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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Is Muhammad Nurman Still An Indonesian SEO Expert?

What can I do to promote your product here in Indonesia? As an SEO expert I would say that first you should dance with me in the heat of the sun. You must obey me that after the sweat we should fly high to the sky and scan the archipelago. I must let you know that probably 80% of Indonesian people are online now.

You'd better listen to your heart that instead of having yourself tickled by me time by time it's the time for you to make a profitable decision. What is in your mind concerning a great number of population?

indonesian seo expert
Born to rank your site on 1st page Google, here is the Indonesian seo expert
Please do as I say, take a deep breath and sigh and grumble as you pass by, not only the congested hectic streets of Jakarta thoroughfares but also the uptown's unpredictable traffic. As a self-assured Indonesian SEO expert I will sing a sad song about anybody who fail taking good opportunity here in this country due to lack access or ill-informed on crucial subject of the country.

I will keep singing until you cry and beg, "Mr. Nurman please tickle my fancy."

No way. It's the time to be serious. Because people are going to pay me for some services that I can give, not only as an Indonesian SEO expert, but also as animator, translator, voice talent and some more. And I don't want to keep daydreaming because you guys can aso learn from my experience as once a loser.

Thanks God we become loser even if it happens again and again in our life. You know what, if you are willing to be governed and guided by God sincerely you will find the way. What am I, an Indonesian SEO expert or a preacher?

Keep in mind: If you fail again and again but never give up, there are probability that you can seize opportunity someday because: you know what you can get 1 or 2 years from now. You prepare the time to make an achievement in life and you look in the mirror seeing a successful person there.

Anyway, let's get down to business. Let me bring you to a fancy of how most Indonesians nowadays get engaged much on the Internet. How many of us spend much time facebooking or twittering and gaming and watching video. How there are more and more people create blog or website and how I am as an Indonesian SEO expert the one to have created a hundred blog and more wish not only to solve online business problem locally but also globally. More than that,  wish to tickle your fancy as well while doing serious things.

Let's create a script of your success at my door via Skype. Here is the offer by Muhammad Nurman, the Indonesian SEO expert.

1. Tie me up there with your budget and target

2. Be part of my family, see my progress on Skype and yell at me when I am doing wrong

3. Keep in touch "till death do us part". Just to convince myself that I'll do my best to succeed your project.

For free discussion meet me on Skype--better do it face to face.

Well, this article was written just to find out if Muhammad Nurman is still the one worth-hiring as an Indonesian SEO expert for this blog to promote him once was nearly gone this year.

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