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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walking Dead, weird story!

As a tickling story goes in the farm, everyone has become clearly better at killing zombies. But Walking Dead' s third season is not something to tickle your funny bone, right? Just beware, if one or two of your family frequently has a tickling horrible dream about Walking Dead, you don't need to keep on narrating a story of ghosts to lull your children to sleep.

None of the familiar faces that you see in the farm using lethal weapons acting like Mell Gibson to retell the story of Gibson's heyday. You go the cinema, not to the farm, to find out about the new characters introduced in the ultra violent premiere of "Walking Dead"'s third season.

Her name is Michonne as you watch there and speaking about origin she came out of nowhere to save Andrea in the woods after the farm was overrun. She's not going to tickle your fancy by suck your blood while you are narrating a story about Columbus to your kids. She's trying to stay alive

This is part of tragedy in real life by copying what she's doing: she wields a razor-sharp katana and travels with a pair of double-amputee walkers to both mask the scent of her living flesh and carry her baggage and yell something to tickle your fancy: "No stories, guys!"

Does she mean Walking Dead is dull? Instead of making a sensation by decapitating two zombies with a single swing of her samurai sword, she just sits there in the farm wondering what such a situation she has with people expecting something unusual.

Will you be there pretending to be Michonne and help Andrea? She is very sick with a non-zombie-related illness. As Michonne, you are ticklish but never expect Andrea and the Sherpa zombies to place you in a cage then soon the tickling tortures be executed.

Everything in prison complex doesn't describe a story about inferiority complex. You see Sheriff Rick Grimes and his new sidekick, Deputy Daryl, stumble across the prison as the music turns up and everyone is dancing.

No more weird story, I believe, if you watch the Walking Dead yourself and compare it with this writing to prove art is universal and ... tickling.

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