Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tom Jones Without Love: There Is Nothing But Just A Great Song!

Tom Jones Without Love There Is Nothing is nothing but a great song. Even though I was born in the early of  70's and got to like this song and listened to it much in my teenaged life, this song is phenomenal, melodious, tender, everlasting and nice to sing. I am eager to sing the way the pop star does, but unfortunately I have not enough breath for this. Maybe Smule is a good idea done in Android, only if there's nobody around. Lol.

The following is a dedication video for all of you who like his Mr. Jones song. But you may not find him singing there. You'll see a cartoon animation instead to entertain those, especially, brokenhearted or depressed. Not really? This is for anybody who like oldie goldie love songs and--for all generations. Here is Tom Jones Without Love There Is Nothing In Whiteboard Video, animated in parody. Just enjoy the video and give me some comments if you love.

And here is the lyric to sing while watching this video

Without Love (There Is Nothing)

To live for today and to love for tomorrow
Is the wisdom of a fool
Because tomorrow is promised to no one
You see love is that wonderful thing that the whole wide world needs plenty of
And if you think for one minute that you can live without it
Then you are only fooling yourself
Listen please I'd like to tell you something that happened to me just the other day

I awakened this morning, I was filled with despair
All my dreams turned to ashes and gone, oh yeah
As I looked at my life it was barren and bare
Without love I've had nothing at all

Without love I've had nothing
Without love I've had nothing at all
I have conquered the world
All but one thing did I have
Without love I've had nothing at all

Once I had a sweetheart who loved only me
There was nothing, oh that she would not give, oh no
But I was blind to her goodness and I could not see
That a heart without love cannot live

Without love I've had nothing
Without love I've had nothing at all
I have conquered the world
All but one thing did I have
Without love I've had nothing at all

Well, apart from the phenomenon that used to make a hit in his heyday, this Tom Jones Without Love: There Is Nothing may inspire you to do more than music and entertaining, promote and boost your sales in whiteboard vide, maybe? Okay, you may see an animated music video here as well as funny cartoon to tell a story. So, what do you think? Have a right-brained strategy for business? Just create your own story to brand your product and put call-to-action invite at the end of video.Whiteboard animation is effective for this purpose. Or a music video in whiteboard? Whatever

Thank you for watching, anyway. Get inspired, guys!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Top 10 Most Expected Films of 2018

If you like to spend your free time watching movies and if you are an expert about the new movies coming out, you will definitely want to be in the loop about the upcoming movies 2018. Then this article will be of interest to you. If you are a well-performing student, but sometimes just have no time to write your academic papers because you’d like to watch a new film with your friends instead, you can easily find a professional who will help to do assignment in no time. You have the right to spend your spare time interestingly, don’t you?

The upcoming 2018 year looks very promising for cinema lovers due to the number of potential blockbusters to release. Let’s have a look at the list of movies coming out in 2018, sorted by popularity that are surely worth watching. In this list, you will find films made in different genres that will suit all tastes.

Here are the best ten most expected films of 2018:

1. Untitled Deadpool Sequel (Action, Adventure, Comedy). Wade Wilson, a mutilated cafeteria chef, tries to realize his dream to become the hottest bartender in Mayberry. At the same time, he struggles to cope with his lost sense of taste. He battles with ninjas, the yakuza, and sexually aggressive canines. He gets to know the importance of friendship, family, and flavor. The movie is to be released in June 2018.


2. Rampage
(Action, Adventure, Science Fiction). Primatologist Davis Okoye has unshakable ties with the intelligent gorilla named George. But due to a genetic experiment, this gentle ape transforms into a raging monster. Consequently, the newly created monsters journey across North America, destroying everything in their way. Okoye in collaboration with a discredited genetic engineer tries to find an antidote wishing to save the awful creature that was once his friend George. The film is set to be released in April 2018.

3. Avengers: Infinity War
(Action, Adventure, Fantasy). It is an upcoming sequel to the ‘Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron’. The film was announced in 2014 under the title ‘Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1’. The Avengers and their allies continue to defend the world, but there appears a new danger called Thanos, whose aim is to get all six artifacts – the Infinity Stones and use them to bring the Earth to collapse. The movie will get the release in May 2018.


