Friday, December 30, 2016

What Makes Animated Explainer Videos Such a Great Marketing Tool?

Digital marketing has exploded in the last 10 years and, today, it has become a more valuable method of advertising than traditional marketing channels. Furthermore, this industry is expected only to improve and grow in the future. This is why a lot of business organizations have started investing more in digital marketing.

Digital advertising is more available, measurable, and can be targeted in a much better way. You can focus on the exact target audience you want, to ensure that your advertising material is seen by people who might have interest in it.

Digital marketing can include various mediums, like text, images, and videos. Visual content is currently the strongest form of advertising, with the emphasis on videos. This form of content has the most potential for attracting the attention of consumers and engaging them. Today, we will talk about animated explainer videos, which are some of the most effective video forms in marketing.

How are animated explainer videos different? 

Animated videos in general are quite engaging, compelling, entertaining and visually appealing. But, when it comes to explainer videos, the biggest advantage is not in their animations, backgrounds, characters or customized colors. Their greatest value is their story.

Liked I mentioned before, text is a tricky business, as most people won’t bother to read something and this leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation. Explainer videos completely remove the guessing part and they effectively explain the core functions and general uses for certain services or products.

Simply put, people will understand your services or products better when they have a video of someone talking and explaining everything to them. Animated explainer videos also use professional animations to enhance their message and bring business organizations and what they have to offer to their potential customers.

Basically, they have the same traits like regular explainer videos, but they are much more versatile and they can be used to promote any products or services, if the animators know how to do their jobs professionally.

Why is animation effective? 

It’s true that animated explainer videos are only one form of video marketing; however there are a lot of reasons why a business should choose these types of videos to market themselves. In some cases, getting real actors is better, but animated explainer videos have their advantages as well.

For example, if your business works on building websites and wants to present how important it is to optimize the site for mobile users, you will have to show some studies and figures in your video, to show that mobile consumers are very important and that it’s essential that they have a great experience, as any other visitor. You cannot do this if you don’t have any animations. Literally any information can be presented virtually through animation and this is the key advantage.

Vivid animations, combined with interesting cartoons can invoke strong emotions, while setting a unique atmosphere where viewers are focused on the video constantly and kept engaged. This means that emotion is added to the mix, which enhances the effect you want to achieve.

Your buyer persona can relate to your animations 

Before creating your own video that can represent your business, products, or services the best possible, you need to understand your target audience. Once you’ve done your research, use the important information you have gathered to create a typical buyer persona which would be interested in your business and what you have to offer.

Once you have drawn a picture of your customer and created a buyer persona, you should create an animated character that can be appealing to that person. He or she should have similar problems, questions, choices, and interests.

This is how people will feel connected to the character talking to them and they’ll identify with him or her. This connection will create trust, and that’s what’s most important.

These videos can help you improve conversion rates, make your website visitors stay longer on your website and browse through your services. Additionally, if you share videos through social media and they become viral, you can even attract greater traffic to your website.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why Whiteboard Animation Should be a Big Part of Your Branding Strategy

The field of marketing is always changing and we are witnessing many developments in this industry. With digital marketing getting so popular lately, many new trends have come into play. The diversity and potential of all these advancements has made it possible for businesses to design quite effective and diversified marketing strategies.

Whiteboard animation, being one of them, has become a very popular medium in the modern marketing industry, especially when building a brand identity. Many marketing agencies and businesses recognized its various potentials. Here are some of the reasons that made whiteboard animation/videos an inseparable part of every serious marketing effort and branding strategy.

Make Sure That your Message is Heard

The main reason why businesses invest in branding is to establish that special emotional connection between their establishment and the customers. This goes beyond all the benefits and other perks your customers will experience when using your company’s products or services. A successful branding strategy has to be able to affect the bond between the customers and the company. In other words, it has to inspire them to start caring for the company.

Some of the commonly used elements in whiteboard animation are logos and custom themes. And, this type of animation is exactly what can make the prospects associate the messages found in videos with the business establishment. The visual appeal of whiteboard videos is different than the ones found in common video ads. This is why more and more companies tend to spice up their branding game with this type of animation.

