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Monday, February 9, 2015

Why I hate To Get Paid $100 For A Blog Post

Really hate it when people pay me $100 for a blog post. But finding my Alexa ranking screwed up, that's really annoying.

The people are working hard making money blogging and I am too. They are trying to get all the way to get rich working from home and so am I. However, when it comes to earning the income as desired many will complain why it takes so long to make a great number of money on the Internet. As for me, my loudest moan is I really hate to get paid as much as $100 or more for a blog posting when there's a request of product review. And it's worsen by the unreliable report of ranking on Alexa.

$100 per blog post
Let's start a dream of having $100 per blog post
What would you do if you were in my place? $100 to turn down is stupid thing to do? Well, my blog post is worth $0000,1 to tell you the truth. Because I wrote mostly about spoof and is learning to write something serious about a product. But the more I get serious, the further Adsense will welcome me as a publisher. Because I write about poker? or gun? There's no invitation to gamble or kill a man, but there's a rule there to follow.

Well, I will bury my dream of having $100 for a blog post as Alexa just put my blog upside down in order to make money on their own. I think I'd better get back to nature, writing the things that I don't do for a couple of months: Jokes

1. Anybody wanting to get paid $100 for a blog post, please close your eyes and say, "mirror mirror on the wall, please teach how to optimize a kind of miracle--so called the law of attraction, and keep me in positive thinking."

2. Anybody to be fooled around by Alexa, please be happy with your ranking, because if you close down your blog, the world will remember you as a hero and people will pay you $100 in your dream

3. You don't have to yell at people on the street because you fail to get $100 from the Internet after 5 years blogging. Better help me spread this "amazing news" to the world, who knows you may get lucky finding a very beautiful angel in Nigeria.

Okay, now you know why I hate to get paid $100 for a blog post. If you don't get it just write the same thing as I do and post it on your blog as an experiment. Who knows people of the same fate won't laugh at you but instead think about hiring you as a genious.

Well, just learn to tickle your fancy, anyway.

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