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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Some Silly Reasons Donald Trump Hates Islam, Obama?

donald trump hates islam, obama
Do you know the reason why Donald Trump hates Islam? Or Obama? Once upon a time, Mr. Flinstone got bored living in stone age and thought about having money more modern than just piles of leaves. He left his family and explored a remote area only to find nothing but a cave. He entered the cave and arrived in a jippy in the era of what so called globalization. There’s the Internet, and suddenly he stood there in some place like cafe with someone who didn’t really care about his presence, thinking about some silly things that he had done: Being here, how come?

It doesn’t really explain where his whereabouts. But he finds some enlightment, money is no more than piles of leaves and this stuff is not compulsary anymore. People can use check, ATM, credit card, PayPal, Pioneer, etc to buy anything they want. He gets to know that there’s someone very rich there in America named Donald Trump. And this tycoon doesn’t have to use piles of leaves for any kinds of transaction, he has everything men don’t, having piles of money invested everywhere. Then, he read the newspaper why should this rich man hate Islam? And why Obama seems like to support Muslims all the time.

Mr. Tycoon’s hatred came from his failure to understand the religion as what most people think: Muslims cannot perform their 5-day prayer with Mr. Flinstone dress and their women have to cover themselves all over in hijab. This decency is what he might dislike, how can America, the greatest country with free way of thinking, become better morally and look old fashioned? And how come Obama has Hussein with his name, it’s a Muslim name!

There will be no rock and roll, all night long parties, no Ms. Universe, no Hollywood actions, no night club, no beer, no pork, is that right? Come on, this is America, really hate if its’ all gone! That Mr. Flinstone got bored living in a stone age and thought about having money more modern than just piles of leaves, that’s nonsense. Logically men living on earth to make a living and protect themselves from danger, so they need to cover themselves from evil. Is Obama leading a massive campaign to support what is so called barbaric religion, but to the convert, it’s so peaceful?

Perhaps Donald Trump suffers amnesia when he cannot see these American Muslim Heroes living even before Obama became President. But not sure if It is the herpes simplex virus – chickenpox and cold sores – that is most likely to attack the hippocampus and temporal lobe, the parts of the brain responsible for memory.’ Symptoms of encephalitis include a flu-like illness, exacerbated by more specific warning signs such as seizures or an altered personality.

Trump might be shocked to learn that America not only has a number of Muslim athletic heroes, but he has also met several of them. In 2007, for instance, Trump accepted a Muhammad Ali Award at a charity event in Phoenix hosted by the three-time heavyweight champion of the world, who converted to Islam in 1964. There was no sign that he hated islam. Trump even took a picture with The Greatest.

And ... Oh, by the way, where is Mr. Flinstone anyway? What?! He’s playing golf with Obama?

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