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Friday, November 15, 2013

How To Get Good Night Sleep And Nice Dream?

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How To Get Good Night Sleep And Nice Dream? This is what most people want to have after a tiring day of work. They need to complete this missing sentence: work like a dog and ...... You know what the blah blah blah is. Unfortunately, some people are not so lucky that they suffer from insomnia and have a lot in mind so that they can do nothing about it but just leave if to God (if they are religious)

In order to make yourself comfortable at night, not only should you have something like self suggestion or hypnotherapy, but also a good way of having some technique that leads you to a nice dream soon. So how to start to say good night to others and then have a nice dream? Simple, a few minutes before you go to bed, just imagine you're going to sleep tight no matter what. You're really feel you're totally tired and that way you won't do anything but rest. Will that work? Yes and no. Yes, if you are free from an acute insomnia, no if you bring with you all problems in mind.

There's nothing that you can do, but first, get rid of all burdens in mind. This is the main problem of why you can't have a good night sleep. If you are able to go through this stage, go ahead by having some relaxation. If you want to let yourself free, reflect on nothing but God has given you. Think of the nice thing. If you have something to chant by heart, glorify God. Religious rhyme is the best therapy of all problem if you believe. Muslims do this much and no matter what they do and wherever they are, the vertical relationship keeps going on.

Stop thinking negative, have a nice dream. Don't think about sleep itself. If you're totally tired but you keep awake, just spend your whole night by thinking of spirituality. Don't push yourself hard on it, just think there's nothing to lose if only you really can't sleep, you do something for you own good. Just like God bless me.

I try this and it's a success.
This post is quoted from Good night dude, written to accompany you to sleep by the same author.

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