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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Care for the Elderly, Will You?

No matter what you do, no matter who you are and no matter how much money you earn now, I'd like to say, care for the elderly, will you? They loved and love and will love your parents and your parents loved and love and will love you, support you, educate you so that now you can get everything in life and you must remember they never hope such thing in return.

care for the elderly
I can only say, "good luck!"
No matter you are now trying to climb the mountain in Bali and the mountain can also be climbed without a guide and you set the time starting about 10 p.m. for a dawn arrival at the peak and sometimes with an overnight camp about three quarters of the way up, up there you need to remember that you should care for the elderly. They cannot follow you to get there to the top of the mountain, but they support you in order to achieve something, to outdo anybody getting engage in tight competition of life improvement. You must pray for them as they always pray for you. You must know that soon you cannot climb a mountain because you're getting old and weak.

Anyway, no matter how much you may hate to negotiate yourself into a deal—or even out of one at work—negotiating is a very legitimate business skill to acquire. And negotiating with your heart whether to put this senior citizen out of home must be done very carefully. Care for the elderly, say it again and again in your heart even if you don't have anybody home to "babysit" them and you need a worker to do it for you. In these minutes of reflection, you don't have to study much about thorough negotiation, the study says you need to focus on "conversational engagement, prosodic emphasis—which basically means you should copy the emotional state of the speaker—and vocal mirroring" to help the negotiations end well on your side. That's too complicated!

Okay, I know you're busy and it is so stressful at work. So how can you strike a balance and stay competitive without burning out your employees? Do you need to be clear about your expectations? You may be motivated to push your own hours because the returns are going into your pocket, but the quickest way to foster a miserable team is to push them as hard as you push yourself, and how about that, will you still care about the elderly when you are in such a situation? How should they get puzzled with your problem which is none of their business?

Thinking about politics? You don't have to affiliate yourself with an established party regarding this nursing home problem or place those senior citizens out of home. Whether you are in America, Saudi Arabia, Australia, or some other country, you will be reminded that you should and must care for the elderly, but they don't have to listen to it from your mouth. They don't have to see you become stressful, and then there are groups of people who are supposed to act as a examiner to examine you in a mental asylum. No way, life is not too hard to lead, especially when you know how to tickle everyone's fancy. Well, welcome home!

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