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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How To Write A Screenplay For A Cartoon

By Melisa Marzett 

Even though technically animation film is accomplished at high level a boring screenplay might jack up the total work. This is why it is highly important to create an image screen played interestingly.

From outside, it may seem that work upon a screenplay is a profoundly creative process. However, even film writers of international fame keep specific working procedure.

Today you are going to find out about a technique, which will help to increase productivity and quality of your creative work upon a screenplay.

Idea searching for a cartoon

Idea is the base of a screenplay or a plot of an animated movie. Despite the idea or a story may be told in two-three sentences, the general result will depend on how entertaining it is.

how to write a screenplay for a cartoon
No idea? No Cartoon?
On one hand, development of the idea requires some creativity from you. On the other hand, even professionals apply for help of outside informational sources. You may watch famous comics, read anecdotes or people’s jokes.

It does not follow that you create your idea as a copy of something what already exists, as a minimum it is enough to integrate different jokes in order to come up with a version of your own.

Create a scheme of a cartoon

Now you may go for development of a scheme of your cartoon, which is a set of draft pictures. Put on a wall, a scheme out of separate drafts will look like comics in accordance with which one may understand sense of what is going on.

From the sidelines, it might seem that schematic sketches is already a stage of animation and not a screenplay. Nevertheless, having such a scheme will help a lot in your further work over description of separate scenes and creation of the entire screenplay.

Furthermore, having a scheme in front of your eyes, it will be easier to add new and edit those thoughts you already have on creation your entertaining story.

Stage of a screenplay writing

Now you may start writing a screenplay itself, work upon which in fact is detailed description of each scene. One scene includes unchanged number of characters on a changeless ground. In other words, appearance of a new character or change of entourage brings a new scene to life.

Before start working, you are to do one more preparatory move – take the time to ensure and pay attention to order of scenes in fixed sequence. Thought over sequence will provide with clearance and harmony while watching a cartoon.

Description of a scene

Every scene should have a detailed description about surrounding ground where an action is going on. Your task is to specify all the important details, which assign an atmosphere of things. Specify where all the characters are located relatively to each other and all their further moves.


It is needless to say that you will write the dialogues between your characters on your own. However, you need to tell about all the accompanied details of goings-on. If someone pauses, smiles or moves – describe the way a character does it. Your task is to as much detail as possible show moves of your heroes in every scene.

Description of camera angle

When it comes to animation, a camera angel relatively to characters is of paramount important just like in cinematography. For example, a shot fixed on a character`s eyes fulfills a totally different task than a shot fixed on a face of the character.

A camera angle in animated movie is a thereby hangs a tale and deserves another article. Your task is to precisely sometimes even up to an angle to specify an angle for each camera angle.

Look after the duration of a cartoon

In a greater or lesser degree, a duration of a cartoon will be determined by a creative idea upon which you work from the very beginning. Nevertheless, a screenplay influences a lot onto the duration. Why is it important? There is a huge difference between creating of a one-minute animated video and 1 hour animated movie and this difference is about number of artist-animators. If in the former case, one animator is going to be enough, in the later case you are going to need a team of 10 animators the least. This is why, working upon a screenplay do not forget about technical resources, look after the duration of your cartoon.

Revision of your screenplay

A revision of a screenplay is as full-fledged stage of your screenplay just like its development. At first, you need to re-read one more time everything and to remove what is unnecessary or repeating. Any text, which does not bring any value to a movie or a cartoon, is to be deleted. Professional movie writers on the stage of revision may make a volume of a text twice smaller keeping the quality and even improving it.

Further, you share the pre-prepared screenplay with your friends and relatives preferably if these people belong to different circle of contacts. You are going to be closer to objective evaluation of your work from people with different worldviews. Ask your friends and relatives to give you an honest opinion about your work and write down all the notes.

Receiving a feedback from reviewers, you may edit your screenplay roundly.

And only now, you are ready to bring out.

About the author: Working for Melisa Marzett is able to write on any topic really. She is up for depicting any discussion making it witty and fun because this is the way she is by nature. She is curious and smart beyond her years and it is vividly seen through her writings.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Celebrity Funny Stories To Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Looking for some funny stories to make you laugh out loud? The following are compiled from the old files belonging to Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy. If it is not too crazy hopefully you can give a bright smile to a gecko. Lol!

Famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Lindsay Lohan, Mike Tyson, George Michael and Christopher Hawking don’t have something to amuse you directly here, but as the stories must go on, and they must be funny, you are not allowed to laugh out loud in a plenary meeting!

Remember when Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey lent her voice to Orangutan for the first time as promoted by pre-schoolers around her neighborhood? It had nothing to do with some grumbles of this Sesame Street producer who had asked her to participate in a TV show project in advance and had made a deal to use her voice. You want to know a very funny story that makes you laugh out loud? Those Orangutans living in Borneo Indonesia learn to copy Oprah Winfrey’s gesture in order to support Darwin theory of evolution.

Lindsay Lohan was finally taking a step in a confusing direction. After news broke that she had tested positive for cocaine during her drug test, she started to distinguish between black and white when she saw people playing chess. Whether this information is right or wrong, if you laugh out oud for this joke, probably you have dull sense of humor. But if it is part of funny story, well—not bad anyway. For the first time ever she did not play victim. She was learning how to amuse people with jokes? No way, no jokes in the head of the chess players. That’s silly!

