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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Make Your Dreams Come True And Create Excellent Cartoon

Every creational person dreams to create something genius, what will disturb minds of people and suggest them on global thoughts. Humanity created many methods of such greatness’s expression, such as book, cinema, telephone and so on. Nevertheless, this article will reveal all nuances and difficulties of composing the cartoon.

It will be right to say that all people love to watch cartoons. We love to observe how little men and animals amusingly move on the display of TV. Nevertheless, what is about the formation of cartoon by your own forces? This article will help in realization of your own animation project. Let us go.

Creating of cartoon may be long and difficult process. However, if you are consumed with desire to see your own animated stories on the display, the result will cost accomplished work. The process of cartoon’s formation can be divided on the next stages:

  • · The development of idea;
  • · Preparation of plot and scene selection;
  • · The process of animation;
  • · Tuning of voice effects.
  • Discern every stage in more detail.

The development of idea. Imagine that you are entrepreneur, which has business in the sphere of animation. What is the first essential thing for you? First of all, take into consideration own resources. All people are different. Some persons have poor imagination but great financial state and vice versa. Hence, if you are engaged in development of idea for your animated film, think about equipment for your cartoon and its budget. Without doubt, it will be hard for you to be occupied with development of plots, which require formation of complicated animated scenes, such as difficult technique, because of experience’s absence. You should also pay attention to the various equipment according to difficulty of cartoon. Plasticine cartoon with big pool of characters and decorations requires more equipment and materials in comparison with cartoon on celluloid film consisting of one episode.

Another important factor is the currency of the cartoon. Determine strict time study of cartoon. Do you want to create cartoon just for Internet? In this case, cartoon should be no more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, viewers will be not ready to watch it until the end. Does talent of creative person wish to think about animated film? They usually last 60-120 minutes as common films. It will be easy to create the plot for the future cartoon after the determination of currency.

Whom do I dedicate this cartoon? It is the next question during the development of idea. Despite children usually watch cartoons, there are many cartoons with hidden sense on the Internet and mainly adults and teenagers will realize their content. Hence, think about possible target audience of your cartoon. For instance, children will negatively interpret cartoon with dreadful death of main character while adults will manage to understand the essence of it.

We face with many interesting, difficult, funny, sad situations in our daily life. Why should not you use them? That is why, utilize your life experience as base for cartoon. Does your friend quarrel with you? Are there many comic situations in routine of your life? Tell readers about these situations. Cartoon will only be the winner.

Main character of cartoon is an example of imitation for many viewers, especially children. Hence, create attractive main character. Nevertheless, your character does not have to be ideal. Main character is practically the same person, as we are. He has to be strong personality, which is manifested in negative and positive features of behavior.

Preparation of plot and scene selection. Let us imagine that you have finished with idea for your cartoon. What should you do as the next stage? The next step is to write plot if cartoon has dialogs. If character of your cartoon has catchwords, you need actor in order for its voice recording station. In addition, one has to print screenplay for him. It is essential to notice that process of animation is impossible without strict screenplay. One may explain this because sounds and voice should match with image.

Briefly describe the plot of cartoon. Expound main consequence of events in order to follow up course of history on various stages. However, you may not note the scenario formally if there is no dialogs in the cartoon.

Divide the plot on the several main parts. This advice does not make sense for short cartoons because they can just consist of one episode. Nevertheless, it will be better to divide the plot for simplification of work if your cartoon has long currency.

Make sketches of every big change in motion. When you make sketches of formal scene selection, every significant change in motion has to be allocated on separate frame. Insignificant changes have to be described but they do not have to be drawn separately.

Process of animation. Become familiar with various kinds of animation. It is divided on such categories: animation with the usage of celluloid film, computer animation with the help of technologies 2D and 3D and so on. Animation with the usage of celluloid film is usual method of cartoons’ creation. You need to draw by hand every frame on the piece of celluloid film and make photos of them with the help of special camera. Animation with the technology 2D requires special program and final product will look as improved adaptationof cartoon on celluloid film. You have to find special instructions according to the right usage of these programs. Animation, which uses 3D technology, also requires special programs but graphics can vary from primitive and mosaic images to the images, which may seem real. To sum up, you should be familiar with mechanism of work in one case or special instructions in other case in order to do the process of animation as well as possible.

