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Friday, September 2, 2011

Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery? Not funny!

Here are some of the celebrities who have had awful plastic surgeries, according to Michell Jones, a Freelance Makeup Artist/Coordinating Director at Blue Diamond Modeling. Where is Blue Diamond Modeling located, anyway? Go get Google Map!
bad celebrity plastic surgery
Do you receive metal surgery?

Do you agree with the list above?

If you do, don't keep the list above under the pillow. And if you hate what those celebrities have done to themselves, you don't have to do the same thing.Plastic surgery is not for anybody having "bad' face but with snow white heart.Just remember Albert Einstein friend's quotation

Don't ever think that Jessica Simpson will ask Tara Reid to exchange face each other.
Don't ever ask Tori Spelling and Kenny Rogers to exchange nose each other. And don't ever believe that Janet Jackson plans to change her face with the one behind "the mask" of Robocop.

That's not funny! Well, instead of gossiping about bad celebrities plastic surgery, let's get out of this lion cage.


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