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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quit Smoking Now or I'll Give You More!

If you ask anybody about how to quit smoking now and in your hand there's a bar of cigarette, I think no matter how well a piece of advice is, you will go on.

If you try to do anything to forget all things about this dependency and never ever try to touch a pack cigarette, you just go one step ahead to set yourself free from cigarette bars. How to quit smoking now it's just a joke. A nonsense. We're talking about addiction, something to govern you time by time and glued to you, perhaps till the end of time. Unless you want to fight against it. Not only fighting but you need to be a 'martyr' to save your own life.

how to quit smoking nowIt means you need to refrain from a thing that you like very much and it is hard to manage all things just in a short time. It is not about whether you succeed in a first trial, but it's about how to continue quit smoking now or never. A gradual effort, a never give-up hope and a self suggestion that you can really make it. Because you hope that your life should not be governed by the smoke, and on the other hand you are also aware it is not an easy thing to do. Despite there's an option: live longer or shorter? To some this is not frightening.

I personally ever saw an old woman aging 100 or something smoked comfortably. She's my wife's relative and she liked coming over to our our house over and over again asking my wife's name. and there's nothing she worried about. If there's a poster of ad about cigarette product and there's' a hazard warning note on it, not only she doesn't care about it, but also she cannot read it at all without glasses.

How that I successfully quit smoking, you may follow my way if you like, but  afterwards if you would refer back to the first paragraph of this article which is not talking about something to tickle your fancy, then I will give more packs of cigarettes! What?!!!!

My true experience contradicts with this old woman's I told you above who might not be able to sing Britney Spears' song: "I'm not a girl not yet a woman," anymore because she's dead already. I started to smoke when I was 14 and quit 3 years afterwards when I was hospitalized because I suffered a typhoid. Why I gave up? First, I was skinny and had a thin chest, and second, I couldn't focus on my study. I was at boarding school far away from parents and they were separated, so that I wouldn't take an idea of killing me softly.

Up to now, I never even touch one bar of cigarette no matter how much money would I get if someone would like to bet on it. So if you feel like getting "inspired" by this you can decide now or should I give you more packs of cigarettes? Don't worry, there's No Smoking Sign somewhere around this blog. Well, just cannot stop learning to tickle everyone's fancy, anyway!

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