Tuning of voice effects. The era of silent films left in past. Hence, your cartoon must be audible. You need to have good sound device and method in order to prevent desired sound effects from occurrence of echo and noises on the background. Register own voice effects. Be original and explore easy and common ways to make sounds, which your cartoon needs. For instance, the sound of fire can be manifested with the help of rumpling the tight cellophane. If you cannot create these sounds by own, look for them in the Internet.

As you can see, formation of cartoon is painstaking but rather interesting action. Do not afraid to try your forces in this business. Nothing venture-nothing gain.

This article was accomplished by the writers of professionally written paper during the shortest time with the observance of deadline.

Friday, February 3, 2017

History Of Appearance And Development Of Animation

Animation is synthetic art, where not the play of live actor or documental reproducible reality but successive row of special created and “reviving” on the display, drawn, picturesque or volumetric dollish images fixed in the film with the method of single-frame photography is on the base of it. It is the important difference of animation in comparison to the other types of movie. The artist hidden under the mask of cartoon’s character performs the role of actor. Plastic decisions of actor consist of expression of translated movement, playing of roles, impersonation of character and state.

The Birth of Animation’s Principle

The birth of animation is inextricably linked with the history of technical accessories’ appearance, which allow creating on the display illusion of movement of drawn and volumetric figures. However, animation only gradually began to realize itself as an art having huge artistic possibilities. It is interesting to notice that the principle of animation was found long before brothers Lumiere invented their famous machine for the shooting and projection of moving photos, giving the name for the new art – cinema.

Young Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau constructed rather simple device reminding childish toy. That is how scientist learned the nature of optical memory (laws of visual sensation’s inertia). It was cardboard disk with slotted hatchways in it. When the disk rotated in front of mirror, reflection of depicted on it figures gained possibility to move, “come alive”. This device was improved in England: disk was replaced on the tape with drawings imbedded into special drum, which resembled the modern film.

Pioneer of Animation

The birth of animation is closely linked with the name of talented French artist-self-taught Emile Reynaud. Reynaud with the help of praxinoscope (optical device from rotating drum, mirror system and lantern) demonstrated to French public his tapes with simple, but quite finished comic plots (E.g. Poor Piero). Scientist himself improved the mirror system of device. During almost 10 years, Reynaud showed first continuous séances of “Optical Theatre” in Museum of Grevin in Paris. “Optical theatre” of Reynaud was basically preimage of animated film. Nevertheless, this theatre was not shot as film because of ignorance of modern cinematographic equipment’s and film projection’s methods.

Were Primitive Artists Linked With Animation?

We can notice that ability to tell about the events in the form of consecutively located drawings and show the expression of movement was usual for the many artists. One may already see this feature in the creation of primitive human. Drawings of primitive human represent at the same time primordiums of pictographic written language and beginning of art. Suchlike images, which archaeologists find on stone plates, most likely had huge social significance, as they set received experience in minds of primitive humans and served as the source of communication – share of knowledge, feelings and presentations. At first, animals figured in it but soon after compositions were complicated and images of human and his scenes of hunt appeared manifested with big expression and observation.

Development Of Animation

One has to put Walter Disney next to the pioneers of animation as one of the greatest masters, who greatly influenced on the development of world animation. He is often called as the father of animation. Creation of Disney composes the whole era in development of animation. Walt Disney played remarkable role in formation and acceptation of drawn film’s art as the independent branch of cinema. Thanks to his exceptional energy and talent, he put this branch on the same level with art of play movie. It is for reason that we mentioned play movie. Play movie replaced animated films in range of European countries.

We cannot call the names of Disney’s direct predecessors such as names of Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer. They were the authors of famous cartoon character – cat Felix. Mainly this hero became the base for the loved by children character – Mickey Mouse.

To sum up, animation passed difficult way for becoming real art. Nevertheless, we all enjoy result because as children as also adults love to see them.

This material was accomplished by the writer essay

Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Tug at the Viewer's Heartstrings with Your Animations

Whether they call themselves filmmakers, painters or writers, great artists know how to make fiction come alive in front of the audiences’ eyes. “Show, don’t tell” has long been the imperative of those who create new worlds for the pleasure of others, and is one of the rules that successful content marketing strategies follow as well.

Online videos might not be as easy to make, but effective social media campaigns rely on them to engage those audiences that have no time, will or patience to read 2000 word long articles. Being just as informative and attention-grabbing or even more so, online videos will continue to pamper those who prefer to scroll faster and interact exclusively with moving pictures.

