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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today, July 9th, Indonesians Vote For Either Jokowi Or Prabowo, But ...

Indonesians are heading for the voting place today, 9th of July 2014. Jokowi and Prabowo, the President candidates and all the people concerned, are waiting for the result to decide either one of them or their desired leaders to be the leader of the country. Nearly everybody is expecting what they hope will come into being, but ... A monster suddenly comes to destroy everything ...

The monster as huge as Godzilla appears from the dark somewhere in Monas Monument, Jakarta and sings a song hard, "We will we will rock you," the controversial one sung by Ahmad Dhani to support Prabowo without permission from the song author--Queen. Ahmad Dhani, the famous pop singer here in Indonesia, doesn't get bothered at all. The monster also sings a parody of"salam tiga jari" which is supposed to be "salam dua jari" the song belonging to Jokowi's side. Indeed July 9th, 2014 becomes a traumatic situation in Indonesia.

The police who stay vigil cannot get rid of the monster as quickly as they can. It is very strong, steel-skinned and rhino-headed. It just blows them away, farts hard and laughs. Today, July 9th, Jakarta Indonesia turns to be chaotic. Jokowi and Prabowo can do nothing about it, because none are closest to the spot. It's a very dramatic moment where all people of Indonesia is required to vote for their trusted leader.

I, as a loyal citizen has to remind them of this incident. But I don't think it's a right moment to lull them to sleep with such a silly story. Today, July 9th Indonesians vote for either Jokowi or Prabowo but I am troubled by this monster to urge me to write this post. It says, "You must decide now what is the best for you to vote for your country."

I just listen and it continues: "Today, July 9th, Indonesians vote for either Jokowi or Prabowo and if you don't move your ass now and still reflect on your misery, you'll get nothing ... You must face it ...  you can get out of debt soon. You must stop crying for being dismissed by the company, it's not their fault. Business sectors are getting slower every where. And ..."

I don't want to listen more. Glad to be here on this July 9th, where all Indonesians are supposed to vote for their trusted leader. I think after writing this, I might take a bath, forget all nonsense I've written and go out there to give my vote. Bravo Indonesia! Be it Prabowo or Jokowi, one word from me: never do the same mistake again!

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