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Monday, March 24, 2014

I Want To Learn Stand-Up Comedy, But How?

how to learn stand up comedy
So here is the question, "I want to learn stand-up comedy and can I do it on the Internet?" Absolutely, you can. Thanks to technology, access to everything is easy now. Everywhere you go, there are no more boundaries when it comes to information, and you can be anything that you want as long as you know where to go and find the right media to make your dream come true.

One of the things to tickle everyone's fancy in the world and is nice to do for anybody thinking themselves as funny is stand-up comedy. This one, not only pleases the actor, but also makes people happy. And above all, if you are making money by this, you're blessed, unless you mock severely some corrupt politicians who won't even give a slight smile at any of your performance. Not really? Forget it. Now, how about learning it online for a beginner?

Before you start to learn it conventionally or online, have you ever fancied yourself as a man of confidence, a self-assurance man who whatever you say creates laughter? If that is too hard for a stand-up comedy performance, okay, don't think about "whatever", that will be a burden for you. Think about the seconds where you think people will burst with laughter after your irresistible gigs. You need to look at yourself more and more in the mirror to make sure that you are really funny. Do it intensively until you can't stand laughing at yourself.

When it comes to learning, you need to go to school or course, that's normal. The Internet provides you with some courses you may take to improve your stand-up comedy skill. Go Google them, you'll find Comedy Classes On LineStand-Up Comedy Courses or Learn to do Stand-up Comedy in 10 weeks! You may try one if this will help you shape your performance. Or if you want to be a total autodidact, do as suggested below, based on my own experience as a dreamer.

1. Prepare the time and room when you just take everything easy. Relax. Breath in, breath out. Nothing is funny here and no audience there to laugh at you. Here is the first step to start dreaming.

2. Think about failure, the moment when you are becoming lost for words and look so dumb in front of you audience, you just do it once and get rid of it. Replace all with the most craziest you can do to amuse your audience. Practice this again and again until you're sure your words will flow like water.

3. Set your target audience and be comfortable to tickle their funny bone with your best stand up comedy, learn more from your gesture, tone of voice, pause, and spontaneity

4. As you grow confidence, now enrich your script time by time. Bring your note and record all life activities that you can find anywhere you are and be witty with them. Make it as a routine.

5. This is not a tickling answer to the question of the first paragraph of this post: I want to learn stand-up comedy and can I do it on the Internet? Get as many as writing sources there online that you can spoof, something like tips, advices or recommendation. You can learn it from this tickling blog if you wish. Just go to the search box and type any keywords you wish.

6. Hypnotize yourself before you hypnotize other. Stand in awe of yourself for a-couple-of- minute complete trial, if necessary record it and upload it to YouTube. Invite your family, relatives and friends to rate it.

Warning! This video is not a stand-up comedy or sit-down one

Keep doing your best after all. If you want to be a total and successful stand-up comedian, create your own trademark--be different from others, make innovation and believe in yourself. Do not copy unless it's a parody, a satire and so on. Think much about spontaneity everywhere you are. Have a great sense you a comedy actor yourself in life--your alter ego. Keep learning how to make a better performance, keep watching the professional ones when they perform on stage. Practice, practice and practice--but not recommended that you do it on street or on the train. Lol.

Well, that's all that I can share with you guys about how to learn stand-up comedy. Soon, you'll see many of your shadows on the Internet. Be witty and be happy!

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