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Saturday, February 1, 2014

5 Weird Ways To Prove You Are A Witty Blogger

How to claim you are an exception on the blogosphere? The one full of wit? This is what you have: You've been blogging for many years and you are so confident about telling others that you are unique. Your blog contents are so amazing, you regard them as good quality ones, but, how come, you leave your comment box empty almost in all your post? How will anyone believe you?

You are sure your wit is the special quality to outdo other bloggers. You are not scared of a tight competition: Alexa rank, Google Pagerank, massive backlinks, what else, you name it, all "submit" to you. You have power to claim yourself as witty and you believe the way you express it so convincing.

But people need prove, you could not just be born witty, could you?

So how to claim it?

witty blogger
Do I look like a witty blogger?
There are many ways to show others you are a blogger of funnily smart contents. And here, I'll tell you about some crazy ideas how to do so.

1. Write a so-so blog and claim it is great. In About Me page tell your audience you are a witty blogger, write it also at every post you write, at your tweet, Facebook link, dig, StumbleUpon, etc, and keep repeating it. If necessary put your great picture like when you raise your eyebrows listening to a stand-up comedy.

2. Create a content about something which tells that you are irresistible, invite people, not to debate with, but to adore you. Thanks God if people would you like to comment there. If not, comment yourself and answer yourself.

3. Corrupt other contents. Being witty is being quick with funny remarks. This can often come across as being smart. Do you think you're smart enough to amuse your readers? Spoof a serious article, for example, a writing about finance, rewrite it into something silly. Like, Nothing to worry about your financial condition as long as you can tell jokes to business people.

4. Create a weird page on Facebook, conduct a contest about the most amusing blogger in the world. Use your wit, pay people to vote for you.

5. Email friends, relatives and acquaintances, or if you think that's not enough, email some strangers. In your signature write, "I'm a witty blogger, don't you want to know about me?"

If you don't think the weird ways above are worth trying, perhaps, you should try to be a witty daydreamer first and tell your own jokes to anybody who would like to listen to you.

Well, just learning to tickle your fancy!

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