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Friday, June 12, 2015

How To Stop From Being Bored? Tickle Your Fancy Here

There are many things that you can do to prevent yourself from being bored, at home, online, anywhere. One is visit this tickle your fancy blog over and over again and get entertained here for free. One for example of one tickling article, you never believe tickling news talking about hatred between Obama and Clint Eastwood. You see every where the media write: President Obama is still a fan of Clint Eastwood. Well, this is out of date, anyway.

how to stop yourself from being bored at home, online, anywhereObama is underlined in this tickling post

But that's not the point. You can have some refreshment and soon "get back to your senses." Let's continue with this out of date article: The president, in an interview with USA Today, suggested he was not offended by the actor's performance during the closing night of the Republican National Convention -- in which Eastwood engaged in a one-man repartee with an empty chair meant to represent Obama.

So in order to be free from boredom, you must stop thinking about something out of date as useless. Be it at home, online, anywhere, you must be free from bad mood. 

Here is another out of date. The President of the United States, Barack Obama who used to live in Jakarta and now has already sent his troops to Afghanistan, has never been told that Peter Parker who came to the capital of Indonesia last week is covering the Bank Century case which now has become byword of the country.

Peter was standing on garbage clogging the Manggarai sluice gate in South Jakarta this December 1st, driving curiosity among passersby.

“Hey, what’re you doing there? It’s the city authorities’ concern not yours,” somebody cried out at him. "Stop doing stupid things! Are you getting bored with life?"

“This has occurred for decades!” the man kept shouting.

Peter didn’t respond. To his surprise, the man talking to him pointed a stick at him. And as Peter stared at him, he became restless and offended. Quickly he let out a mobile phone of his pocket and started to call Obama.

“Mr. President, you’re not going to believe this,” he whispered. “An Afghanistan rebel is here, scavenging up there!”

How about that? Doesn't sound like something to tickle your fancy? How about creating one here, give me a suggestion of how to prevent yourself from being in a bad mood at home, online, anywhere. Well, when you get bored with politics, at least this is a bit amusing, don't you think?

Well, Next: Is Obama Muslim? Stop guessing! It's really out of date, getting late to wake up! It's a boring topic. But check out these 2 Funny Reasons which might tell yes, he is, or no, he isn't, or maybe. Yes, he has Hussein after his name. But wait, that's only when people misunderstand it. What is a name? What is so funny with Paula Abdul having surname abdul. She's not a Muslim. The surname Abdul doesn't have clear meaning. It needs Noun after it. If it's Abdullah, it means servant of god, and that declares a name of Muslim.

Well, if the out of date stories above are not enough when it comes for you to find the answer of how to prevent yourself from being bored, just take it easy. Be it at home, online, anywhere, life is so miserable? Don't worry, you haven't explored all the contents of this tickle your fancy blog. I'll give you 34563 minutes to search and stick to this blog and afterwards you may compose your own article entitled:

How To Stop From Being Bored at home, online, anywhere? Help me, still can't find a solution! WHAT?!!!

3 Robert Pattinson Spoofs To Stop You From Being Bored OnLine

Well, how to prevent yourself from being bored online? These 3 celebrities spoofs written a few years ago are updated to help you "come to your senses."

1. Robert Pattinson and His Bicycle

It is reported that British actor Robert Pattinson has just bought a bicycle worth 1000 US bucks. It is not reported that he will visit Indonesia, riding offroad onto the hillside of Mt. Merapi to visit the grave of Mbah Marijan, the guardian of the recently-erupted volcano who died in the calamity because he refused to be evacuated. No report online that you can find, either that this is the way to stop him from being bored becoming a "dark" actor for many years. Pattinson won't think it is funny to give Britney Spears or Justin Bieber a ride and then tries to keep up with the greater Jakarta commuter train on the highway. He never lets his bike be borrowed by George Michael as subtitute of car. We know once Georgle Michael forgot he was on the street.

However, in case Julia Roberts invites him to watch Eat Pray Love together, he might accept the offer. Maybe, he thinks it's okay if Oprah Winfrey borrows his bike for Sesame Street's orangutan. But one thing for sure, England will always welcome him to explore everywhere he likes. You must not be bored there and you must able to stop your boredom because it's not virtual, it's not online. It's the country where you speak your own language: English.  He might pass by Salman Rushdie on the way stop by and ask about Rushdie's memoir or may also come across the late Christopher Hitchens who's surprisingly converted to Islam (a miracle?). Riding bicycle is surely fun and inspiring.

So, when will he meet the vampires? I think a filmmaker knows better than me.

2. Robert Pattinson and His Bicycle and Kristen Steward

As soon as Robert Pattinson got his new bike Kristen Steward went to wash her hair. Robert didn't know what Kristen was doing and Kristen didn't know what Robert was doing either. After shower Kristen went to the park but Robert didn't know what she was doing there. And Robert, while enjoying riding his bike, never came to Kristen's mind. Both didn't know either what I was doing here. Well please stop being bored when you're stuck online and feel like wanting to throw up. Wow, that's too much? Just read on ..

The couple recently shown public never told me that they used to be together starring a horrow movie. Online? No way? Maybe the title is Twilight or something. Neither did they tell me they were eager to be vampire to amuse me so that I got inspired to write about a tickling vampire. Stop it! When I wish I could get back to the time when bicycle was my means of transport to work, I hope today I can ride along the countryside with it despite my busy days--this is the best way to get rid of boredom, you must stop from being bored, man .... Pattinson and Kristen might want to join, I guess. But the news about Kristen having a ride with Robert Pattison hasn't been confirmed to me.

Twitter, facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon might agree, the possibility is 50:50?  The one to disagree? Ask the vampires.

3. Robert Pattinson Interview, No Bicycle, No Kristen Steward

First we would like to know about your fansite Mr. Pattinson, what's the name? Does this belong to Edward Cullen ...?

Were you on shooting location, Friday night? But what did you do ..., oh wait, I know what you did last summer.

But, please make sure, you have done your homework, so that mommy won't yell at you. I am wondering why you should do your homework? You're a man, you can take care of yourself.

Just speak after mommy, It's too late,Mr. Pattinson, it's the time for you to go to bed but you're still in front of the computer, are you going to post another tickling story?

It is not funny if you say you are Robert Pattinson and ... YOU WHAT?!

I know you're not him. Put off your mask, Mr. so and so, I know what you did last summer.

Blogging! Haha!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Anyone knows where they are?

Chubby Michael Blogging Jackson, age 7, is reported missing from his home on Narrow Street. Mike who is six feet ninety nine inches weighs 275 pounds and has very long curly hair. He has pale complexion and blue eyes. When last seen he was wearing a tickling red and blue web costume and laughing at himself on the street. (He might have read a tickling writing entitled Seldom Land and the King of Plop somewhere around this blog)

Don't catch me if you can. I'm not being hunted!

Britney Funny Spears, age 81 failed to return to her How-to-cope-with-stress residence on Friday night. Ms. Spears, who is two feet two inches tall, weighs 5 pounds and has long green hair. She was veiled over and was having words with the one singing her favorite song: I'm not a girl not yet a woman when last seen.

Relatives of Dr. Jacky Chan report that he disappeared from his Noisy Street apartment on May 1 and has not been seen since. Dr. Chan is recovering from an insomnia and it is feared he may be thinking himself as Popeye the sailor. Dr. Chan is 21 and about eight feet tall. He weighs 399 pounds and has curly gray hair. At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a sarong and running after a clever mouse named Jerry.

Aladdin, the author of a tickling blog, disappeared after swallowed by funny Ginnie last Friday. Amazingly, he felt tickled inside and now is blogging!

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