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Friday, December 1, 2017

Top 5 Countries to Visit for Christmas Holidays

Christmas Holidays are a magic time, when all the dreams must come true, thus if you have been dreaming of traveling and Christmas getaways are approaching, you can start right away. We all know that choosing a travel destination is not an easy task, some people even spend months choosing the one that will enjoy visiting. If you still can’t make up your mind and make a final decision, then our five awesome places, where you can have best Christmas vacations that you will recall the whole year round, will be of great value for you. Here are they:

  •  Austria

Salzburg that is located in Austria is amidst the most attractive European places to go for Christmas. Annually, its historical center transforms into Salzburg Christmas Market, where you can paint the town red and enjoy listening to the choral singing and trying local cuisine: there you will be treated with freshly-baked gingerbread and hot mulled wine. Amidst the other places to go in Austria are Vienna, Wels, Graz and others. If this is what you are looking for on Christmas, then do not hesitate and book your tickets in advance.

  • Finland

The motherland of Santa Claus is an ideal place to spend your Christmas vacation. The temperature there in this period is about -15 °С and everything is covered with thick white snow. You may ask me why to go there? The answer is simple: you have to see with your own eyes and admire this snowy fairy tale; just rent a small cottage and have an active holiday with skiing, snowboarding or sledding or enjoy the peace of this season with a glass of wine on the terrace. You can also visit famous Lapland and take joy in the Northern lights, try traditional cuisine and visit Joulupukki’s residence, where you can get unforgettable memories. If you are a student, who is constantly in need of inspiration for your next semester concerning top writing services, you will find it there as well.

  • Germany 

Some people consider Christmas in Berlin as the best in Europe, but of course, there is no accounting for taste. But if you wish to dive into real Christmas Carol, you have to visit this country, no matter what city you will choose. There you can visit various Christmas fairs, and try all the gastronomic attributes of this holiday: caramel apples, houses and hearts made of gingerbread, traditional Christstollens and various sorts of mulled wine. The average temperature is about 0°С to -4°С, thus you won’t get cold, for sure.

  • Greece

If you are tired of the cold and snowy weather, then the ideal variant for you is going to the resorts, where the temperature is not that low. The Greeks used to spend Christmas evening with their closest and relatives, and later they go to the local bars and discos to continue the celebration. Also, at midnight you can watch magical fireworks and musical concerts on the streets. The best about Greece is that the temperature in this period is about +15°С, thus you can still bask in the sun.

  •  Italy

If you wish to have fun, then Italy is a perfect match for you. The most popular tourist places in Italy are Rome, Venice and Milan. Locals do really like this holiday and celebrate it with a bang, and, what’s more, you can find great hot tours at the affordable prices. If you fancy spending holidays in a delightful way, you can visit numerous spa centers, thermal springs, ancient castles and villas. Moreover, if you wish to get acquaintance with Italian culture, you can visit different museums and sightseeing. The only disadvantage of this country in winter is that snowing there happens once in a blue moon, and raining is a regular occurrence, though the temperature usually doesn’t fall below +12°С.

This holiday is a spirit of love and generosity, covered in pretty decorations and bright lights, it is a day that holds the rest of time together. This is why you should consider all the possible variants and, while choosing a place to go, should always rely on yourself, as Christmas is not a season, it is a feeling. I hope my Christmas vacation ideas will help you to decide where to spend the rest of 2017.

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