Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why Yoko Ono Likes Me

I am grateful Yoko Ono likes me. She cannot live without me. She's been with me the rest of her life. Ono grew up in Tokyo, and studied at Gakushuin, I know it. She withdrew from her course after two years and rejoined her family in New York in 1953. She spent some time at Sarah Lawrence College, and then became involved in New York City's downtown artists scene, including the Fluxus group.

I also know she first met Lennon in 1966 at her own art exhibition in London, and they became a couple in 1968. Ono and Lennon famously used their honeymoon as a stage for public protests against the Vietnam War with their Bed-Ins for Peace in Amsterdam and Montreal in 1969.

But there's no story about Yoko Ono liked doing mountain climbing in Indonesia, India or Pakistan. Do you like mountain climbing, anyway? Mountain climbing doesn’t require power-lifting skills, but it does require a fair bit of strength. After all, you’re not just hauling your body up the mountain, you’re also probably hauling a large pack on your back and your body needs to be able to move vertically with that extra weight.

But we're not talking about mountain climbing here, we're talking about my relationship with Yoko Ono. As Lennon's widow, Ono works to preserve his legacy. She funded Strawberry Fields in New York City, the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, and the John Lennon Museum in Saitama, Japan (which closed in 2010). She has made significant philanthropic contributions to the arts, peace, Philippine and Japan disaster relief, and other causes. Ono continues her social activism, inaugurating a biennial $50,000 Lennon Ono Grant for Peace in 2002 and co-founding the group Artists Against Fracking in 2012.

As the one to serve not only yoko Ono, I have so many uncountable fans all around the world. Once she said, "John loved chocolate. I didn’t. But after his passing, I went for chocolate, and I liked it. Now, I’m trying not to eat too much of it."

Ono likes to have orange juice with grated ginger and garlic mixed when she comes home from a long trip abroad, But she cares about me much than that.

Okay, now I just cannot hide myself from you all guys if you're so curious about me. First, do you know what she eats? She doesn’t crave for big fat steak, Just a little bowl of rice and kimchi will do for her lunch. Kimchi is her favorite thing.She eats mostly vegetables. She can’t stand how we are treating the animals.She eats fish off and on. But actually, She feels the best when she is just eating good, fresh vegetables.

Now, why she likes me, because I think she and most Asians agree that their stomach will cry if they don't see me in a day. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. Name is rice and here is my partner kimchi.

why yoko ono likes m
Hm... Yummy ...

Why I Hate Darren Kavinoky

Do you know why I hate Darren Kavinoky? It's because as a termite I never see him supporting what I have been doing with my colony to have fun in this world. He never thinks that termites play a vital role in nature. We enjoy breaking down dead wood and other cellulose materials. In His office not even once he cares about the ecosystem and the balance of nature, how come? While now, I'm proud of being a pest that causes over $5 billion in damages in the U.S. each year.

See? You cannot even see me in this picture!
Do you know the meaning of cryptic? we, termites don’t come out into the open. And we want him to be open to us. Once I saw this guy walking down the street. I wondered why he doesn't want to creep as what we do. That's cool, you know? God, I really hate Darren Kavinoky, not because he is an American criminal lawyer and television journalist who is the creator of the television show Deadly Sins on Investigation Discovery, but because he never understands what we feel about one another. We really want to be human and treated equal, and we want him to declare that this idea is brilliant. We want him to spread this message through his Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media that we deserve a new life.

I really envy that Kavinoky was named a Thomson Reuters Super Lawyer Rising Star in 2005 and 2006, and was named a Super Lawyer in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. I just want to outdo him. I really want to win a Super Termite Star contest if it's available, but when will that time come into being?

So, guys, how to attract Darren Kavinoky's attention so that he cares about us? Should I say a keynote in public speaking is not only a talk that establishes the main underlying theme, but also a talk about marginal population--us? I really hate to hate human being, but you know, human beings like browsing on the Internet and reading something like how to kill termites, how to do it yourself and save big money. 

As a criminal lawyer, I don't think Darren Kavinoky will help me. Maybe he'll contact the author of this blog and say, your content is silly dude!

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