4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Adventure, Family, Fantasy). It is the continuation of the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. The film is scheduled to be released in November 2018.

5. Aquaman (Action, Adventure, Science Fiction). The main character Arthur Curry discovers that he is the heir of Atlantis, the underwater kingdom, and should be its leader and become a hero to the world.

6. Black Panther (Action, Adventure, Science Fiction). T'Challa returns home after the death of his father who was the King of Wakanda. The nation of his country is isolated but technologically advanced. Soon it appears that it is not so easy for the heir to the throne to become a king. The factions in his own country do their best to prevent him from doing that. But the heir gets help from the Black Panther and the C.I.A. agent named Everett K. Ross.

7. A Quiet Place (Drama, Horror, Thriller). It is a supernatural horror film telling us about a family that lives a solitary life on a farm in fear of an unknown threat that can attack them every moment. This supernatural evil is very sensitive to sound, and the family has to live in silence. The film is set to be released in April 2018.

8. Game Night (Action, Comedy, Crime). Several friends meet from time to time for game nights, but once the game transforms into the investigation of a murder. The film is scheduled to be released in March 2018.

9. Hellboy (Action, Adventure, Fantasy). This film was originally announced as ‘Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen’. It is a superhero film telling us the story of a Hellboy who comes to England to fight with Merlin’s consort and the Blood Queen. But this battle will lead to the end of the world, so he tries to prevent it to the best of his ability.

10. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
(Action, Adventure, Science Fiction). It is the sequel to the ‘Jurassic World’. The film is set to be released in June 2018. We will see the return of our favorite characters and new awful dinosaurs that are more terrifying than ever. Dilophosaurus will return to the film after it has been absent since the original film.

Follow the upcoming movie releases and have a nice time watching these amazing movies. I am sure you will be able to choose a least one movie from this list to your liking.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Whiteboard Animation Samples: Customized and Unique, Just Check It Out Here!

The following is whiteboard animation samples in a video, created in custom and unique one,
I put it here in 11-minute duration. Maybe this is too long to watch, but you have more than enough time to decide whether to choose this platform to promote or your business later or learning the drawing style, etc or skip it. For shorter duration you may check it out here.

First, video marketing is not a new thing. It has been around for a while. However, for some or many large corporations this medium is relatively new. In fact, the Internet is full of clips of promoting products, services, personalities and more than that, the year 2016 marked as the year of video. You may find so many whiteboard animation video samples scattered anywhere on blogs or sites and mostly on YouTube as the biggest place for video library. Indeed video marketing works; it’s been proven that, not only it is engaging but also effective than other mediums. Companies know they should be working with video, and they need to use the right presentation which is effective and inexpensive.

Today so many leading advertisers are producing video content on YouTube everyday. The trend continues as long as the Internet exists. Businesses want to survive. Everybody wants to survive. Offline cannot give the answer as to how to get unlimited market and income effectively. And on the other hand, people need also a relevant show rather than boring business explanatory in chart and monotonous graphic. If you prefer to use whiteboard animation, this kind of video gives variation. You see any kinds of samples starting from stock image and clipart use to hand drawn, sketch, a customized one which is unique to see, something which is close to real show.

RSA Animate started all things, creating the first few of this quirky video style. When it comes to visual detail, this part is not a big deal rather than full of useful contents that explain a subject quickly and precisely. I personally say, they are the best as pioneer! They give influence to those coming to the stage later, including me myself. As everyone know whiteboard animation videos feature a blank white canvas on the screen. What makes it unique you can put background music and, if you want, you can dance as well. No kidding! Creative artists don’t use stock images provided by the software but they create custom images to make them stand out from the crowd. That’s what I like from doing a hobby as well as enjoying drawing a narrative text.

So when you think that making a business video really suck, maybe you think much of perfection and cost. Quality matters and you believe it. What is shown should be elegant, lavish and luxury. You still think traditional way is effective but not aware that it will end up with negative impression for the business you are running. Change your mindset quickly!