Marketing aside, engaging videos will always be among most consumed types of online content, which makes them quite suitable for effective storytelling. Regardless of purpose, you’ll need to make yours creative and innovative in order to stand out from the crowd.

If looking for something different, however, a factor that will inform, delight or do both at the same time, animations are your go-to solution. Here’s how to master them.

Shorter is Sweeter

Being an artist in the digital era is not the easiest thing in the world, let alone the most profitable. We’re constantly reminded of how indecisive and impatient our audiences have become, but still compelled to create under the pressure of the notoriously shrunken attention span. The last time anyone bothered to measure, it was 8 seconds long.

Consequently, that’s exactly how much time you have to catch somebody’s attention before it eventually bounces away. However brilliant, your animated video story depends on how you introduce it, which is why you’ll need every trick in the book to make the very beginning as exciting and engaging as possible.

Sad Stories & Happy Ends

By definition, attention “implies withdrawal from some things in order to deal effectively with others”; this means your video will have to deliver something powerful enough to silence all other thoughts and overshadow all other sources of distraction. And, what can be more powerful than emotion?

Psychologically speaking, four basic emotions that your story can and should trigger are happiness, sorrow, fear and anger. Each of them is quite potent for grabbing and retaining attention, while subtle combinations provide a truly emotionally intense ride. Though effective video editing services by video caddy can do wonders for the emotional impact of the overall story, most video-makers still choose a less risky alternative.

Awaken the Inner Child 

Ever wondered why children smile more often than adults? Wonderfully curious about the world that surrounds them, kids remain completely open toward all influences. Simply because they keep their inhibitory neurons off, catching their attention is so much easier than engaging adults.

Being initially created for children’s delight, animations return adults to less complicated phases of cognitive function. There’s something about animated characters that’s utterly lovely, infinitely interesting and, most importantly, harmless. By reintroducing adults with all these goofy cartoon companions, animated videos allow them to get in touch with their inner child, thus tapping straight into their long-hidden emotions.

Seeing, Hearing, Feeling

Still, emotional video stories need to affect different senses, while animations only trigger visual sensors. The choice of colors as well as the psychology behind them, allow masters of animation to suggest an endless number of messages, thus stimulating emotions on a deeper level. Apart from experiencing fictional worlds with their eyes, people often feel something only by listening.

Animated videos are quite suitable for emotional musical scores and sound effects as well. Though we are grow up now, most of us still remember – “A Whole New World” by heart and raise our cats in the air in celebration of the opening theme from Lion King. These Disney classics only prove what artist knew all along – appeal to a kid behind a man, and the man will crack open.

So, whether you’re trying to reach your bosses with a slideshow presentation or delight your social media neighborhood with another Totoro, keep in mind these simple motion design rules: squash and stretch to give your characters lifelike weight, delay action to keep them on the edge of their seats, communicate attitudes, moods and ideas through effective staging, time your action well and whatever you do, always exaggerate those big, lovely eyes.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hidden Underlying Ideas of Animation

Who am I? Mr. Krabs? Not sure? I'm not hiding from you!
It is not a secret that the basis of successful animated cartoon is its idea. Idea is the core of the plot of the animated cartoon. You can express the idea with 2-3 sentences. Nevertheless, general result of animated film will be higher if its idea is enthralling.

The world of animation is mysterious and contains many secrets and hidden ideas. Not only children but also adults watch cartoons. We like to watch them in our free time but seldom think that funny running pictures have some king of hidden sense. Our aim in this article is to discover hidden underlying idea of animation by the example of some cartoons.

1. SpongeBob SquarePants. Let us start with the famous cartoon of Nickelodeon “SpongeBob SquarePants”. This cartoon is object of adoration and imitation by many children. However, do you know that every character of this cartoon symbolizes one of the seven mortal sins? Audio comments to the episode “Plankton” on DVD with first season of cartoon series prove this fact. Every hero got one sin. Can you guess which one got every character?

Mr. Krabs is impersonation of greediness. Avid chef of SpongeBob impersonates himself black side of capitalistic system. Mr. Krabs thinks nothing else but profit, economizes on all and even sings a song that how he loves money in one of the episodes.

