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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Moving To Australia: What Indonesian Immigrants Need To Know

Posted by guest blogger Sally Smith

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Indonesians emigrating to Australia will be quite glad to learn that there are many ways to make your transition smoother than you ever thought possible. Australia and Indonesia have had a long and successful trade relationship that is still going strong today. Due to this relationship, quite a few Indonesian families and individuals living in Australia have moved there successfully and permanently in recent years. If you are getting ready to make the move, it may seem a little overwhelming and you might not know just where to begin. It will be helpful for you to consult a professional migration consultant or migration lawyer who can help you take the necessary steps to become an Australian citizen or temporary visitor on visa.

Australia has provided much economic aid to Indonesia for a number of decades and getting a visa is a fairly standard process nowadays. You will first need to apply via the Australia Embassy or Department of Immigration, both of which can be accessed online from the comfort of your home. There are several different types of visas to choose from - if you are sponsored to move by a major company or place of business, a work visa may be the right one for you. If you are going to marry someone in Australia, a marriage visa could be the best option. There are also temporary holiday visas and special visas for Superyacht workers as well. Once you have applied either in person or online, you can be approved within a few weeks or months depending on type and the length of your move or stay.

Once you have a visa ready to go, you might be wondering what the best places to work and live are. Cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, and New South Wales are just a few of the most popular metropolitan destinations for immigrants and other new Australian residents. There are condos, apartments, small homes, and larger ones - as well as hostels and hotels for international travelers. Realtors can help you find something within your ideal budget. Some of the most popular Indonesian-held jobs in Australia are teaching, translating, online customer service and trading, and work at the Australian-Indonesian center. Because mining and drilling are such booming industries in Indonesia, you may find luck in these careers as well. If you have a college degree in Chemical or Electrical Engineering, there could be openings for you in this type of field. The best way to begin searching for jobs in online before you move. Try to develop a relationship with some potential employers by explaining to them that you will soon be transitioning to Australia and are interested in potentially working with them.

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