Better “Brand Boost Interest”

One of the characteristics of a successful branding strategy is that it has to be put into action and be able to affect prospects well before they have even considered making a purchase. This is a very sensitive step that comes right before the purchasing decision is about to be initiated and whiteboard animations are exactly what businesses are using to build confidence.

Generating interest in your prospects’ minds is known as “boosting brand interest”. With this in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many branding strategy agencies outsource the animation process to studios specialized in whiteboard animation. With whiteboard animations, companies can precisely control what they want to put out there. This way, a branding strategy can be planned down to every little detail.

Furthermore, companies can continue using the same whiteboard video for many other occasions, thus lowering the total cost of the entire marketing strategy.

Stand Out from the Crowd

With the competition being so hard and the markets being so volatile and oversaturated, marketing efforts and branding strategies have to help the business get in a better position and establish an ongoing and wide influence. In order to achieve this, businesses have to come up with unique content – whiteboard animations are the right solution in this case.

They can be used to, in the subtlest of ways, distinguish a company’s products or services from the competition. This is why we can see more and more whiteboard animations presenting a product and service with all of its unique features and explaining what benefits it brings into the prospect’s everyday life.

Provide Upfront Value

Whiteboard animation is commonly used to educate prospects and inform them of the new products and services that are about to become available on the market. But, what’s more important, every whiteboard video also contains fragments where companies emphasize what they have designed and how it is going to help customers. By providing upfront value of their products and services, companies also build a respectable brand image, which leads to getting increased credibility with the audience.

This credibility is really important when a potential customer decides where to make a purchase. Whiteboard videos can be the factor that sways them to turn to your establishment.

As you can see, there are many benefits to making whiteboard animation part of your marketing and branding strategies. This type of animation can easily become a unique channel for communicating subtle and specific messages to customers. It also has the power to intrigue an average viewer to look further into the products and services of a company. If you want to expand your knowledge on this subject, feel free to read other online articles that cover branding strategies.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Indonesia Voice Over Samples

These Indonesian voice over samples are for you to review. And while doing so, what would you like to drink, coffee, maybe? Sorry, I don't drink coffee. I just drink tea occasionally and much water, not that much, but just enough for my skinny body. Wait here, but sorry, I cannot just go to the kitchen right now and cannot email you this liquid due to my busy schedule.

But, wait, why can someone be skinny?  Even he eats much! To find the answer we need to go to the keyhole and find some mice there mocking at you. Just pretend to be Tom and they are Jerrys. Wow, this is going to be awesome! Anyway, you haven't started listening to the Indonesian voice over samples below, have you? Not yet, one thing for sure, because I'm offering you more than coffee and you get distracted. Coffee is somewhat not good for our body. Not somewhat? But totally? Extremely? You cannot make it as a sleeping pill, that's silly. And if you make it the one to depend on to stay awake you make big mistake. Maybe not too big--to some, off course.

Okay, back to the idea of how and why I write this post. You know one of the biggest countries in the world? You know how investment would be efficient with a huge population there in need of your product? And you know, how through my experience, are there getting more and more people starting investing in Indonesia? Having business here is highly recommended. Thus, you need promotion; if language is one of the problems, so you need voice over actor. And you may find the samples here.

I don't have to provide data about how much the exact population in this country. But have you known that our country has great people with hospitality and friendly. Everywhere you go, finding people smiling at you. There are some bad guys like in any other places all around the world, but the percentage is small and you are relatively save here. When there's a terrorism bomb, our skinny president will be the first to react than his political rivals, lol. Anyway,  I am just giving way to you to start thinking about expanding business, maybe through testimonial video? Here is one sample.

video testimonial indonesia
Click me

Or SEO articles written in Indonesian? I can translate very well, but currently there are too many people doing this job and it takes much time for detail like choice of word and how to stay up in context. You call it labor? Not laboring job, isn't it? So, I just leave it all to the young to do the rest.

Well, get down to business, here is one sample of the voice over narrated in bahasa Indonesia

Here is another one

And this

Sorry, cannot provide you coffee today, but I can provide my time to lend my voice if you have any projects needed to be done. Thank you.

Have a great day!

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

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