest one is considered expensive if you are lack of budget. 

Sure, Jim, this is very important for anybody who hate to get trapped in traffic jams and get stressed along the way to work. In Jakarta, one for example, not only it's polluted,  but it is also access to "hell" for workers to commute downtown every working day. Anybody who ever felt how to live in Jakarta, working in strategic business district may feel pleased to have a virtual office with affordable price, cheap, located in a strategic location and so on.

Well, forget about Jakarta with its traffic jams, let's have fun backpacking, you don't have to go all around Indonesia, just take a short trip. From Jakarta you can go to Bogor or Bandung and that doesn't take a long time. Feel the fresh air, cool air, cool water and cool panorama, even though on weekend such traffic jams still block your way and make the traffic creep. Are you in London now, by the way?

Or consider Bali, but in case you just want to have a virtual office anywhere you are, you can have it while surfing, it's not cheap, but is that silly? Well just learn to tickle your fancy. There's nothing free. You can have one, be it in London or anywhere else. The point is you are sure you have better strategies to improve your business.

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

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