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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Read This Before You Decide To Make A Living As A Writer

Making A Living As A Writer? Cool, but how to?

First, what do you know about writing? When I was at high school, I hated short stories or novels. I thought it's only women having an extreme hobby of reading, especially fiction. Men should be masculine, must have better hobby than that. Charismatic figures fancied me.So I never thought of making a living as a writer.I wanted to be a movie star. I wanted to look handsome, having a deep voice and getting taller and taller.

Work from home, No jostle on the train!
But now, in my middle age,162 centimeters tall of height, skinny and humorously "charismatic", I am proud of being myself, being the one to get paid to write anything I like. I start to know now how to make a living as a writer through 4 years of blogging experience, especially through this tickle fancy blog. I think it's just transferring what you have in mind into script and not necessarily you should be an actor, but more than that, you're the director yourself. Maybe you never thought you could get paid writing from the comfort of your house. I had questioned this the first time I knew the Internet, and you might have it too.

But later on you find: Why “Copywriting 2.0” is in HUGE DEMAND by U.S. businesses that will be pumping $47.7 BILLION into a market that can’t survive without it in the coming year… It's so irresistible! This might be a reason, why more and more people think about how to gradually leave their office routine and finally be a full-time freelancer. So the answer of How To Making A Living As A Writer is a bit revealed.

That's only one good news. Soon, you're getting familiar with An Endless Stream of Assignments! To Make A Living As A Writer is better than to start a career as a loan shark, right, Lol!

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