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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Can't Sleep, Help Yourself, Hypnosis or Something?

Well, perhaps you are in my condition, getting up more and more times and now may need hypnosis to help you how to sleep well.

Only now I am getting better; long time ago I had a lot things in mind and kept thinking about them all the time. That's one of the problems of insomnia. The first stage when someone thinks that he cannot have good sleep, he really can't sleep. So how about some hypnosis to help you to cope with it?

hypnosis to help you sleepPeople with great ambition, pursuing something so crazily so that they eventually become obsessed with it and they cannot find the best way to rest. They are worried much about what's going to happen in life later. Will the future be great to lead? It never occurs to them that they might need hypnotherapy or hypnosis to help them sleep. You create pleasure in life but you cannot have it while lying in bed, you must take everything easy. Don't think too hard for such ambition.

Regarding this for some religious people chant some prayers before sleep. other do spiritual things; Yoga, mediation, fasting but many fail to fall asleep. Surely, you need help!

You need--be it hypnosis or something--to do the following.

1. Visualization
Learning from the theory of law of attraction we attract what we think. If you think this tickle your fancy blog is not interesting it will be so, one for example. If you're not sure you're going to succeed in something, you will have that "invitation". If you think in the next few hours you really can't sleep, you can't sleep. Therefore you need a visualization, a pretense that you can sleep easily, not necessarily at the time you're in bed, but a few minutes before you go to bed

2. Stop thinking
The main reason you cannot have good sleep is that you think of something and you can't get it out of your mind. So free your mind from such things bothering you. Off course, it's not an easy matter, especially for an insomniac. Relax baby ...

3. Stay tune on this tickle your fancy blog (kidding!)
If you cannot cope with this insomnia problem, you may stay tune here. Find some interesting or funny articles to cope with stress or to prevent you from being bored. Well, the latter is optional

Above all, it's good to see you get enlightened and hopefully you'll have a good sleep after reading 99 spoofed posts here. LOL!

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