Envy in the cartoon is Plankton. Plankton compensates his little size over and above with the help of huge envious ego not giving him a peace even for a minute. All his life is embodiment of plans about the ownership of krabsburgers’ secret recipe. According to his opinion, they are personation of all that, that he is unfairly deprived.

Laziness is Patrick Star. Patrick is so lazy that he lives under the stone, does not work and almost all the time sleeps or plays games. He even gets reward “For the biggest laziness than anyone other” in the episode “Big pink loser”.

Squirrel Sandy Cheeks has pridefulness. It is enough of one look at the squirrel in order to understand that it is impossible to find prouder creature. She is proud of her Texas origin and fact that she can live under the water and is always busy with self-improvement.

Anger is Squidward Tentacles. It is quite understandable explanation: Squidward does not rage on SpongeBob, Patrick, his job and life only when he sleeps.

Gluttony is another name of SpongeBob’s pet, Gary. Domestic pet of SpongeBob sleeps and meows. However, it meows because of hunger. Once when SpongeBob was not in time for feeding him, Gary ate off half of sofa. It managed to find yearly food reserve for sea snails in other episode and ate it at once becoming pathologically fatty.

The main character got lust. This analogy is the least obvious, as we get used to realize the word “lust” only in sexual meaning. Another meaning of word “lust” defines as “passionate wish of something”. SpongeBob is possessed by the lust of life and impressions. He passionately wishes that all like him and he quite often goes to all lengths for achieving of his aim.

2. Adventure Time. Another cartoon, which contains in itself hidden idea, is Adventure Time. The main characters of cartoon series are Finn and his friend, dog Jake. They live on the tree in magic country – The Land of Ooo. When they want, they save princesses from The Ice King, if they do not – they fool around. Adventure time amazes the imagination from the unexpected side. It is practically impossible to guess what will happen in the next moment. Cartoon series is direct inheritor of animation during psychedelic revolution.

Land of Ooo is magic world of developed childish consciousness, which has stopped in a footstep away from inevitable growing-up through the hell of pubescence and that is why does not understand its borders. Courage of imagination occupies all surroundings and stumbles only occasionally, when ruins of reality appear thanks to fictional landscapes. Ruins do this series unique.

The first shot of the title sequence hints that disaster happened in fairy-tale. Pushing off from swamped with industrial trash glade, show runs to the world of fantasy as well as frightened kid hides from fears in his consciousness. Spooky world of rusty machines, destroyed highways, flooded cities and burning deserts is shown from episode to episode on the background of engrossing adventures of childhood.

The world after doomsday has become the cartoon. If these were playful hints in the beginning, soon after they turned into main narrative line. We learn after the final episode of fourth season that boy, which is similar to Finn, sits on the debris of the broken adult world in backwoods. Our hero has mechanical prosthesis instead of arm and silent dog sits next to him.

It is not understandable what factors influenced on Finn in order him to leave the world of daydreams. However, it is correct to say that the reason is growing-up. Adventure time is one of those rare cartoons, where space bends under the flow of time and is dependent to the growing-up. The voice of Finn “breaks” in last seasons and kisses of princesses instead of adventures are in his thoughts. His universe becomes darker, more strange and complicated. His imagination just barely deals with its main function – defense from the hell of reality.

Ugliness of present time mostly leaks to the Land of Ooo. Disaster, which had happened once, got name “Great war of mushrooms”. Now we understand that the world of Finn is the space burned with nuclear strikes and radioactive rains. Enough time has passed after cataclysm in order ferroconcrete constructions to cover with grass and gene mutations to change existing forms of life. Finn is the only human in magic land “Ooo”. Other are creatures, whose qualities and ongoings are equal to the monsters of reality. They live in stand-alone enclaves and crowd together in tribes. Sure, imagination of the child processes all input data and creates own unique world where the best friend is mutant with dimensionless structure of the body and forbidden places are the most appropriate locations for adventures. Convertible notional “currency”, which Finn borrows from the present time is unavailable, but famed thanks to items of the past time childish happiness. So candies turn into kingdom, broken Gameboy – in universal gaming console and left in inheritance from the civilization technologies – in magic.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

3D Image One May Touch

A guest post by Melisa Marzett

We got used to think that technologies of the future are all coming from Silicon Valley. Once you exceed the bounds of it, something even more amazing and fairy reveals itself. For instance, paper, which produces electricity. Such unexpected things are the results of work at Disney Research, a research department of the world`s entertainment giant.