Now, sit still, concentrate. Close your eyes and imagine there before you is a cute boy to tickle. Get rid of stress, now you are with the baby boy and he is crying for you to take him into your lap. No, do not listen to the weep; you need to focus on how to refrain from anger. All you have to do is only feel you are with him and keep lulling him to sleep even after your blue jeans having been wet.

Now you have no more hatred, you don't have to win a debate and you don't have to be in the sulks, not by any means. Your sins are redeemed, not by a savior or God, not even by celebrities, but by your own initiative to be always in a positive-thinking state of mind.

This kind of therapy is worth trying anytime you feel lack of tolerance. As nobody perfect you can yell at the sky and express your emotion, "I'm not perfect; I swear to God, I'm not perfect. I am not even as perfect as celebrity" OK, done? Now listen to a funny story about Mike Tyson. The one to make you laugh out loud? Which one? You come to him, yell at him and tickle him!

By the way, George Michael admits to driving under alcohol influence? Out of date info of celebrity?

I wrote something silly about it on September 2010: When the accident happened, he was learning how to tickle his own fancy, anyway. Unfortunately, he was doing so in a wrong place. First, he had come across a tickling blog named Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy while browsing on the Internet that he had got inspired of how to cope with stress.

However, things had been so hard to get connected with the world of fancy. That's why he had thought of drinking in order to be "there".

He had been tickled driving a tickling Range Rover on the smooth road. The car which had been tickled by a tickling wheel hadn't been able to control itself because of the alcohol drops. The street, amazingly, had prepared a lively stage for the singer to sing.

That's actually the problem, George Michael had thought of his heyday. The crash didn't sound like music at all!

And .... There the funny story goes about celebrity. What is it? Nobody has to laugh out loud on this.

Let’s skip it.

Stephen Hawking and religious leaders have agreed on something crucial regarding Hawking's recent sensational and controversial book publication. But they decided not to let the media know about it.

Last night a shadow crawled on the wall of the convention center, downtown London, where they were having a meeting and tried to find it out. But this masked man dressed in red and blue web-designed costume found that the meeting there, in a locked room, running in a usual way. No debate, no irritating arguments and therefore, no conclusion seemed to make.

He dangled on the ceiling in awe! How come, in there people were playing poker?!

Well, that’s all about some silly stories which might entertain you. If this sounds weird, better learn how to distinguish between black and white when playing chess—even if you don’t like it. Lol!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Freelance Job's Done, Writer Is Picnicking!

Sorry everyone, don't envy me. My family and I are on picnic now. It's the time to relax after a series of long tiring day but fun, writing. There's a wealth of wonderful things for families to discover and enjoy while exploring Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall. But we are not there, even though some references on the Internet suggest that we spend the time to this best picnic place in the world. We just let the kids hunt for bugs and beasts or just lay out a blanket and lie in the sun. Where is it? It's not too important!

The point is how you can be like me, working from home only and manage so many freelancer writer jobs and you call it satisfaction, because it's fun and addicting--it might be one of your interests. Don't you agree with me, writing is such a nice thing to do to make a living from the comfort of your house, right?

Sorry, I need to meet the deadline, family can't wait for picnic
Sure it is, unless you have any other skills you can count on, like designing or programming, that will be a plus. So, thanks to the Internet, we, writers, are blessed by global markets and freelance jobs are on great demand now.

By the way, I've been thinking about a unique competition among us writers. Let me put this way: who can spend the longest time in picnic place while job's waiting at home, that's the winner, okay? What?! Not interested? Oh, come on, don't let more and more people envy us!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Seldom Land and the King of Plop

Funny writings needed. Yes, all about any unusual things to tickle your fancy. You name it: Cinderrela holiday fortunetelling friendshipObama and OsamabloggerSupermanmelon seller

And anybody wanting to cope with stress is be welcomed here in Seldom Land to read all the accepted funny writing materials; especially those in the sulks and no way would they have themselves tickled by their routine.

michael jackson spoof
How about tickling my mustache? Can you do it, blogger?
Once upon a time a blogger who’d been working on a funny blog, getting interested in the project, paid a visit here and was given a chance to demonstrate his skill. To his amusement, the funny blog he had thought to be the funniest one failed to amuse Jichael Mackson, the founder of Seldom Land, well known also as the King of Plop, who urged any bloggers who had spoof blogs to have themselves tickled here in order to cope with stress.

However, Jichael started to laugh and laugh and laugh, not because of the content of the blog describing laughter as the best medicine; he only wanted to practice a great habit to anybody that laughter was indeed the best medicine. Everybody knew that to prove laughter as the best medicine; Jichael had to have undergone a series of plastic surgery to change his irritated face into a friendly one.

The people in Seldom Land were advisable to tell jokes to Jichael’s children who, on the other hand, were learning to create the best joke of the day to outdo the available jokes.

Mr. Mackson, the King of Plop, with the whole family in Seldom Land was never tired to suggest everyday if they wanted to cope with stress, they had to be ready to be tickled by funny remarks and should have their own jokes to share with here. Ironically, the king of fun died last week of a stop-laughing failure leaving all funny memories that kept laughing all the time.

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