So, how much should you pay for a whiteboard animation video, and more specifically if you want it customized and unique? The price varies. Some say it is hard to place a figure on how much it would cost, as it usually works on a case-by-case basis. Well, as for me, I won’t say it’s cheap and expensive, either. We can talk further about it.

Have a nice day!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Drawing Animation Video Samples: How To Draw Something And Animate It

How to draw something and animate it? Whiteboard animation videos have been so many there to show this on YouTube. And for drawing lessons, so many guys have been using SVG format uploaded in mp4 as well

There are a great number of attractive videos, well know as custom whiteboard animation. For presentation or product promotion, this doodle or sketch imagery is effective to substitute boring chart and diagrams. You know, pictures speak  louder than words. That is what business believes so far.

As for me, the one who likes drawing since a kid, I might be late presenting publicly a tutorial about how to draw any objects and animate it as well. So many guys out there have done it on YouTube and some use real drawing books and pencil or marker, no software support. This is natural. Well, might do a natural one someday, I just don't want to burn money for paper and marker, thanks to technology, lol.

Anyway, what's shown below is a hobby, and presenting something unique might inspire you who are into art, to take a clever step to learn drawing more intensively, especially if you want to make money getting graphic design jobs.

The following demos are only demonstration and done very short, less than a minute, the title in my native language bahasa Indonesia. But, no worries, English translation are already provided there.

Let's start drawing, baby, see the samples below

Valentino Rossi

Words into image, this is so fun and no more new things there on YouTube. Valentino Rossi, start with word Rossi there and keep dancing with your hand, draw it and move it to make animation effect. Software used is Sparkol/Videoscribe.

Draw Your Drum and Play It As Well?

A simple thing to draw a drum and you may play it later, uses the same software as above mentioned, but you need gif format to make the drum sticks alive. I do all gif motion animation in Flash Macromedia, it's simple.

Turn A Baby Into Grandpa

Most people like sinless face; baby is such an inspiration and to make it fun, we may morph the baby into a grandpa. That's cool. You may find effect of morphing animation in Sparkol.

Let's Draw Fish And Eat It As Well

This video of drawing fish has amusing ending, but as a surprise I don't want to tell you now here, you may watch it yourself here. The text is in Indonesian but English subtitle is provided there.  

Fans of Ronaldo Must See This

One sample of drawing Cristiano Ronaldo with his ant-like hairy face. May you get inspiration, honey!

Thank you for dropping by and happy watching! Want to watch all in a playlist? Click here for more samples.

Friday, December 8, 2017

It's Never Too Late To Start Your Writing Career

Growing up, we have often been faced with stereotypes of what period one ought to start something, or what career offers a place of prestige more than others. Moreover, in studying for those careers and aspirations, the simpler things we wished to achieve in our lives and only get discovered when as adults we’ve run full circle and come back to those childhood wishes within us.

Some of us recall being inspired by our favorite authors or bloggers, or columnists in the newspapers. We were enthralled by their adept mastery of words and resolved within ourselves to become an author and write beautiful stories or articles that can positively influence the sector we choose to write on – until life ‘occurred’ to us. Now with three grown children, a spouse and so much time gone, you sometimes find yourself wondering: is it too late to work on this? With my age, commitments and how far I have gone in life, can I still work towards becoming a writer?

The answer is, absolutely yes! There is no specific age range dedicated to starting; it is mostly about starting right and staying dedicated to it. As many accomplished authors and writers would tell you, in the world of literary exploits, age is nothing but a number. A 50-year-old author can achieve as much as a 27-year-old writer, and even more. Your ability to work on the creativity embedded in you and convert it to words that capture the soul of your audience is what makes you a step closer to becoming a good writer.

How to be a writer? Starting a writing career requires your time, dedication, and readiness for anything. It also requires you to find your niche for a start. What tickles your fancy or stirs up that deep passion inside, making you feel like you are about to explode with words? Pay close attention to it. It could be political issues, domestic violence irrespective of who is at the receiving end, science fiction, hi-tech, cartoons, etc.

