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Sunday, November 17, 2013

3 Funny Reasons How South Florida Is A Great Place For Golf

3 Funny Reasons How South Florida Is A Great Place For Golf. But, first, do you know well about this beauty in the United States which has such an astounding mix of ethnic, economic, social and geographic personas? Ever wondered how the region becomes a great place for golf? How there are many great country clubs there? Golfers must be spoiled here one thing for sure. And if you are the one looking for a lifestyle where you can easily meet new people and fill your social calendar with endless events, hopefully you can find the best club there.

Okay, say you know South Florida--at least from the Internet and as the one learning to tickle your fancy, I would like to tell you about how it is a great place for golf.

1. It is not located in Saudi Arabia where nothing you can find there but sand and the sun.
2. It is not Venice where, instead of playing golf, you go fishing in this floating city.
3. It is not Bermuda Triangle where you cannot even image dropping your golf ball up there. Lol!

south florida a great place for golfForget about these silly jokes, off course South Florida has so many resorts mainly for stay-and-play guests There are great package specials that include on-site accommodations.and you have options for you social and business interaction. Boca Raton golf club is highly recommended. Located in Boca Raton, the Club at Boca Pointe offers its members a resort style atmosphere with unparalleled amenities. This is not your father's country club!

Next question, how are there many great country clubs in South Florida? So many people know South Florida presents a challenging social environment. It offers life which is full of special events and occasions and all deserve to be celebrated in their own unique way. And you bet, Boca Raton golf club has what you need; they specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, Corporate meetings and event functions, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Retirement parties, And virtually any other event you could imagine.

So if you hate to laugh at my jokes above about how South Florida is a great place for golf, you know the best option, right?

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