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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jessica Simpson tickle product

So many people are searching for Jessica Simpson's perfume, fancy review or stories. There's a trend to be followed and there's satisfaction to fulfill. The stuff is available on in the Internet and so is the market. It is not available in traditional market, off course, where people buy and sell vegetables down there in the alley. Even in Thailand you can see business is conducted on a railway, and both the train and merchants take turn to use the tracks.

tickle jessica simpsonBut, perhaps you can have anything fancy about Jessica Simpson, not necessarily in the black market, but everywhere from the traditional market, street market to the glamorous mall. Don't get tickled. Pirates are still the king of product, no matter how illegal the practice is. They are the ingrained virus which spread rapidly in a country, and you know the authority, they are nothing but a lame duck.

It is not a sin to love something. There's nothing wrong to adore someone and to like to have his or her belonging, but not to in spiritual perception or context, off course. Out of carnal life, product related to Jessica Simpson to tickle your fancy is hell. Don't listen to the envy or you may reflect on it?

The world doesn't care about duplication, lack confidence or copying attitude, but the Internet pay attention much to Jessica Simpson and products related to her. Britney Spears, Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber. And the Internet gives more than what a person need. It is not one that people want to have, but millions are not enough to satisfy them. It is not the one to tickle your funny bone instead of your fancy.

Thank you Ms. Simpson.Will you accompany me shopping with Jessica. But who is she?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fancy Products to tickle your funny bone?

Sound weird to get fancy products to make you laugh. But, does it? Or not at all? It is an imaginative, decorative, expensive, something that you like, or when it comes to apparel, a sort of special clothes that you wear for a party where everyone dresses as a particular type of character or thing. Just say the definition.
fancy products

Some people favor fancy products, but off course, out of silly things. The one to tickle your funny bone, that's too much for a taste. Rather, it is a display of humiliation. Unless it's used for a parade or Halloween party, such a thing is only to put aside in Clark Kent's suitcase while your Supermanship is laughable.

What kind of funny products might tickle your fancy? Are they the ones printed on a T-shirt with list of celebrity sad stories or tragedies? Pictures surely will attract attention most, followed by satire, parody or humorous quotations,

To get fancy products on the Internet is a lot easier than to win a project of the like. Just think as if you were freelance artist like me. If I am wrong, you may try to hire me. Lol!

For a couple of years learning to tickle your fancy through this blog, such an idea of putting such extreme humor on a T-shirt, jacket, cup, pillow or backpack has already been long left behind, not in Clark Kent's suitcase, but may be in the draft files of this blog.

My Supermanship doubts such a product.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jessica Simpson is An American singer, full stop!

Jessica Ann Simpson (born July 10, 1980) is an Indonesian singer-songwriter, actress, television personality and fashion designer. Wait, she is not going to be tickled here, come on. Can you correct the mistake above?

Yes, off course, it's easy, right? Jessica is an American whose rise to fame began in 1999. Since that time, Ms. Simpson has achieved many recording milestones, starred in several television shows, movies, and commercials, launched a line of hair and beauty products, and designed fragrances, shoes, and handbags for women. There's nothing like the gossip above to tickle your funny bone.

Jessica has devoted time to philanthropic efforts including the remake of Robocop's original face? Come on there you go again ... don't be ridiculous. Never make up a tickling gossip .... Devoting time to philanthropic efforts are recommended for the rich, and after doing so, don't beg them  more money, okay?. Miss Simpson, please sing for us .... I can't stand living in a corrupted country! That's not funny.

A common story about Jessica Simpson is mortly related to product, fancy perfume especially. Many people are looking for it for such items are intensively promoted through the Internet  If this statement is to outdo other celebrity product maybe I am too much on this. Fashion products are the tool to beautify someone's appearance and again, there's nothing to tickle your funny bone here.

Once when I fancied my wife wearing celebrity gown, something occured to my mind: we haven't finished our last debate, not on Jessica Simpson's product, but on how I can make quick money online writing celebrity product. That sounds tickling. 

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