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Friday, August 28, 2020

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

Hi, long time no post. I hope you're fine there. Stay healthy, stay safe. You know, I keep renewing this domain and hardly ever write anything until it's expired. But today, I'm writing again about this service: Indonesian voice over service provided by me. It's something that not new to share here but this male voice service is improved time by time. If you're looking for the guy, I am ready to lend my voice to you. I've been doing this for more than 5 years. 

OK, Covid-19 has created fear in the world and forces us to work from home. You have no choice unless you want to risk your life out there. Lucky me, I have been working from home more than 5 years now doing this voice over job using my native language, bahasa Indonesia. However, until then a vaccine is discovered, many of us may not be patient to just stay home, waiting and cannot make ends meet. Well, you've got to do something! But, you cannot do anything when your country applies lockdown, that's awful!

So guys, on this good occasion, I would like to share my story with you, something to inspire you to improve your life. But this is for those who believe only, believe in himself much more than anything else. Aside from promoting this Indonesian voice over service, I want you to prepare for you future just like what I did. I don't say I am a Billionaire now. But at least, I make money all the time without fear of being sacked as an employee. I have no boss, but myself. And you should become your own boss. That can happen when are making it true while becoming an employee and while this Pandemic forces you to make a long-term decisiion. 

indonesian voice over male

Working from home may not be a good idea for those who get bored being home for a long time. But becoming an employee for the rest of your life with that regular income will limit yourself from earning unlimited income that you can do, anywhere you are without having to have boss who governs your life. 

OK, straight to the point, if you want to have unlimited income, get out of there, leave your comfort zone, starting from a small thing that you can do at home with Internet connection. If I do Indonesian voice over job with male voice, a middle aged one, you can have your Russian, Chinese, British, Arabic and many more of your native language to make money from the comfort place of your home. 

You can join freelance sites like fiverr dot com or upwork and start your career there. This is only one sample of skill that you can sell. If you are good at writing, translation, drawing, making animation, please share your service with the world and make unlimited income as you wish. I make good money with this Indonesian voice over job, you make good money with whatever you do there and your boss is The Supreme Being God, the one who won't fire you but keeps employing you until you die. 

This is the first step and I will be back telling you more with ways of generating $1000 income in a week or less than that.

Stay tune!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

All About Indonesian Voice Over Samples In Videos

The following videos are created in whiteboard animation by me who voiced it over too, either in Bahasa Indonesia and English. They are less than one minute each and recorded with a simple equipment. Hopefully I can provide more samples here. Happy watching.

What do you think if Indonesian House of Representative Members to be dismissed?

Healthy Nature, voiced over in Bahasa Indonesia by an actor who is  just so so. This sample is free for you to download if you like.

The script of this video is based on my daughter's elementary school book and I recorded my voice while all my family has slept. What a simple sample!

If you like my videos and who knows later on you need Indonesian voice over talent and animator as well, you may subscribe to one of my YouTube Channels here.

Thank you.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hire An Indonesian Voice Talent Here!

indonesian voice over
Nothing is so tickling when it comes to hire an Indonesian voice talent. But first, having business to be promoted orally? And southeast Asia is your target? Here is about how you can gain potential market in Indonesia. This is a country where the Internet users are one of the largest in the world.

Okay, no matter what media you use to promote your business, be it a video explainer or a whiteboard animation, it needs a voice over in order that your message be understood by Indonesians. You need a talent to read your script or storyboard.

Welcome people, you can hire me here to narrate your script, jingle or storyboard. Sure, not only can you hire me as an animator or artist, you can also count on me as an Indonesian voice talent. Mr. Nurman provides a lot of talent you might be interested in related to your project.

Humbly, I'll say I am just learning to tickle your fancy. But as an SEO expert as well, I think, it's more than that to spread one Indonesian voice over talent among so many of the like all over the world through my own blog. You like my typical voice, you can start hiring me immediately.

Salam sukses!

Indonesian Voice Over, Male Voice! Try Nurman

Hi, long time no post. I hope you're fine there. Stay healthy, stay safe. You know, I keep renewing this domain and hardly ever write an...