The next thing is to discover the audience that enjoys reading your type of works – children, adults, teenagers or anyone who needs to “write my paper” but don’t want to do it themselves – it’s a good start. If you are working towards becoming a novelist that writes about romance or stories that portray the features of true love, particularly to youth, you need to make your writing meaningful and understandable for any young person. Your stories should have an aura surrounding them that keeps the reader glued to the very ending.

You also need to brace yourself for rejections, because a lot of publishing companies might reject your script, citing one reason or the other. Make the best use of the reasons you hear by using them as opportunities to improve your work and cut out the excesses. Rejection does not mean your work is useless; it only means the right publishing company has not found you yet. Also, there are many options for self-publishing these days, with plans that can align, to an extent with your pocket.

Listening to other authors speak about their experience in the writing industry goes without saying. Sometimes, finding an author who is committed to your genre or a column writer who dishes out articles connected to your area of interest can be what you need to stir your drive to be a better writer and come up with ideas that will surprise even you.

Another thing you can do is start little; you have social media as a tool. Use it; start by posting short stories or articles aimed at analyzing certain world issues or political issues. Tag your friends, especially those who have a thing for literary works. Sometimes we get so familiar with our ‘gold’ that we just see it as ‘a shining yellow metal.' Sometimes we need others around us to help us identify our treasure. If you have friends or colleagues that are into the world of writing or have acquaintances that work in the capacity of editors and have an experienced eye for good writing, you can send in your work to them to review and suggest sweeter scenarios or effective ways to create suspense. Listening to experienced people can go a long way in helping you build your writing career.

No matter what phase of life you are in, always remember: it is never too late. The world is wide enough one more tangible opinion or breath-stealing story. Let your voice be heard; your work might be the inspiration someone needs to change his world for good.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Our Top 5 Tips for a Successful Product Launch

Product launch is a crucial phase in the life of every new product. But many companies fail due to the fact that wrong approach was used when launching the proper product. Several businesses present new ideas to their customers without concluding on a strategy for starting it.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Product Launch

Engaging in a promotion, having a reasonable budget, and creating credibility are few of the challenges that you will face when creating a new product. Understanding of the purpose increase chances of success that the product will attain in the market. Here, there are some helpful tips when you are planning on the launch steps that will help me do my research paper and will guide you in achieving success in the desired field.

Understand your product

Getting to know your product is priceless. This is arguably the most important aspect when launching a new product. Consumers already have many products competing for their attention, hence you should be able to design a viable promotion method that will aid the product launch.

Therefore, in-depth knowledge of what it's offering helps to present the best features to your audience. The product must fulfill a need in the market, and it should be of benefit to potential customers.

Gaining the attention of many people and interacting with them make the product financially viable.

Have adequate knowledge of your competition

Numerous products are offered by many companies, which means you are up against stiff competition. In order to have a successful product, it is advisable to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

This knowledge will aid your marketing strategy and will help you to measure how your product performs against its rivals.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competition will throw light on what gives them an edge over you in the market. This will help in mapping out a way of improving your product and push you ahead of them.

Knowing their weaknesses can also help you to take advantage of such lapses to take the market and win over customers. Offering customer support can be of help to know what consumers expect from their new product.

Clarify your audience

Having a good product is not enough, your target audience is significant as well. There should be a clear audience that the product targets. Target people who are most likely to patronize your new product and if you have an older product in the market, take advantage of potential clients and improve on what they need to become regular ones.

Target customers who are most likely to patronize your product, this is important when you are designing a new product. With an adequate support staff, you should be able to streamline your audience based on their needs, age, and gender, depending on what your product is.

Synchronize your social media platforms

Make sure that your social media platforms have the same messages and information before the launch. Ensure that profile pictures are the same and the color scheme should be the same as well.

If you are not using those platforms regularly earlier, make sure that few weeks to the launch that you update contents regularly to feel how potential clients will feel about the product.

If the potential customer hears about the product, the next thing is to search for the product on Facebook, Twitter, Google to have a feel of what people are saying about the product.

Promote your launch

If you wish to leave a lasting impression on your audience, ensure that you promote your product extravagantly. Adopt the best product launch ideas, which will complement your products. Is common to hype products to generate curiosity in potential users, yet you may not sound salty, or too desperate to sell your product.

