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Monday, December 9, 2013

How To Get Rid Of A Bad Mood: Tickle My Fancy!

Instead of thinking much about getting rid of a bad mood, better find something amusing to set you free from such a feeling. Yell a challenge at yourself: tickle my fancy! Then forget about your alter ego, sulks or any dissatisfaction in life.

how to get rid of a bad moodI believe all start from small things like, "I hate Monday!" Why should we hate the day? Seven days in a week should be blessing days and we should be grateful for that, especially when we are not suffering things serious in life. Even if we get sick, still much thank to God,  He gives time for a recovery--we are not dying. So can you yell, "tickle my fancy!" Yes, you can. But how you should settle down all things, that's the problem. You need help to solve the problem. Absolutely! How do I get rid of a bad mood is not to be said again and again but better start to take action to make yourself feel more comfortable in life.

Naturally, people come up with complaints and moans due to their lack of humor. They say, a childlike side in us is ridiculous to explore when it comes to solving problems. Okay, if you think this kind of self protection or self defense is not the right way to "tickle my fancy", all you need is an inspiration, how to get back your lost energy, right?

And how to get an inspiration, you  must not directly go and focus on data, diagram, bullets, anything related to what you're up to now, which otherwise, will drive you nuts! That's absolutely not the way to get rid of a bad mood. Start answering, "tickle my fancy" challenge. But how? First, get rid of all negativeness in you, including envies and prejudice and then respect other first, before they respect you. And, don't let yourself down for long, wake up:
  • Create your own hypnotherapy and self suggestion, for example, say it: I am happy as always. Bear it in mind and keep repeating there. To make it fun, you can include tongue twisters.
  • Find some entertainment on the Internet, not the one to make you raise your eyebrow, but anything to trigger you to decide and act, to refresh your mind
  • Okay, if you think music is helpful, try any other art. You don't have to be an artist, rather tickle your fancy as if you were an artist. Create your own humor, even if you are not a man of humor. The latter, your "weird humor" can be such power for you to get more energy.
Above all, remember the points I've written above: optimize your childlike side and always be grateful in life. Anyway, you can start to get rid of your bad mood now, by searching any topic that might tickle your fancy on this blog. I hope you get inspired. Good luck,

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