The blog of Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy is inspired by an Indonesian blog named Mr. Nurman bikin ketawa written by the same author, Muhammad Nurman, and was created in April 2009 as part of dabbling.

It used the domain www.man2tickle.blogspot.com for more than two years, and now has been transferred into www.man2tickle.com in order to be more professional.

The convert of the language from Indonesian to English is just to meet the criterion of the international standard in order that the whole people from different countries can read it as well. The title is inspired by the name of Swedish group band Michael Learns to rock.

As its name, Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy means that the author is really learning how to tickle everybody's fancy by telling parody, especially parody of celebrities in English. Due to the difference of culture between East and West, some oriental style of writing may be dominant here. However, that's what is called learning, isn't it? Yes, learning  how to make jokes accepted by international people as well as to make people happy in such a way

Privacy And Disclaimer

The owner of this blog is not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this blog on other web sites or media without permission. There is no intention by no means that the contents of this blog tell about contemptuous writings of public figures and international celebrities. All contributors are responsible for the content of their own material in respect to (but not limited to) copyright, libel and defamation. The owner of this blog may generate add income and accept advertising and links on this blog

Here it comes an entertaining blog, the different one coming from Indonesia, the country which is English is a foreign language.

Happy reading, and ready or not you are to be tickled ...

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