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Sunday, March 2, 2014

No Cheating At Art School!

It's different. You're not into acting, you're not Zorro, so you don't have to wear mask here at art school. All you need to do is how to boost your creativity, how to get noticed all over the world, and surely, you need the right media to promote it. If you happen to come across this tickle your fancy blog, keep in mind, I'm not suggesting that you need to cheat when you do an exam here.

Come on, it's not a chemistry class. Sure, you can become Zorro if this is what you call art. Just go the school, meet the portfolio requirement and get your horse. Whoops, I mean, get your guitar, paint brush, Photoshop software, Flash Macromedia and so on. Here is one at, you will know everything about art business and management. Everything's called inspiration.

art school
Portfolio and art school, what else can you tell about art career?

Just make sure before you go to school you contact me first; maybe I can borrow your mask and horse as well. I am afraid you're going to outdo me, the one to learn to tickle everyone's fancy, later. Lol. 

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