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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Outsourcing, any tickling story about it?

It's a tickling story about outsourcing: It's not about the fault of a manufacturing company which triggers labors to rally on the street and yell at the government for the unfairness they've got. It can be a story about finding wages too high, quite tickling because the wages are not available in the company's catalog. How to cut costs and ends up moving production overseas; if this is not a serious matter to talk about, then outsourcing is really a tickling story.

Which part is it to tickle your funny bone? Do think it is funny when some American jobs were outsourced to China and the story about it spread all over the world inspired many labors, especially from developing country to fight for their right? Or about Chinese actors fleeing to America and then they try to outdo the local actors?

Outsourcing as part of evil does not benefit labors. Who says government created some 10,000 positions in the United States in the past two years? It's Another page of a tickling story book. Let's visit India, just learn if it has the same problem as any other countries in the world to face outsourcing problems.

But before flying there, do you agree that outsourcing is a fact of life in the modern age? It is said in North Korea, it is fortunate in having no private jobs to be moved. In Indonesia it forces labors to block a toll road.

Okay, no confusion. Here it goes the story of the world capital of English-language call centers. No matter how hard you search on the Internet, there are no wages to make you feel like tickled. If you don't know what it's all about then you need to speak an American style of English.

The story continues In the U.S., where each of the major party presidential candidates is pretending that outsourcing is a grotesque abuse that occurs only because of his opponent's heartless irresponsibility.

Don't you think it is ticklish about Barack Obama blaming Mitt Romney because Bain Capital shipped jobs abroad — a claim that found baseless? If you don't think so, another question is, why Romney accuses Obama of sending this information to a witty blogger. What?!

Take it easy, the latter, which is disjointed, is where the tickling story starts anyway.

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