Aerial Burton Japanese Company introduced a Fairy Lights stereo display, which allows touching an image “in the air” safely. Volumetric pixels called voxels are formed in space by means of very short pulses from infrared laser. The air ionizes from these pulses in the kept position and creates a micro-droplet of plasma, which shines with light of blue and white.

3d image one may touch
Systems alike existed before but it was impossible to touch the images within those systems. It caused burns as a result. Now, Aerial Burton began using so short light pulses that they would need more time to injure the skin of a human being. When to touching the plasma, it becomes brighter and generated shock waves cause tactic sensations.

Thus, plasma gives visual and haptic feedback at the same time and small three-dimensional images may serve as indicators or spatial keys or buttons of sorts. Potentially, it might make it to where 3D touch screens will appear in the near future. 3-dimensional computer screens is something the scientists from university in Lancaster works on. They draw out its project and presented at the conference in South Korea recently.

One more achievement in the area of 3D technology and virtual reality is Airstrike devised by Japan and French engineers. Innovative system allows navigating the designed 3-dimensional image with hands without touching the screen. One may touch the image with his/her finger putting on it a special ribbon beforehand.

Scientists from Bristol University developed a system, which allows feeling the shape of virtual object by means of ultrasound. This technology will find its application not only in the sphere of entertainment but also in medicine. For example, the system can be used in the process of rehabilitation of the patients and for the future surgeons training.

In order for feeling the shape of the object, one should keep one`s hands above the device. To imagine what shapes the system is capable of realizing, the specialists directed the waves into the thin layer of oil pouring the light from the lamp across the created niches. According to what the creators say, one may use the system together with the systems of 3D images setting-up. Thus, holograms and objects, which were designed with the help of augmented reality technology, will be available not for viewing only but also for touching.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a well-known by now writer and blogger whose posts vary by their theme and whose writings skills are unique enough to be considered one of the best authors of our time. Feel free to view her writings at:

Enjoy online traveling with Melisa!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Whiteboard Animation, Business Promotion : Hire A Freelancer

Hire a freelancer to promote your product! Start your campaign online and wait for your profit to run into your pocket. Try a whiteboard animation. It's fun, simple, unique, effective and cheaper.

Whiteboard Animation Hire FreelancerIt's what most people use today instead of using conventional presentation like PowerPoint and so on. If you hate thinking long about a boring presentation, static charts or diagram or bullets, you may try this media to get as much as costumers you want. This is my third video of the kind with narration. You can have your own, add a voice over or sync music with yours as you wish. You can hire me as a freelancer for your own whiteboard animation video here. Or you might discuss with me here.

See my other collections:

Whiteboard animation: Parody Goal In Life
Whiteboard animation: Do You Believe In God? (HD)

Working with me is fun: tell me the detail of your storyboard. Have me revised something you might not like from the frames and I'll give unlimited revisions. I am a freelancer with a lot of talent for you to hire. Explore and search this blog to check it out.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Whiteboard Animation: Do You Believe In God?

Whiteboard animation by Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancyDo you believe in God? This whiteboard animation was created for fun. You don't have to think hard to know the whereabouts of God, to see or feel Him. It's not about, "hey you must find the way to believe in Him." It's only an invitation to think and reflect. No big deal.

The illustration in this video is a sort of trivial for you who might have high mobility in life and adore science and logic much. But to try to search something beyond compare and the Most Powerful is a worth try. It's a  doodle only, an animation in whiteboard called do you believe in God? More of it you can have it your own, say like if you want to promote product, ideas, advertisement you can you see this media. Surely you have come to the right place to hire an animator.

This is one of the most effective media for online business, presentation or sales. The whiteboard animation is fun and easy to understand rather than any conventional media. Skip this do you believe in God and think about your own idea to be animated. It needs being tickled or no, I'll do my best for you.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why Whiteboard Animation Is Effective To Promote Your Products Online

Is whiteboard animation effective and powerful to promote your products on line! If so, How come?

It's quite popular on the Internet today. There are many samples on YouTube that you can search for. And find below my sample for you to consider to hire me if you think it's worth watching and having. Talking about whether it is effective or no to promote your product online with this platform, you may have option, choose original art drawing (custom) or just so so.

