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Friday, June 5, 2015

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malaysia Investment, How About That?

A friend of mine, an Indian, asks me for a plan of business investment, and I say no. Why? Because I'm broke! I cannot go to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Egypt or Korea or Kenya--no body supports Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy to start a business campaign there.

It's just about how to prevent yourself from being bored that I provide this blog that you can feel home sweet home. And you may find what you're looking for to improve your business besides getting entertained as well. You don't have to grumble all the time because your TV befriends you. Here you are save and when it comes to business, I can suggest that you are ready psychically and mentally. If you have a lot of money now and think about expanding, how about India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malaysia Investment? How About That? Or Indonesia with Jokowi as the President, once regarded as a new hope but he seems to go nowhere trapped by the system. Indonesia is a large country and if you like to invest there, it is also recommended. Only the problem is uncertainty law uphold to change investors's mind.

Still you cannot stop from being bored? Nothing so cool here to read after browsing from one blog to another. But you're looking for something to boost your business, aren't you? Already prepared the budget for that? Some parts of the world would be your base camp. Malaysia investment as well as Indonesia offers the same climate, tropical countries located in South East Asia. India, Pakistan perhaps similar to Indonesia-Malaysian context--the people, language of slight different but the same rooth, including Bangladesh and Srilanka, Kenya dan Zimbabwe and some other capitals in Africa continent.

Or other continents? Europe, America and Australia. Unlike India, Pakistan, Bangladesh as developing countries, investors find investment in developed countries gives no much challenge. Some investors don't think about benefit only, they also consider about long-term stability--not sure if you can have it in Indonesia, but Malaysia as its neighboring country, perhaps is saver. Kenya, Zimbabwe and any capitals in Africa, not quite sure of it--nobody ever will support me to get there for a survery! LOL!

For further talk my Indian friend instead asks me about how prevent himself from being bored, because everyday he watches movies; they are all the time-by-time stereotype and boring. He cannot enjoy singing and dancing anymore. He hates seeing actors crying and all those dramatized scenes. He might want to expand his business due to this boredem and investment out of country maybe that's the best option for him to do, and I say no, why? Because not only he is broke as me now, but also he cannot go to other countries, even go to the closer one like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Let alone Zimbabwe, Egypt or Korea or Kenya. You know why? A movie producer contacted him recently and begged him to play a movie without singing, dancing and crying. He is puzzled! Well guys, that's all about a weird business story to tickle your fancy today. 

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