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Monday, March 10, 2014

Why Mr. Nice Guy Cannot Tell You Funny Stories?

mr nice guy weed
Is that Mr. Nice guy's pain relief? Very funny.
Mr. Nice Guy is not the right person you can pal around. It's not the one to be left alone with your children and you can be sure that they are safe with him. No, he won't kidnap them and ask you for ransom. The reason why he cannot tell you funny stories is that actually it's not he but it. And, for those who have no idea about it, it's weed. And you know the taste? Very fruity and sweet as well! It’s not the most potent, but it’s a nice treat to see it come around, according to a patient who think it's effective for a medical treatment.

Off course, no funny story to tell even though this Mr. Nice Guy is "delicious". It's nightmare for children and adult if you misuse it. Based on medical review about the weed: Strain Name: Mr. Nice Guy. Grade: A. Type: Sativa. Looks: Beautiful. Big purple leafs with orange and white hairs running throughout the buds. Nice crystal consistency. Smell: Very fruity aroma. Like a walk through an orchid. And if you want to know why it can't amuse you: beware, it's marijuana which makes you get addicted to it. Unless you think otherwise and just take it for granted.

No funny stories, why?

1. First Mr. Nice (with or without Guy?) makes patients feel: euphoric, happy, hungry relaxed, uplifted. If you think it is a good strain for working, you cannot just depend on it much so that you like to get along with it and forget that while you're driving, you feel euphoric and thinking the man you just hit is Adolf Hitler. You love smoking up on this lovely, and then diving deep into work? It won't keep you focused; it makes feel like Iron Man!

2. Mr Nice Guy marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid named in honor of Howard Marks, one-time hashish businessman and author. It is the cross between the legendary G13 strain and the Hash Plant which are world famous medical marijuana strains. This history won't make other businessmen and authors all around the world find the best solution to their medical problem by smoking weed. It's not a funny story to tickle your funny bone if, therefore, inspired bloggers start to use this, write about it, promote it but die with it as well.

3. When you are lulling your toddler to sleep, the Mr Nice Guy you mean must free from Marijuana buds which are extremely dense with a sweet smell and have a nice crystal consistency. You can tell about the nuggets which are very sticky and the taste ranges from sweet and tangy to earthy undertones, but that's a sort of visit to food court like McDonald or something, no related to weed at all.

Above all, even though Mr Nice Guy medical marijuana weed smells more like a fruit orchard than any kind of specific fruit, it doesn't smell good and heaven for long-time use.

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