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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fancy Pants To Tickle Your Funny Bone?

fancy pantsThe fancy pants shown by the image on this blog are not for you to wear to tickle your own funny bone. But if you insist, you may kill people with your jokes.

However, if you dislike dull jokes, better create your own which you might think funny to kill your time. Wear a pair of fancy pants and look at yourself in the mirror. This suggestion is not for politicians who are busy with any image building efforts to win a political campaign, but for you who might like to take to stand-up comedy and entertain your audience with your gags.

You, bloggers can also consider this--the fancy pants to lighten up. You don't need to raise your eyebrows browsing something on the Internet and get stressed over the things you cannot get. You can be a star there right away while you're rewriting about gossips of celebrities.

Okay, now since you already came to this tickle your fancy blog, you're not going to find any fancy pants products for sale here. Prepare your funny bone and let it have its right. You know why?

1. You cannot tickle your funny bone yourself. Off course, you can't. You know the idiom of tickle your funny bone means? It is a funny way of saying something to make you laugh. Americans love using big phrases and words when one will do, so we have a lot of sayings like this, where we say the same thing with more words or in a funny way. So your bone has the right that it should laugh at other joke, not yours.

2. The fancy pants you need to wear should be those of the ones fitting your bone. Your bottom demands its right too. So laughter comes from comfort, it's not funny you enjoy jokes without wearing pants. (But maybe it is)

So, what kinds of fancy pants you need to wear to tickle other's funny bone? You know Robocop? Go see a sort of outfit and repeat this tongue twister; "Are you the guy who told the guy that I was the guy that gave the guy the black eye?"

Well, about that? Is this a fancy-pants-to-tickle-your- funny-bone story? Only if you can get the joke.

For further weird fantasy you might like seeing celebrities or public figures like Leonardo DiCaprio or Katy Perry or Barack Obama wearing a pair of fancy pants and looking at you in the mirror--They want you, who get puzzled by a weird blog content, to tickle your own fancy. Do they?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do Men Need Fancy Pants?

Fancy pants for men, what do you think about it? But nobody would like to answer this question. All seem to be busy with what they are up to. Then fashion comes and visits some celebrities, but they keep themselves for themselves (after tickling one another?)

It's dark, the universe has nothing to do with celebration. The stars keep twinkling, spaceships have breakdown over and over again and been stranded on a remote planet far far away from Pluto. Fashion cannot penetrate the dimension where people have already gone to bed and dreamed of having fancy pants somewhere. But unfortunately, no men available. What?! Sissies laugh out loud on knowing this. "Where are people? Where are human beings? Are we?"

Far far away, Emma Watson was puzzled by such weird news telling her that she's been in Uganda riding a camel looking for a monkey. This is a funny story or spoof or whatever, surely  this has nothing to do with the question: do men need fancy pants?

How about you, personally? Do you need them? Or need something to tickle your feet or legs? Still nobody would like to answer this question. All seem to be busy now with uncertainty. Mobile phones have long been history; they're not there anymore, but more than that, people keep their "autistic" manner. Then fashion comes again and visits some celebrities and public figures, but they keep themselves for themselves and mock it and laugh at this tickling visitor--out loud!

Men with fancy pants cry after being tickled, however, they have not grown up. If they are babies as you think, nobody would care with this question. There's no clear explanation about it. All seem to be ignorant and weird. Then fashion comes and pays its last visit to some of the world leaders, but they keep questioning, "What year is it?"

Well, readers, I am not sure and I haven't known what planet hiding there unrevealed yet  Sorry.

Happy wearing fancy pants, men ...!

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