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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Why America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World

America leads everything, very dominant and looks powerful, but it is not the greatest country in the world. 

Look at the people, do you think they are the strongest on earth and the most powerful? No way! If you think that the men can work out all the time and add more muscles and make a lot of achievement in life, and the women grab a long life emancipation status, these Americans are not the strongest, not the greatest in the world. What they look like and what they perform on many heroics movies are not what they really are. Now let's see. how many Americans can climb on the wall and crawl like Spider-man and swing from one building to another? How many can transform into such monster as Hulk? Well, that just to tickle your fancy.

Why America is Not the Greatest Country in the WorldThe fact is science is progressive here. Freedom is number one. Human rights are well respected. Many people from all over the world come to pursue a study here, but people forget Americans cannot climb the wall and swinging like Spider-man does which is as you know--fictitious. They are not fictitious, they are real, admitting to living in the greatest country and being the best on earth but they are not able to prove it. if you call yourself Uncle Jojo and you deal with this Uncle Sam and you can stay sober getting along with him in a month, you are better than him.

During the 1960s, drugs like marijuana, amphetamines, and psychedelics came on the scene, and a new generation embraced drugs. With the drug culture exploding, American government developed new laws and agencies to address the problem. In 1973, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration was created to enforce federal drug laws. In the 1970's, cocaine reappeared. Then, a decade later, crack appeared, spreading addiction and violence at epidemic levels. This is not a sign of the greatest country in the world. Why can't you stop drugs? Why do you still respect human rights if such addictive can continuously destroy the nation and laugh at Barbaric bylaw executed by most of Muslim countries?

The mind-blowing facts about porn or free sex in America is another reason that this is a suck nation. When a population can freely lead a life like animal which enables anybody to have sex with anyone anywhere, it is absolutely not the greatest country in the world. What about porn? The average age when a child first sees porn online is 11. 20% of men admit to watching porn online at work. 13% of women do. And more about morally wrong or not wrong this is just to accommodate anything related to human rights?

Well, if this is subjective and doesn't sound humorous then I fail to tickle your fancy. But that's not the point. If it is objective and not for the haters to discredit it, all of us can take a great lesson from here.

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