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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Memory Of High School: Did Music Kill You Softly?

Remember when you hated to get involved in a student brawl at High School? That's a nice attitude. It's not because you agreed with your classmates calling you chicken, but rather, you had more advanced thought than anyone else at school. You turned out to be a real hero.

Did you see the man taking my trumpet?
A hero fights only for his honor. It's defensive. And instead of looking for trouble, creativity that's the best thing you you would like to show off, right? By the way, do you still remember about what you're fond of? What else if not music! Rock and roll, pop, jazz or ... classical? Off course, young bloods need dynamic rhythm. And I believe you didn't play much any instruments used in most classical music which were largely invented before the mid-19th century, right? That's when the Beatles or Elvis Presley reigned supreme. But if that's nothing wrong for your young soul to search for harmony in life, that's just fine .

The guitar might be the best memory of high school, then the piano, how about harpsichord, and organ? And some other else like string, woodwind, brass, and percussion families? You bet, they should be best being listened to here at best oldies. It's nostalgic!You've got those popular singers singing your favorite songs, just like when you were on the way to maturity. And what else that you remember? Some concert band killed you softly? But you're still alive up to now and miss that moment, right? Thanks God, oldie goldies never die.

Now, ladies and gentlemen ... Attention please! I have just built a bridge for you to get your best oldies through this tickle fancy blog. Find it out. Have a happy journey!

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