This clue is common when a new smartphone company or an automaker wants to launch a new product, the new about the product will be in the air for weeks, allowing people to speculate, debate and discuss its features, even before they have the opportunity to have a touch of it.

Having a new product is not the end, generating enough audience is the key, and it will not come by accident, careful examination of competition, securing an audience and hyping the product are necessary to launch steps when you are about to develop a new product in the market.

BIO: Sandra Larson is a prolific writer at Eduzaurus with many years of writing experience that cuts across many fields. Her passion for business and products development stands her out in the preferred area of specialty.

Diligent and comment, Sandra writes with passion, helps all students in need to achieve the desired results and does justice to topics before writing any piece

Friday, December 1, 2017

Top 5 Countries to Visit for Christmas Holidays

Christmas Holidays are a magic time, when all the dreams must come true, thus if you have been dreaming of traveling and Christmas getaways are approaching, you can start right away. We all know that choosing a travel destination is not an easy task, some people even spend months choosing the one that will enjoy visiting. If you still can’t make up your mind and make a final decision, then our five awesome places, where you can have best Christmas vacations that you will recall the whole year round, will be of great value for you. Here are they:

  •  Austria

Salzburg that is located in Austria is amidst the most attractive European places to go for Christmas. Annually, its historical center transforms into Salzburg Christmas Market, where you can paint the town red and enjoy listening to the choral singing and trying local cuisine: there you will be treated with freshly-baked gingerbread and hot mulled wine. Amidst the other places to go in Austria are Vienna, Wels, Graz and others. If this is what you are looking for on Christmas, then do not hesitate and book your tickets in advance.

  • Finland

The motherland of Santa Claus is an ideal place to spend your Christmas vacation. The temperature there in this period is about -15 °С and everything is covered with thick white snow. You may ask me why to go there? The answer is simple: you have to see with your own eyes and admire this snowy fairy tale; just rent a small cottage and have an active holiday with skiing, snowboarding or sledding or enjoy the peace of this season with a glass of wine on the terrace. You can also visit famous Lapland and take joy in the Northern lights, try traditional cuisine and visit Joulupukki’s residence, where you can get unforgettable memories. If you are a student, who is constantly in need of inspiration for your next semester concerning top writing services, you will find it there as well.

  • Germany 

Some people consider Christmas in Berlin as the best in Europe, but of course, there is no accounting for taste. But if you wish to dive into real Christmas Carol, you have to visit this country, no matter what city you will choose. There you can visit various Christmas fairs, and try all the gastronomic attributes of this holiday: caramel apples, houses and hearts made of gingerbread, traditional Christstollens and various sorts of mulled wine. The average temperature is about 0°С to -4°С, thus you won’t get cold, for sure.

  • Greece

If you are tired of the cold and snowy weather, then the ideal variant for you is going to the resorts, where the temperature is not that low. The Greeks used to spend Christmas evening with their closest and relatives, and later they go to the local bars and discos to continue the celebration. Also, at midnight you can watch magical fireworks and musical concerts on the streets. The best about Greece is that the temperature in this period is about +15°С, thus you can still bask in the sun.

  •  Italy

If you wish to have fun, then Italy is a perfect match for you. The most popular tourist places in Italy are Rome, Venice and Milan. Locals do really like this holiday and celebrate it with a bang, and, what’s more, you can find great hot tours at the affordable prices. If you fancy spending holidays in a delightful way, you can visit numerous spa centers, thermal springs, ancient castles and villas. Moreover, if you wish to get acquaintance with Italian culture, you can visit different museums and sightseeing. The only disadvantage of this country in winter is that snowing there happens once in a blue moon, and raining is a regular occurrence, though the temperature usually doesn’t fall below +12°С.

This holiday is a spirit of love and generosity, covered in pretty decorations and bright lights, it is a day that holds the rest of time together. This is why you should consider all the possible variants and, while choosing a place to go, should always rely on yourself, as Christmas is not a season, it is a feeling. I hope my Christmas vacation ideas will help you to decide where to spend the rest of 2017.

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