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Monday, January 27, 2014

Is Horse Riding Fun or Hard? Ask The Expert!

To some, horse riding is so much fun! Some other think it is hard. It is more than playing the piano. But don't say that to an obsessed pianist who dreams of rising to stardom. He will kick your ass! If you just got so fed up with it all of your hobbies, try to take to it.

is horse riding fun or hard
That's what friends are for
You get the chance to create a bond with an animal and there's so much fun involved. Get ready to have your own horse and ask it about man riding, is that fun? Sure it is not. It is hard! We're not talking about how to copy Tom and Jerry to amuse those coach potatoes.

Regarding this you may get acquainted with Tom Jackson Tom is one of the country’s most talented young event riders, having represented Great Britain at the European Championships on the Young Rider team, winning a Silver medal in 2013 and previously on the Junior team, securing a Gold medal in 2011. 

Whether you already own a horse or are new to eventing and want to become involved, Tom would love to welcome you to his team. Each horse gets individual training directly with Tom and first class care and attention in his small and friendly yard where the horses and owners are of the utmost importance.

Never hold too tight of reins this will make the horse want to rear up. Well, this is not my suggestion as I myself have no idea about horse riding. Whether it is fun or hard! The fun thing is that you can make friend with this tough animal and won't let your horse be in pain and will want you off of it and that saddle! Before saddling make sure you brush the dirt and everything else off of it. Well Tom knows better about it.

Oh remember, please don't do such stupid things when you really want to ride along the country. Like when you think it is as sacred as a cow in India or wish someday it would share story with you orally. By the way, are you seeking a new horse at 2* level or above to compete this coming season? Well, if you have already become the master, surely, that's what you would do, wouldn't you? Nothing seems to be hard at all.

Is horse riding fun or hard? If you cannot play the piano and cannot outdo Stevie Wonder, I think it is. 

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