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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

28 Funny Words To Help You Write Comedy

Welcome to the tickle your fancy blog. Looking for inspirations? Try these 28 funny words to help you find some amusing things when you are about to write comedy and don't know where to start. Have yourself tickled here first and then spread your posts to the world.

funny words to help your write comedyThe following examples are a sort of scribble and you can create your own version of funny words and compose your own sentences. Be it a theme, blog entry, eye-catching titles, or comedy writings just get inspired.

I didn't get the new words from somewhere else. It's all here, started from the first word in the first paragraph which doesn't funny when it stands alone and won't continue to the second one.

But, WARNING, if in the end you think it's silly, that's what a tickle your fancy blog means.

1. welcome
Welcome hillbilly!

2. tickle
Tickle your cow since you can't use computer.

3. fancy
Fancy your day with cattle kissing you all the time.

4. blog.
What is a blog? Is it manure?

5. look
Look, sheriff is coming with shirt inside out.

6. inspirations
Ignoring him, you just try to get inspirations by sucking the milk from the cow?

7. twenty
Come on, twenty is twenty, not seventeen.

8. eight
You lost eight cows now, how come?

9. funny
Nothing is so funny to know the fact they're gradually gone attacked by a wolf.

10. words
Your words are no longer heard; you cheated the folks too much.

11. help
Now, who can help you from desperation?

12. find
Can't find a room to repent?

13. some
Some guys are waiting for you to have their money back! How about that!

14. amusing
If you think that's amusing, you are really a man of humor.

15. things
But things can go wrong, anyway.

16. when
When they burst with anger

17. writing
It's not a series of writing about your biography

18. comedy
Weird comedy is being told here

19. know
Do you know something is wrong here?

20. where
Where are your cows?

21. start
Start searching from the farm

22. have

Have the folks help you find them

23. yourself
But better ask yourself fist

24. here
Here it goes your fault

25. first
First thing to do, make a reconciliation

26. spread
Before many people spread this story

27. posts
As one of the weird posts might tickle their fancy

28. world.
World just can't wait too see your own funny words!

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