Whiteboard animation: Parody in lifeWhiteboard animation or scribing is another type of video explainer which is effective enough to improve business or promote your products on the Internet. People don't easily get bored as presentations show something interesting and animated rather than the detailed description of charts and words.

Why is promoting products through whiteboard animation effective? Wondering how?
  • Efficient and cheaper
You are cutting promotional or advertising budget. Instead of hiring an actor to create a commercial break like those you watch on TV or such like, this kind of animation is simple, effective and efficient
  •  Interesting and inspiring
When it comes to product, many people seem to be hesitant to watch a long boring presentation with chart or graphic or detail theories, they need something short, funny or fabulous. And what else to express it if not cartoon or animation

  • Fun and viral
Since it is visual and animated, off course, it's gonna be fun. People of all age like video. Rather than thinking seriously of such business promotion with glossy screen, they feel entertained. They may get a sheet of paper and put an idea there. The doodle might lead to the first answer to how effective it is to promote your products through this media. If you upload the video on YouTube such a thing might be viral, depending on how you make up your video. 
  • Natural and straight to the point
What was the first lesson you got at school? Whatever it was, there are whiteboards at school. It's a natural way of explaining things. Your teacher will put the idea there and now as a seller you become a teacher to explain why your product is worth having on a white screen which only hands shown, sped up and it's really unique. You just need to elaborate problems your market might have, provide solutions as best as you can and come up with solution as well as becoming the solution maker. It's just straight to point. At the end you just put call to action.
  • Turn your site into a real business
If now you call it a business with the website you have but if there's nothing to convince buyers, they will stay there on your homepage for less than 5 seconds only. But if there's something funny like a cartoon figure embedded in video which tickles visitors to click you really start a really business. There might not be a deal automatically but there might be call to action possibilities in case someone crazily needs your product. 

Watch the video below for you to get inspiration


What do you think about it? Interested? If we have something in common, let's talk about it. See me here on

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jakarta flood -- cartooned

Jakarta flood cartooned.

This is a satire, a depiction of such a condition of a regular disaster responded with apathetic manner Jakarta's devastated by the floods and for such a thing many people just take it easy.

Another version of this video clip: Banjir Jakarta (Animasi lucu). I completed as soon as I had arrived home from the train station, which cancelled its regular trip and served only halfway, due to the terrible flood.Then I decided to add an English subtitle to a similar video clip so that you can understand what the man is talking about here.

January 17th 2013 was a terrible situation we had here in Jakarta, Floods were everywhere blocking access to any vital destinations, and by the time I am writing this post, the evacuations are still being carried on. I hope everything will turn to get normal soon.

Pray for Jakarta, everyone..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tickling Stories in Videos

The following might be a reference for anybody looking for tickling stories which can be enjoyed visually. They come from various themes. You can find Photoshop drawing, Microsoft Paint or naughty Stickman. Stick around for more videos to come.

1. Tickling story blah blah blah animation. See how words don't have to mean anything but wit can mean something.

2. Tickling story in Photoshop. Keep quiet

3. Tickling Banner or tickling Stickman?

4. Tickling story: Family in Microsoft Paint, a simple one from b/w to color

Happy tickling, happy watching

Friday, November 30, 2012

Superman Gets Stressed, My Frst Flash Animation

Superman gets stressed
Weird Superman, he gets stressed! This is the first time I uploaded a unique animated video on YouTube. From blog walking activities, I just found out that I could convert the file into a better one, so that you guys can see it in HD quality. But I'm so lazy to do so as it takes quite a long time to upload it back to YouTube.

Is it just to kill my time to create this weird tickling animation? I did it in a day, spending the whole day of my leave, and I hope this Superman gets stressed video is going to be a good start for more sophisticated video such as explainers using flash or after effect in order to make good money. You, guys engaged in animated designs may get inspired. This work is not an extraordinary one, humbly I admit, anyway.

Superman is such an inspiration and there's much more to put to Internet to make money making animation. And this weird one, that he gets stressed it's not the point. You can get a lesson more than this even in a less-than-one minute video. It's not about right or wrong is my country: Indonesia.

That's all for today. I am looking forward to your comment, some critics and so on. Weird it's okay, but please don't get stressed like this Superman.

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

Hi, long time no post. I hope you're fine there. Stay healthy, stay safe. You know, I keep renewing this domain and hardly ever write an...